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Interpretation of dreams that discover divine messages in the guidelines of their dreams, examples, tasks and a comprehensive dictionary of dreams

Gary Fishman


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Lesson one (the purpose of dreams, the source of dreams, the messages of dreams, the topic of sleep, the prophetic character)!


Lesson two (biblical sleep symbolism, numbers)! Sleeping task No. 2

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Lesson three (modern symbols, personal meaning, modern transport, back to details, miniist of symbols of common dreams)


Lesson four (people in dreams)! Dream task #3


Lesson five (dream configuration, times climate)! Dream task #4

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Lesson six (everything, application)! Sample Dream #1! Dream task #5

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5 Progress that the Lord orders and releases his girlfriend in an unprecedented way that does not exist in earlier generations, which increases the ministries and resources for the practical and practical team of all believers. This manual is really a resource that God reveals with this purposeHas. Gary is one of the best that I met in the area of interpretation of dreams. I saw how he interpreted the dreams of believers and non -belief reasons on the streets with incredible revelation and precision.Of more than a decade of practical experience, there is a new emotion that comes in the church in terms of dreams, since we rediscover the many reports on the sides of the Bible when God spoke strongly with great men and women from God.Dreams; the church simply stopped listening. Now the Holy Spirit evokes one of the main forms of God's communication for us.This manual is much more than the term, but a practical guide that helps every believer to grow in his ability to understand God's message through his dreams.offers to reach those who do not know Jesus. To accelerate his spirit, when they realize that there is a father who loves them and communicates them through their dreams.Time increases Jesus an fearless army of all rivers of Christianity that hug his fate and convert in the supernatural power of God to transform a desperate world through a touch of Jesus.

7 Introduction It is impossible to read the Bible without recognizing the fact that God speaks through dreams. Long and new will have used dreams to convey the believing messages, and not reported.to exploit in the area of the dream interpretation so that God's messages are not forgotten. Personal for a moment about all the divine revelation that is lost because the body of Christ has no knowledge in terms of dreams. The second chapter tells us that the last few days tells usDue to a strong increase in prophetic revelation, including dreams and visions, we would need how the people of God, what the Lord wants to do on earth in our time.individual word.In this way, found that they find human wisdom and the traditions of people. He has time to maintain our strategies and plants directly from what has created heaven and earth.The goals and plans that he designed for us can fulfill. They develop as a team to recognize the voice of God when they speak their lives.. In Genesis 40: 8, Pharaoh (the ruler on Egypt) asked Joseph to interpret a dream that none of his directors could derive the meaning. Joseph answered a question: "Do it

8 doesn't God belong?"Joseph did not mean that only God could interpret, but could only give the right interpretation with God Pharaoh. The interpretation of dreams is not a purely intellectual exercise to discover the meaning of a dream. She. She. You interpret a dream correctly.It must be associated with the Holy Spirit. Both in other forms of the prophetic service, the understanding of the Lord comes.we will not be successful. There are no clear formulas or equations. We cannot put all the elements of a dream on a computer and create the interpretation that the Lord pretends. There is no dream book that exists, there is us instantaneous answers. Dream dreamsBecause of their connection with the hidden movement and the new era. My answer is that the devil always tryRD to falsify God's things to discredit the Bible we are waiting for false teachers, false prophets, false shepherds and wrong teaching, then we eliminate teachers, shepherds, prophets and teaching to ensure that nobody falls into the fall of the enemy.Of course not.The word tells us that we should use distinction and try out the spirits (1. John 4: 1).His people. (See Daniel 1: 17). We shouldn't give the enemy.

9 The interpretation of dreams as a form of the prophetic service must be assumed. The previous scriptures tell us that we have to weigh and confirm our interpretations.Not "extinguish the fire of the mind" to reject a biblical environment to hear the voice of Jesus, our Lord.People of the Lord are prophet and that the Lord puts his mind into her! "The spirits are buried in the church. It rains about you. This manual is divided into seven lessons that you can study alone or in a domestic group or in a biblical study together with a dream dictionary. I don't say that one of the problemsOr lists of this manual are thoroughly covered.Provide them on the way and a fixed basis. Like in any other service, he practices and the more experts will become more experts.Dreaming in connection with the Holy Spirit. Apostle history 2 give us qualifications to people who can receive and speak prophetic revelation: In the past few days, says God, I will pour my mind in all people.Young summer visions, their old people dream. A man who was born again, wife, boy or girl, this manual is for her.

10, that is the legacy of all the dear children of God (Ephesian 1:17, 18)

11 Lesson of a purpose of dreams, I think the main reason why God uses dreams to speak to us is that it is the only time he knows that he has our full attention.from activities, pressure, pressure and joy of our lives. At other times, we can close our ears with the voice of God because we do not want to hear a challenging or cozy word, maybe because we know that we do not live according to their will.Jó 33: 14 tells us: to God [reveals his will; he] speaks not only once, but more than once, even if men do not look at it. (Reinforced Bible) The Lord always tries to attract our attention, sleep our conscious heads so that our defense falls and distracts when they were. Now he has a "captured audience. Dream, in a vision of the night when deep sleep falls on men as he sleeps in bed.Then he opens the men's ears and seals his instructions ... (reinforced Bible), a dream can leave a powerful and unforgettable picture in our heart and mind, which is not always the case of spoken prophet word.

12 What is the source of dreams? Can the dreams of (1) be the Lord, (2) demonic spirits or (3) our own souls or (4) body.1) The Lord: God dream of talking to us.This is long in the next section.2) Demonic ghosts: The Bible says that the enemy "only to steal, kill and destroy" (John 10:10). -Demonic senses such as spirits of fear, sexual sin, rejection, anger, conviction, etc.It is the origin of dreams or nightmares that exempt terror, depression, unbelief or desire in our heads and emotions .. as I received prayer in the Renaissance of Toronto in 1997, they stopped and forever opened doors in our life, the entry points for the enemy. This "open doors" are generally impermeable. If, for example, a member of the opposite genre wants to create a way to enter a demonic spirit of lust to get a positionit is not surprising that this spirit has access to the life of the dreams of this individual to create lascivious dreams.With it you can always be free.

13 There may also be other open doors for the enemy to enter the life of our dreams.When we see or hear the topics and history of history (on the other hand we listen to music, listen to music or watch pious videos that open the door so that the Holy Spirit repeats our hearts). As illustration, today's horror films can access to a spiritenable fear to enter and give nightmares.in the past: traumatic experiences that can create an idea of the idea through which the enemy is a strength of fear, rejection or bitterness in ourEm life can build up..3) The soul: The soul consists of our feelings, our minds and will.That I would bring an extremely stressful situation the next day. In that night he had four different dreams that played four scenarios and results for what he had in front of him. So you can use as in demonic dreams to show ushow our minds or feelings influence our behavior in the wrong way. He tells us that ... a dream appears. If it is very careful. 4) The body: Body pain, complaints and physical needs cannot affect our dreams. For example Isaiah 29: 7, 8

14 He tells us that a hungry and thirsty person can dream of food and water. Dream messages What are the things you want to communicate in dreams?If the Ministry for us throughout the prophetic service, it is to bring strength, breath and comfort, a main approach to Alpobre. He sent me to heal the broken heart, preach the prisoner and to recover the vision of the blindto lead that are injured.6) Revelation of future events (Genesis 15: 12-16, Daniel 2, Daniel 7 and Amós 3: 7) God reveals the next events in our lives or in the life of others. It can even be a future event in a church, city or nationApparent. Merch sometimes God can ask us to take measures in the light of this kind of message (like a warning), but would like to pray for the situation more often.

15 7) Convaluation of sin (Job 33:17) "... convert the man of irregularities and prevents him with pride."

The topic of dreams is important to determine who is the message of dreams (i.e. the subject of sleep).A neighborhood, a city, a state, a region, a nation or even the world. As the most prophetic call level for a single one go more their dreams beyond the immediate environment. New believers receive dreams that give revelation about what God is national oreven under nations tut.prophetic charger When they interpret dreams or get involved in another prophetic service, it is important to convert into holiness and purity and to sail God.maintain pure spirit. Preparation of our souls with music, films, television programs, video games, etc. Those who have an anti-Blych and Anti-Gott ambassadyt convey, generate confusion and darken the channels between us and the Lord. Secondary, when we interpret dreams for others, we talk about the life of a person, which means that we speak to others in the name of the Lord.represent with words, but bring our body to a lively victim. We cannot take the sin a little. This applies to all believers, but it applies especially to those who want to be God's prophetic voice. How 2 Timotheus 2: 20-22to us:

16 In a rich house, some utensils consist of gold and silver and some consist of wood and sound. The expensive utensils are used for special occasions, and cockroaches are used for everyday use. If it is still pure, it will be a mayor of God,,Use it for its purpose. It will be clean and will be ready for the teacher to use it for all good works, love and peace and to enjoy the society of those who call the Lord with pure hearts., because emotions can reveal a lot. In line with it, it meant when they woke up from sleep. Listen to your voice in a new way. I will also pray for the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the wonderful father, canGive them the spirit of wisdom and the apocalypse so that you can know it better (Ephesian 1:17, NLT).

17 Lesson two symbols of biblical dreams Although some dreams can be literally taken, this is the exception. The most dreams are full of symbolism that have to be interpreted in order to make sense. Many people reject their dreams completely because they generally meaningless and toolsIf you can understand the symbolic elements of a dream, you will see that what seems to be trivial and meaningless is deep and deep. Since the sky is higher than the earth, they are also my highest forms than its waysAnd my thoughts as that of them. (Isaiah 55: 9) This gives us the question of how we can determine the meaning of a symbol. The first thing we see is the Bible. The sacred writings are full of symbolic meaning thatwe can often apply to our dreams. For example, let us see some biblical symbols that are common to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is often given by: a) b)e) f) f)

Water (Johannes 7:38, 39) Oil (Matthew 25: 4) Wind (John 3: 8) Fire (Matthew 3:11) Light (Psalm 43: 3) A Dove (Matthew 3:16)

In a dream of dreams, oil, wind, light or fire generally represent the Holy Spirit itself or the things of the mind. However, we cannot say that water, for example, always types the Holy Spirit.

18 Water can also symbolize: a) The Word of God (Ephesians 5:26) B) Great obstacles (Exodus 14, Isaiah 43: 2) c) Judgment of God (Genesis 7, Job 20:28) D) Overwhelming problems(Overwhelming psalm 18:16) The interpretation of the symbols of dreams is not as easy as the search for its meanings in a dictionary of symbols of Christian dreams (although one can be very useful).The interpretation of dreams in all its aspects.2) consider the context of sleep. A dream basically tells a story. All symbols have to fit to develop the dream message. Leave us as an example Joseph's dream for the Pharaoh in Genesis 41: 1- 4 see and fat and under the Junos Weiden. After them, seven others left, ugly and thin, which Nil and remained next to the river bank. And the ugly and lean cows ate the seven fatty and elegant cows.Hte the pharaoh. The symbols of the dreams are seven elegant and fat cows and seven ugly and thin (thin) cows. Laut Joseph symbolized the seven fat cows for seven years of prosperity and the seven thin cows hunger for seven years.Eating cows, meant that after seven years of prosperity, hunger and missed seven years. The picture is hungry when he swallows the prosperity. The Egyptians could be prepared for hunger time.

19 You can see how the symbols relate and fit in the context of the message? It is like a break that all parts have to fit and interrupt in order to maintain the entire frame.3) Observe the upcoming properties of the symbol. Pharaos Dream, fat was plentiful, while the signage was the lack of deficiency. This was fundamental. We go back to the water symbol. It is important to analyze the details about the water in a dreamthat can give us more clues. There are some supplies. Images: a) Water is clear or dark? It is more likely that clear water means the Holy Spirit or the Word of God, while dark and dirty water generally of false teaching orSomething is committed or bad). Disturbed and storm? Water is still often towards the peace of God, while disturbed waters are typical, tribulation or demonic attacks (Isaiah 57:20) (if it is a river that symbolizesis, it is the opposite. A river. It symbolizes the change in the spirit with humor (John 7:38, 39), while a stagnated flow is fulfilled or the dead religious activitycan set) .c) Water is suitable for drinking or bitter. Drinking water can represent the holy spirit and the good things of God (Psalm 36: 8, 9;Isaiah 55: 1), while bitter water symbolizes sin and bitterness. Hier are other widespread and biblically recognized symbols.

20 dragon, snake or lion = Satan (remember that a lion can mean Jesus or Satan. We should never be too fast to automatically attribute the meaning to a symbol), Meat, meat, water, hammer, sword, mirror or honey = the word of God's bear, bees, wolf, fox, arrows, rats or storm = attack or deceived by the enemy and color figures and numbers are important as elements of dreams. The time that find their symbolic meanings in the sacred writings (although, as we have seen in Pharaoh's dream, the numbers can be literally taken). Let us first see the numbers. I have a meaning for each of the numbers one toten or listed as a biblical reference., four, four stationen, four corners dosterra), (apocalypse 7: 1) five = grace and power capabilities of God (Leviticus 26: 8) six = the number of people (created on the sixth day), (revelation 13:18) seven = integrity or perfection (Genesis2): 2) eight = a new beginning (1.Peter 3:20) Nine = the Holy Spirit (nine fruits of the mind, nine charismatic spiritual gifts), (Galatians 5:22, 23) Ten = test and test (Daniel 1: 12-15)

21 colors as symbols as I mentioned also have a symbolic meaning: red = the blood of Jesus (forgiveness) or sadness (the blues) purple = Jesus as king and ruler (revelation 1: 5) white = purity (apocalypse 3:4) Scarlet, crimson = sin (Isaiah 1:18) Green = prosperity (proverbs 11:28) '' If a traffic light is yellow) Dream network no. 2: All above can have more than symbolicalFeeling a biblical agreement and applying for the use of various colors and numbers in the Bible.

23 Lesson Three modern symbols In addition to the symbols that can have meaning due to their use in the Bible, our modern experience come from our modern experience. As Jesus spoke of parables two thousand years ago, he used symbols that were part of the daily life of his listeners.Since many people in ancient Israel were familiar with agriculture, Jesus used activities such as plowing, plants, plants, spoons, etc. For the sixth floor, the person cannot be supported by human advice, not by wisdom and a pious lawyer (see lesson 2 andDictionary for numerical meanings) .3) Who is in the elevator? A elevator operator can represent the Holy Spirit, a guide, a boss or even Satan (remember, see the context and ask the

24 Lord.) Other passengers can symbolize other people in the life of the dreamer. Personal task It is important to ask the dreamer what a sleep symbol means personally. A good example of this is a dog. For some people a dog is a symbol of love, Warmth and loyalty. For others who have had bad experiences with dogs, this can mean anger or even an attack. When he was a teenager who lived in Brooklyn, he often experienced wild dog packages on the streets, because at that time leftMany dog owners who let go of their dogs go, if they no longer wanted them. So I do not feel these experiences the same warm and delicate feelings when I think of the dogs, which is why emotions are very important in a dream. Notes to help us interpret. Modern transport in general represent transport modes churches or ministries because they symbolize how we move in the Lord.(Of course you can also mean trips. An aircraft can, for example, mean a long journey or work of missions abroad). Hier is a list of different transport vehicles and its possible symbolic meaning: 1) Auto = an individual or small service 2) level= a church or a service that moves in the spirit (a large aircraft generally symbolizes a large church.) 3) Training = a church that is diving in tradition and ritual. A train always goes to the same place at the same timethere is no space for flexibility or the Holy Spirit, which is directed.

25 means a powerful or continuous ministry for moving.4) Bus school bus = a Ministry of Education or a Ministry of Education 5) Boot = Church or duty. If the ship is located in the ocean, the Ministry of Nations' peoples can mean (Apocalypse 17: 15) 6) Remo boat = Ministry,that is fed on human efforts (also on a bike) 7) motor ship = ministry, fed by human efforts (also on a bike).The Holy Spirit 8) Battleleshyp = spiritual war (also a tank or combat plan) 9) Pendant trailer = a ministry in which the provision 10) in motion = change or move lead to details, remember that the details of meaningIf the dreamer is in number three, it is likely that he moves in the Lord. A destroyed car can represent a destroyed ministry or at least continue in this direction. A weak brake car generally speaks of an outstanding and oneBroken car symbolizes a broken ministry* Important note: Many negative events that are intended in dreams can be avoided by penance, prayer and/or divine wisdom. The person who drives or drives, as well as a vehicle.

26 It has symbolic relevance. What drives it is the one who has authority or control. Stations of the train, bus deposits, docks and spring, airports and parking spaces generally mean waiting time or an upcoming transition., who looks in the past. A vehicle that has stopped with gasoline can mean filling and filling the word and prayer of God.are low, show a church or a service that requires the presence, orientation and power of the Holy Spirit.not the standard). You can find a much more complete list in the Dream dictionary: 1) Cat = autovantada or independence (a black cat can be kann witch or superstition mean) 2) Holidays is a place where he can find the Lord (Exodus 19: 3, Luke9: 28) 4) Death = the death of a person in a dream is usually not a bad thingto die from sinful meat (Romans 8:13). It can also mean

27 Something that comes to an end. They really have to listen to the Lord to take death in a dream as literally. An exception would be an exception if a kind of dream with death flirts to get involved in potentially capital sins, e.g.is not a turn to Christ.5) door = an opportunity (a white door generally means that it is an open door of the Lord.) 6) Aligator = verbal attack or gossip (the alligates have very large mouths that can easily destroy.) 7)Microwave = things that pass quickly 11) point or dirt = without 12) teeth = the ability to understand the word of God (or to chew the meat of the word) or wisdom.(1. Peter 2:24) 17) Replace flower = natural beauty

28 18) Sun = glory and light of God 19) Moon = The people of God (as the moon reflects sunlight, Christians do not have their own light, but reflect on the glory of the Lord. 20) Darkness = lack of spiritual light or vision 21)map = the direction of the Lord

29 Lesson Four people in dreams, as is the case with other elements of dreams, are most people (although not everyone) who appear in dreams symbolically.This is some of the possibilities of how we can discover the meaning of a specific person in a dream: 1) Identify something specific about this person in real life, as an excellent personality, an excellent character or a trace of the temperament.In the dream, actually identified as an irritated person.It is possible that the Lord reveals a question of anger in the life of the dreamer. If the person is a man or a woman of great belief, it may be that the faith of the dreamer is doubt (often when a person of someoneDreaming, who respects a strong Christian, shows that there is actually a message of the Lord in the dream). Normally, I will ask the dreamer to tell myself what is noticeable in his accounts for a certain sleeping character.2) If the person in the dreamA family member is, look at the true relationship of life with the dreamer. Family members can have a symbolic meaning, for example: a) father = god the father b) mother = the church in which the dreamer is the Lord.C) husband = Jesus (John 3:29) d) Woman = the Church of the Body (revelations 19: 7) or something, the metaphorical that the dreamer is "married" as a job, hobbies or even a car

30 g) son or daughter = a ministry in which the dreamer was born 3) The occupation or role of the person in the dream.A preacher, evangelist (Matthew 13: 1823), a person who (2 Corinthians 9:10) or the gentleman (Matthew 13: 24-30) b) soldier = an angel or an demon, depending on whether it is goodOr represented evil, or a Christian who is involved in the spiritual war (Ephesian 6: 10-18) c) Pastor = Jesus or a pastor d) public prosecutor's office of the district = Satan (public prosecutor of the brothers) or a legalistic Christian (Galatian 3:1-3) and) lawyer = Jesus, our lawyer or someone, the judge f) f) judge = God, the father or a judiciary defends person g) self -care = someone who uses to help or to help orto do a service, h) waiter = a teacher (someone who serves 'spiritual food') or a servant (Mt 23: 11) I) Doctor = Jesus or a common Christian curative service A man in a dream is unknown or listens to him, but he is still invisible, he often represents the spirit of sacred.Protective, consultant, teacher) and/or attributes (completely sacred, everything, almighty, love) shows, probably if the person is bad, it can mean that Satan or a demon are up to date.4) The clothing that a person wears can tell him a lot.Dream, for example, is a shepherd with dark clothing, he can symbolize Satan or a wrong teacher. A prophetic person can be dressed in blue and one person

31 The dangerous situation can have some orange (see lesson 2 to a color list and what you can represent) * Important note: VI Christian books on the interpretation of dreams that confirm that a dark skin person can symbolize an evil individual. It is wrong. The gentleman never uses skin color, just to mean good or bad. Sham or fear of being publicly exposed.5) The name of a person in a dream is important. I think a manual that gives most names the meaning. Dreams give you the meaning of many common names.so that the concept can understand better.Juz Gloria = Glory Hillary = Happ -Heil Katherine = purekenneth = from the milestones of the fire comes great Michael = bitterness = bitter = who are you?

32 Richard = dominant rule ruth = friend tiffany = appearance of God above is easy to see how a name can be prominent in a dream. As an example, someone who calls Joseph in a dream symbolically for a financial or spiritual increase.named John can be a symbol for the wish of the Lord to show the subject of sleep grace in their sleep because it looked as if I was a child and other people could appear in the same way as many years earlier.Possible reasons: a) The person can be part of a unresolved question of the past of the Sorerer. For examplecan give a question of standards or curses of the generation sin that the Lord wants to bring the light to liberation.S can reveal the source of current emotional or relational problems. For example, a person who deals with shame and rejection can dream of an abusive grandfather who has contributed to opening the door for these intense negative feelings.And shame that is discovered can be a powerful first step towards inner healing (if you want to read more about this topic, I recommend books

33 Healing for the damaged emotions of David A. Seamands, Chariot Victor Publishing and intended for the importance of Roger Lehman that creates publication - available at: CityStream.org) Description of Dream #3 Take one of his own dreams that heRecorded and paper contains laughter: 1) Colors or numbers used in sleep 2) people who appear in a dream (including the name, profession, clothing, the relationship with you and excellent personal properties) 3) All as a car, a car, umvião etc. used transport modes ..4) Other elements of dreams such as animals, lifeless objects or things in nature such as sun, rain, river, etc.

35 Lesson five dream settings The problem I would like to examine in this lesson is the scenario of dreams. With other words, where and when does the dream act happen? In many dreams, the action moves from one place to the other.Change in the future. All these details are important for the importance of a dream. The symbolism of the sleep configuration here is a list of some configurations of common dreams and their typical symbolic meaning (as I mentioned in the foreword, none of the lists of this manual in relation toContent or possible symbolic meanings.) 1) Automobile, a train or other transport modes = (see lesson 3) 2) Office = can be a job, a financial provision or an office office. As a pastor, teacher, prophet, etc. (Ephesians 4:11) If someone dreams of a business that belongs to his father you are looking for? Didn't you know what was my father's businessn should?"(Lukas 2:49) 3) Fitness studio = can mean competition, pride or training for spiritual maturity (1st Timothy 4: 8, 1 Corinther 9: 25-27) 4) Hospital = a church (healing location) or a healer 5) Farm = church or service (1 Corinthians 3: 9), sowing and harvesting, provision, discipleship or evangelization (Matthew 13: 3-9)

36 6) Restaurant = eat and drink the word (Hebrew 5: 11-14) or drink in the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:13) 7) School = a time of the Lord, a MinistryStudied the word of God, a preparation time 8) waiting room, parking lot, airport, train station, bus terminal = waiting time, preparation and/or transition 9) prison = slavery to sin, addiction 10) Hotel = a transition or temporary lifestyle, travel 11) pool =Refreshment of the Holy Spirit 12) House = Normally a house is a symbol of the life of the dreamer or the topic of dreams (Matthew 7:25).Symbolize different aspects of its existence: a) bathroom = reversal, release and cleaning of sin b) attic = memories of the past c) poron = emotions or under the surface, hidden sin d) beador = intimacy with jesus, meditation and reflection on theLord, calm, sexual problems or intimacy of marriage e) front or main door = the future f) terrace or behind = the past g) living room = public or social part of life, family life, Christian community h) kitchen = Christian service (lucas10: 38 -40, msg) eats (meditating and studying the Bible) and baby (receive the service of the Holy Spirit) i) roof = the spirit, the cover and the protection of God J) window = prophetic revelation Note: IfThe sleeping scenario is the childhood houses of childhood that: a) The dreamer perceives a problem in his life as if it were still the past.

37 b) There are children's problems of dreamers who do not solve. A new chapter in the life of sleep.A dirty house speaks of sin, while a damaged house means the need for inner healing and/or restoration or physical illness (or metaphorically a "broken home") a house in ruins.Person or negotiation or negotiation. Job dreams of being at home, but it seems different than in real life. This can mean that the person sees a problem in their lives of a wrong perspective.Unlocking the underlying confusion.The dream is determined in summer, autumn, winter or spring, it can be important for the interpretation of sleep: 1) Summer = summer = rest, refreshing time or father of God = autumn = collective time (financially or lost, which are saved), the end of a refreshing summer season and the transition to a test season or rain in the autumn variants.

38 3) Winter = a test and tribulation station, lack of fertility or cold condition on the Christian walk, sterile 4) Spring = new beginning, experience was born again or at the end of a season of the judgments (Solomon's song 2:11, 12)They also the climatic conditions and the time of day of sleep: 1) Rain = replacement of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God (Isaiah 55: 10:11) or the blessing of God 2) the snow = snow = snow = word of God or purity(Isaiah 1:18) 3) Tornado = the glory of God (Hesekiel 1: 4-28), a strong attack by the enemy (Job 1: 19) or the judgment of God (Jeremiah 23: 19) 4) Hail = the verdictGod's (exodus 9:18) 5) Sturm = tests and difficulties or attack of the enemy 6) Light sunlight = the presence and favor of God (Psalm 84: 11), the light of God or the cup ((Malachi 4: 2) 7)Darkness = hidden sin, lack of direction or work of the enemy (Lukas 22:53) 8) flash = the verseUchgottes, the presence of God (2.Samuel 22:13) or a state of mood from God returned 9) Donner = the voice God forced.10) Wolkener = White Cloud - The Present of God (Exodus 13:21), Cloud Newl Cloud - Depression, a judgment, an obstacle to hearing the voice of God.have discussed the numbers.

39 Write the time that you wake up from sleep, as this can also be important. Many dreams will change from one level to the other. There are several possible reasons that I will discuss in a later chapter.During a future event, this does not necessarily mean that the event will occur. If you discount that you want to do it, you should connect to him in prayer (Daniel 9: 1-3, 1 kings 18: 41-44) For example, if you dream of saving a loved one, you have to intervene for the salvation of the person. As John Wesley once said: "God does not do anything except as an answer to prayer." A dream is demonic and shows a terrible eventOne dream established in the future, such as the murder of a family member, then scolds the enemy and broke the spirit of fear. I had dozens of dreams that showed terrible events that have never occurredI said in an earlier lesson, it is important if you ask Yess dreams to ask the Lord whether there is an open door to the enemy in your life or a demonic strength as a spirit of fear. The assignment of dreams No. 4 inI asked the last lesson to take a dream and to look at possible symbolic interpretations for color, numbers, people and other elements of dreams. Now concentrate on the sleep scenario.Were a house, take a look at the room. Could the season or the weather be determined? Are there cars, ships, trains or other transports? The dream has happened in the past, present or future? In this case, look the listson that I made available to be possible

40 meanings. Also think about asking the Lord to give him information. In this step the lists make sense.

41 Lesson six I look at everything in this lesson, I will spend a real dream that has sent me and I will start with the interpretation process.to found a local church. Hier is: I came home on a trip or something and we were in this new apartment. I was able to say that we live there now, but it was a very strange place.The apartment was loaded with pets ... my wife had the house full of pets ... strange pets ... we had a goat in the kitchen, she was bound to a large fruits. As I unleashed, welcomed and played with him, he was so excited that he urinated in bed. We had two huge beds in the room, I don't know why. We had a big one of all types of fish.The strangest thing: we had a skirt ... but it was beautiful ... the fog was very bright and his cock was orange. Wife tells me that he was the friendliest in the world, as I sat down, it came to me andI kissed my hand ... it was yellow and bright orange ... there were more animals there, but I couldn't remember them when I woke up ... I can start to start all of this.It is clear that this dream makes no sense if it is not interpreted. It is very little in it that it can be literally taken. First of all, we share the dream in the categories that I have discussed in previous lessons.

42 1) Sleep configuration: The scenario for sleep is a new apartment. The pastor and the woman were in the process of planting a new church.A new and outstanding aspect of his life is 2) Symbols of dreams: Several animals were used symbolically in this dream.join.) Cabra = a goat can be indisciplined and difficult to handle. I saw it as a negative symbol, but then I realized that the goat was bound to a fruit bowl.The life of a believer (John 15: 1-8) works, not bad or bad, but he was messy when he "urinated in bed". Church."Untemu, leadership and discipleship. Although they are difficult to handle, the work will be worthwhile because they go into the kingdom of God. Spirit. B) Fish = fish is typically symbolic for souls that entered the kingdom. C)Stinkier = a mota is a symbol for someone who is wrong the atmosphere with sin wrong the church and gives the appearance of being holy and loving, but they are still "sources".

43 symbolically say: "Be slow and careful." (As if a traffic light becomes yellow), these stinkers can be false prophets or people who live a completely hypocritical life.* Both yellow and orange can have several symbolic meanings, but theLook at the context and look for the Lord in search of the Lord The attribution impressed the meanings that I have just argued.From the peace of God and the rest for those who receive salvation (Matthew 11: 28-29), is also a symbol of intimacy with the Lord. (Solomon song 1: 4) I believe a relationship with Jesusder dream seems to be a messagecontain.Symbolic meaning for his presence in sleep.4) Sleeping message: Dream is a breathing message and warning.Will have fruits. It is also a warning to use distinction because some are deceptive.5) Source of dreams: The source of this dream is clearly the master. The enemy does not bring any breath or warning. This is the kingdom of darkness, discouragement and fear.Wake up with a feeling of despair, hopelessness or depression.

44 I have no dream of a soul either. To build all the pieces together, the Lord made it clear that this was a message from him. A dream that comes from the spirit or emotions of a dreamer generally shows internal needs,Units and conflicts. This dream was to serve others. This dream shows how sleep interpretation can be a powerful tool to listen and understand what the Lord says.For dinner I would have lost a powerful message from the Lord. Use after the interpretation of a dream should you do with revelation?that the source of the dreams of the Lord should ask God when and how they present them to this person.If he would like to pray for the person. It is also important to be very careful when you think your dream of a person gives instructions.Ministeries change, leave the work, marry a specific person etc. Yes, the message of a dream gives someone other than her, look for the Lord, if your interpretation has to be shared.have to go to a church leader or shepherd.

45 This is also true if you believe that your dream is a word of the direction for a church. Stop the word with the pastor. Never go to people in a community and share your interpretation with youcause a split and rebellion and believe me when I say that this happens. This is the wrong use of the prophetic ministry, since it moves from the area of authority that has existed.Leading a group of people and doing this, they have fulfilled their responsibility (in addition to prayer). If their interpretation is ignored, let them keep them like that.do not fulfill the work of the Holy Spirit (see Hesekiel 33: 7-9) *If we stay in the biblical guidelines, the interpretation of dreams will be safe and fruitful.We do great damage and even ruin life and ministries.Nhor gives them a dream with a message for themselves, it is not always advisable to share them.However, his family caused anger and jealousy. Maybe it was wiser to sleep for them.To be guided by the spirit.

47 Lesson Seven Completion of my goal by writing this manual is to convey some basic knowledge of the interpretation of dreams.I examine two more real dreams that were sent to me and I will give them more directors of the interpretation of dreams.said: "You have seven bathrooms, and that's just this page." He said that people "could" go. The bathroom was all beautiful, bright and alone.Cabinet with a glass door. That was light wood with a golden finish. They were really incredible. And my mother was soaked with many men's shirts, like rod shirts, she soaked her neckThe shirts in the water bathing and the water was soap and dark. He had the sleeping shirts and hung on the floor with the neck in the water. The shirts had different colors and patterns. How the first dream, this dream has absolutely no meaning if itis literally directed to see if you can have a meaning with him.1) "I don't mean a building.From this I mean the people of God who understands the body of Christ.

48 A mother is the task of loving, nourished and caring for her children. This gives an idea of what the church has to do.) 2) Symbols of dreams: a) Seven bathroom = a bathroom symbolizes the cleaning andREUSE.Sette is the number of perfection and conclusion. (Seven with three are considered the number of God).Glory of God is covered (Exodus 37:15). Water = the Holy Spirit washed sin 3) Subject of sleep: I believe that the topic of this dream is the body of Christ. The dream can be for a certain local church, but I feelIn a spirit that is a prophetic message for the whole body. A thing that points to this are so different colors and patterns.The church reaches the church. The bathroom behind a glass door speaks of people who regret it publicly so that everyone sees. The sin of sin is washed. This dream is a confirmation for me, as I have seen in the spirit that God will bringThey are very convinced and clean to their people, and other things are also prophesied.5) Source of dreams: It is obvious to me that this dream of the Lord comes.

49 Dream Show # 3 I dreamed that my teenage daughter and I prepared for a trip. We didn't have much money and it was dark and raining. We were on a university campus and went to the food sector where they had a small supermarketand sold food. We have collected things that we should buy for our trip. I think the trip was by car, but I'm sure we were both ... it symbolized several things, but the context and the mind sayTo me that it means a trial here that the dreamer and his daughter take place (if you have the feeling that you have other ideas, send them to me).I feel that darkness and rain mean a difficult time in the life of the dreamer. The darkness also symbolizes a lack of direction. Then they went to the supermarket that speaks of a place to receive Niesen, which is sometimes difficult to describe because, because of the element of the spiritual revelation involved, I ascribe a certain meaning to a symbol. The only way to interpret dreams is to start with the Holy Spirit and to interact with the Holy SpiritIt will only bring .2) Symbols of dreams: a) A trip = I believe that the trip refers to the next phase of the life of the dreamer. During the journey for a dark and difficult time to try itthe journey means a new place of the goal. I prepared for this, but it had neither internal resources nor light to make the transition from the place of darkness.B) Eating = Essen speaks of the Word of God.

50 c) "Things that have to be bought for the trip" = The "things" that I think are the spiritual elements (belief, direction of God, etc.) The dreamer who for his "journey" for the next level of Godis necessary for life .. (Isaiah 55: 1) 3) Subject of dreams: The subjects of dreams are the dreamer and his daughter receive what they did not have from the Lord to overcome evidence and evidence. In the middle of theProcess they went to the supermarket (to eat the word and drink of the mind) to maintain what they needed for the trip. 5) Source of dreams: If my interpretation is correct, this dream belongs to the Lord.Contained several times, dreams are more than one scene. Solish If each scene seems to do completely with others, they will generally find a connection. Several scenes can be connected. This is a very incomplete anest.The unegotantNtze creativity of the Lord represents an attack by the enemy, while the next scene shows the final victory.Concentrate on a problem while the next can show the solution.

5) The first scene can be a certain behavior or a certain attitude, while the following scene shows the pleasure or dissatisfaction of the Lord.6) The scenes can progress from future events (Daniel 7: 1-14) *, differently, reveal different dreams that occur during the same night are connected.Can combine dreams. The recurring it is important to examine the phenomena of recurring dreams. These are dreams that you have more than one. What are some of the reasons why we experience recurring dreams? If you have a recurring nightmare, you can meanthat there is an open door in her life in her life that was not treated properly (see lesson one for a deeper explanation).Let me give an example of my own life. I have had a recurring nightmare that lay outside the city, and suddenly I realized that my keys, my phone, my wallet, my car and my winners were covered.Discover the demonic activities that can be published. This generally requires a combination of repentance and inner healing. A recurring nightmare can also point to a continuous non -standing sin where there is sin and continuous rebellion.is, he will reach us repeatedly when he often hardens our hearts until their goals in our lives are carried outbecome T

52 If a recurring dream is prophetic, the Lord can emphasize the prophetic message as confirmation. If, for example, someone has a recurring dream of Renaissance that comes to a city, this can be the way of the man to confirm the truth of the message andto be emphasized. The form of man is to be recurring to emphasize clarity, focus and/or confirmation of dream message. dream task no. 6 Use of the model that I gave him; check your dreams every day. Think about your interpretationsto bring in prayer in front of the gentleman.An expert in every area of the prophetic service are like ever before.Know your pure and separate life of the profane joys of this world. Ship skirt, go in the water and be fulfilled with revelation. The process of interpreting dreams.Legs in the water. In the pool they were

53 dangerous animals sw, around and around, like snakes, caimanes and bears."I was never injured by one of these dangerous animals .2) Symbols of the dreams: a) aligator = a crocodile symbolizes the verbal attack b) bear) = a bear symbolizes an attack on the finance of a person c) snake = a snake symbolized deceptiond) Zookeeper = I think the zoochê in this dream represents it the gentleman and although the enemy's attacks appear constant, the dreamer is not injured, provided that he is not afraid and loses the faith. 5) Source of dreams: This dreamIs on the dream. sleep.# 5 I went to the beach and saw a strange scene. It was a day and there was a group of people who drove sleeping bags, carpets and beds on the beach to sleep at night. Bed, bed, bed, bed, bed,Frame, mattress, head with it. All on the beach! Around the entire bed were built on short shelves

54 books. I went where she was fascinated because she brought everything. It and I started talking.was or that this was not really for me, she said that she only had to bring my sleeping bag with you. Frieden, calm and joy.Holy Spirit (water) 2) Symbols symbols of dreams: a) bed, carpets, sleeping bag = a bed, a carpet and a sleep sack sleep a place of intimacy with God b) books = books = books here speak of divine revelation c)People without names = I believe that people are Christians who come to seek God. Bed is someone who really has come to a place of intimacy and rests on the Lord, a place in their devoted life of the tranquility andIntimacy with God. Community in the water;And you who have no money, come, buy and eat!Come;Buy wine and milk without money and free of charge.Why spend dyaders, what is no bread and your work on what is not satisfied?For me and food, what is good and your soul will enjoy the richest speed.God calls to prevent it from fighting and spending time in their presence, where they can find peace and calm and receive revelation.5) Source of dreams: is a word from the Lord


Comprehensive dictionary


Dictionary table index I. Animals A. Types of birds B. Types of insects c.Insect types. And passages F. Instructions III.NATURAL A.Clima B. Geographical symbols C. Outdoor space D. Flores, Plants and Trees E. Special and Seasons Equipment and Seasons VI.Cores and numbers VII.. Biblical figures D. Servos by Mr. IX.Biblische and Spikal Places X. Various A. You from the body of the body C.

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I. Crocodile or crocodile animal = verbal attack or gossip (the Caimans have very large mouths that can easily destroy). Armidillo = a person who represents a barrier between her and another badge = a person who constantly harasses and constantly bother andirritated.An rude person, an emblem of the Russian pink = religious spirit (interrupted the free movement of the Holy Spirit), a person who works and hardworking, constant occupation, the work of the enemy to prevent God's blessing from flows into his people, a person who his emotions, an emblem of Oregon and Canada, a new animal from Nova York = a Demonic spirit (Matthew 13: 4, 18), an unrest (sayings 27: 8), someone who spreads things that spreadThings spread, spread things, maintain a new animal in trust (proverbs 27: 8), those who have set enemies for wings (Jeremiah 5:26), the church (Matthew 13: 32) - the refuge of theLord (Ruth 2:12), Engel (2) Samuel 22:11), The Lord as our EHYDING PLACE Shelter (Psalm 17: 8), Escape (Psalm 55: 6, Jeremiah 48: 9), Travel (Psalm 139: 9, nkjv), in the spirit (Isaiah 40:31) spring - the reporting of the Lord about his people (Psalm 91: 3-5)

60 !!!!!




Albatoz = something or someone who is a constant obstacle or a constant burden, overwhelming feelings of great guilt and conviction, a source of bats from bats pride, a thief, a demonic spirit of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:16), innocence (Matthäus10): 16), a sign that a winter season of nonsense and difficulties is over (Solomon song 2: 11-12), freedom (Psalm (Psalm 55: 6), moan in sadness (Nahum 2: 7, nlt) Paloma Eyes -eyes -eyes that are only fixed in God (Solomon song 4: 1) Eagle = prophetic service (Revelation 8: 13), Swift movement (Rapid Movement (Deuteronomy 28:49), God's care for his people(Exodus 19: 4), Fortress renewed after a waiting time in the Lord (Isaiah 40:31), Freedom soon Eagle - the United States Falcon = a predator, grew up in the spirit (work 39:26) Henne = nutrition and protectionJay von Klatsch = a very person very loon = climb, a disturbed person, moodCanadas, Miningbird of birds of the state of Minnesota = a ridicule, imitation, imitation, bird of the state of Florida, Mississippi, Texas and Arkansas Osprey = a demonic attack (a fishing eagle is a fish that eats falcon - see fish) Strauss = someone whodenies or refuses to ask difficult questions, an anxious person, negligence and lack of wisdom (job 39: 13-18)), a Christian who does not move in the mind (the Str. himself a machine




Partridge = the one who is susceptible to the enemy's attack (1st Samuel 26:20), someone who gets rich through traps, fraud or tricks and ends with nothing (Jeremiah 17:11) peacock = vanity, a womanizer, nationalBird from indiapelican = loneliness (psalm 102: 6, kjv) penguin = fasting (penguins will fast for more than 100 days at the same time) deaf = someone who is easily deceived, a messenger, someone who reveals trust (1st kings 21: 10, msg) quorna = the miraculous determination of the Lord (Exodus 16:13) raven = the miraculous determination of the Lord (1st kings 17: 4), someone with an insatiable tap (insatiable) = a proud and proud person, oneSparrow of awakening calls = provision of God in our life (Matthew 10: 29-31), lives in the presence of God (Psalm 84: 2-4), something that is considered little value (Lukas 12: 6),Someone who is alone in the middle of a bad moment of life (psalm 102: 7) acronym = new birth, evil (zecari5: 7-9) Setwlow = an expected victim that from an escape exhaustion (proverbs26: 2) Swan = beauty and elegance Turkey = a stupid person, something that is a failure thanks to Lord Vulture = a intertwined attack (habakkuk 1:8), someone who holds the other, someone who has to stop and stop and stop

Buffalo = intimidation, confusion, state animal in Oklahoma, something that by Toro de Toro = economic prosperity (a "bull" value market), an uncontrollable, annoying person, a stubborn person (Isaiah 1: 5, msg), a head in Doinimigo-attack, hidden (horoscope), national animal from Spain

62 camel = someone with great resistance under difficult circumstances, someone who wears fees and fasting (a camel can go through a month without food), a question of great importance (Matthew 23:24), something very big (Matthew 19:24), Arabic nations cats = will or independence, curiosity, list or misleading no -comunicative or secret person Kuh = the great disposition of the Lord (Psalm 50:10), a wrong God (Exodus 32: 8) Gorda Vaja - abundant resource (Resource (Exodus 32: 8) (Exodus 32: 8) - Plenty of resource (Resource (Exodus 32: 8). Genesis 41: 1535), Skinny, Vaca Rabiscia (missing hunger (Genesis 41: 1535), Imatirity of the previous, joyfulExperienced (Psalm 29: 6), prayer that is answered in an unexpected and unconventional supernatural way (1 Samuel 6: 7-14) Krabbe = ordered person of the mummy, person, the person who changes (1 samuel (1 1Samuel (1 Samuel 6: 7-14) Krabbe = paint humorocult (Horoskop) cervo = headquarters of the presence of the Lord (Psalm 42: 1), the ability to move into the highest kingdoms of the mind (2 Samuel 22:34), grace of movement, animal of the state New Hampshire = old thinking or thinkingContract patterns with no longer effective topics, an overwhelming topic of the past that still influences the donkey of life.Democratic dog party = dogs democratic party = friendship, divine dish (1st kings 22:38), a bad person (psalm 22:16, Philipper 3: 2), one of others or themselves as "nobody" (2 kings ""(2 kings 8:13), loyalty, a dog that barks out of the demonic spirit - warning, verbal

63 Attack, avoid latent dogs, these religious bodies (Philipper 3: 2, MSG) Watch drug: a advocate, a guard in the body of Christ who reveals the work of the enemy and warns people (Hesekiel 33: 6-8), protection (a Note for dog lovers: I apply symbolic meanings with wide and sometimes stereotypical pictures. I have found that all of these dogs can be love and friendly pets under the right circumstances)!

Akita = Japan Bloodhound Emblem, Bassett Hound or Beagle = Spiritual distinction, a evangelist bulldog = a persistent person or a persistent, national symbol for Great Britain Dalmácia = Doura Doberman Pinher = protection, see surveillance about the German Sherpvern = Lyaly = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = World.

Elephant = somewhat great relationship

64 Pisces = people, Christians and non-Christians (Matthew 13: 47-48), the large hidden fish (horoscope), a feeder feeder of an influential story that takes advantage of the other, a corrupt person with low moral, treasury asapo asapo = demonicSpirit, a word course (Apocalypse 16:12, 13), The judgment of God (Exodus 8: 4-6), Fast Promotion Tree Frog (Salto) or Puerto Rico Fox = Sin (Coquio Board (Salto Exodus) (Shanic DiscurageThey develop very quickly, Grace for Grace Giraffe demo = prophetic security guard (giraffes sleep only 15 minutes a day so that they can identify the predators for which they have a high perspective), teamwork (giraffes are sociable and not territorial) goat =A non -Christian person or a church that is not correct with God (Matthew25: 31-33), an indois -planned person, the hidden marmot (horoscope) = hidden sin, a stalker, a hidden attack by the enemyChewent season (marmot day) pork ends gieres horn = strength (1 samuel 2: 1, nkjv), healing authority (psalm 18: 2, niv), aggression (exodus 21:29), a territorial spirit, antichristic spirit (Daniel 8:10, amp) Ten horns, ten horns, the kingdom of the antichrist (revelation 17: 12) Horse = natural strength and human strength (psalm 33: 17, proverbs 21:31) or the strength and strength of God (2.Kings 6: 1617), speed, war, lust of the meat (Jeremiah 5: 8), no

65 regrets his evil and said: "What did I do?" Everyone follows their own course as a horse that enters the battle (Jeremiah 8: 6, NIV), the divine judgment at the end of the time (Revelation 6: 2-8)) Hyena = laughter, a attack of a group of insects = aptst, an apparently insignificant problem that can cause considerable damage, the enemy, the enemy, without! Ant = hard work, wisdom (sayings 6: 6-9)! Bees =The swarm of an enemy and the burning attack (Deuteronomy 1:44), teamwork, evangelists, winners of the soul and missionaries who spread the word of God (see affection)! Trunk beetles from beetle or bul = outside the resources of someone! Butterfly = butterfly =A restless and unstable person, fear (with "butterflies" in the stomach), the beauty of transformed Christian life, a person who has not yet matured! Chameleon = a hypocritical person, an inconsistent person! Cheap = hidden sin in dark places,Demonic Gester, the sin "feed", an infestation of the evil! Flea = something or someone who is considered insignificant (1.Samuel 26:20), a hidden attack by the enemy! Fly = try! Gnat = a little too small, a question of little meaning (Matthew 23:24)! Heuschrail = someone who sees itself as small, helpless and insignificant (numbers 13: 33), Divine judgment (Psalm 78: 45-47)! Hornet = an angry person, agony, divine dish (5th Moses 7: 20-21), the Lord fights on behalf of his people (Exodus 23:28)!Use others for personal winnings (proverbs 30:15)

(Video) A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage - Book Summary by Book Shack

66 !!!!

Hand shell = God's dish (Joel 1: 1-4), Army of God (Joel 2: 1-11), a large variety of people (Jeremiah 46:23) Motte = judge of God against sin (psalm 39: 11), oneSlow, but constant erosion of the goods, the fragility of man (Job 4:18, 19) Spider = trap of the enemy or without (Isaiah 59: 5), a feeling of feeling captivated, also spider network -Terpes = an enemyAttack or hidden sin that is corroded and slowly corrupt

Schakal = an accomplice in an evil action, a person who performs tasks person, a newly converted lemur = an evangelist: The lemurs distributes the seeds (Matthew 3: 18-23) Leopard = an evil person (Jeremiah 13:23),The attack of the enemy (Jeremiah 5: 6), a demonic spirit (Revoclation13: 2), Antichrist (Apocalypse 13: 2), ambush (Hosea 13: 7) Lion = Jesus (Revelation 5: 5), Satan (1st Peter5: 8), attack on the enemy's stem, the enemy, the enemy, the kings, a brave person (proverbs 30:30), a mighty warrior, the hidden (horoscope), the national animal of Denmark, Bulgaria, Call the Czech Republic, England and Sri Lanka = pastor or spiritual guide (the flames are used to protect the sheep of the wolves), a simulation or a make -up artist, someone who expresses contempt (often it is known that the llamehr of mink orChinchilla = luxury

67 monkeys = a mocker who imitates silly, mouse = an anxious person, hidden sin or a hidden enemy, an attack by demonic harassment that eats the sin of the mule, a person who has no understanding (Psalm 32: 9),, a stubborn person, the condition of the condition of Missouri Octopus = a false prophet or teacher (a toxic black painting in water) ox = a servant who is charged, hard work (psalm 144: 14) Panda = emblem or pigChina = healthy people sink into sin (Matthew 7: 6) Postum = a Python fraud = spirit of fortune telling or witchcraft (apostle history 16:16, the word that can guess the same word for python in Greek 'Puthona'),a mental or psychological rabbits = multiplication, stalker, illegal sexuality, Mapache fertility = an enemy attack, through the sin opened the door, a ramdieb = head in the attack of the enemy, someone who has a big pressureSufficient to preserve what he wants, the hidden (horoscope), victim (genesis 22:13) Mouse = judgment of God (1 Samuel 6: 5), the person of the evil paract, a demonic attack that fed sin "", Scorpion disease = evil person (Hesekiel 2: 6), a demonic spirit (Demonic Spirit (Lukas 10:19), the occult (horoscope), death

68 snake, snake = a lie or deception (Psalm 140: 3), Satan (Revelation 12: 9), wisdom or cunning (psalm 140: 3), bad person, healing if he is in one item (numbers 21: 8,, 2samuel2: 17-19), An incredulous temptation (Genesis 3: 1-4) A religious hypocrite (Matthew 23:33), betrayal Hai = demonic attack, a fraudster, a thief of sheep = the people of God (John 10: John 10: 1-6), those who blindly follow the authority figures, black sheep, one that was rejected or east (Hosea 13:15, MSG) stabkier = a person worthying person = laziness (proverbs 18: 9, nkjv), an abnormal initiative o ambition snow = moved at a very slow pace, a curse (psalm 58: 8) squirrel = someone who notices, the storage of the disposition for the future use of spiked beam = for sin is the bite that is to deathleads (1 Corinther 15:56, nlt), the curses speaks (1 Corinthians 4:12, amp) tail = the forgunEntheness, one end, flees with fear (Isaiah 9:15, MSG), Diprophet, who teaches lies, it's okay. In native animal from Nepal, Bangladesh and Turtle India = a shy introverted person, someone who abroadseems to be hardened, but is a "soft" movement inside, slow

69 Viper = a religious hypocrite (Matthew 23:33), drunk return of her will and purpose Prophet or teacher (Matthew 7:15), a predator, attack within the church (act (2nd Timothy 3: 6), Jesus, thewas despised and rejected (psalm 22: 6) zebra = lukeamristão, someone who lives in moral obligation


II. Transport reasons = a ministry for the Ministry of Disease or Healing, a ministry that helps people in emergency situations, a serious problem that requires immediate attention, ark = an image of Jesus like that that saves us and refuge and protection and protectiongives (Hebrews 11: 7), an evangelistic service that offers the worldwide redemption of the judgment of the aircraft = a church or a service that moves in the spirit (a large aircraft generally symbolizes a large church).War. (Also a tank or combat plan) bicycle = an individual ministerial bus (local passenger bus) = daily life trip with a vehicle = someone who tries to duplicate someone else's ministry instead of discovering his own car, calls, style, etc., etc..(1 Samuel 17: 37-39) Auto = an individual or small service, a local ministry, a social state, a crew! Accelerator = speed increase! Battery = power of God, Energy Battery charger -the Holy Spirit! Braking, own control,Wisdom, waiting time, takeover! Motor = the Holy Spirit, Motivation, Power! Fuel = the Holy Spirit, The Word of God!

72 !!!!!



Lighthouses = the Word of God (Psalm 119: 105), The Light of Jesus (John 8:12) hour = human force (Psalm 33: 16-17, MSG) SPIEGEL of the rear view of the past seat belt wisdom, where it isThere is no lawyer, people fall; but in the large number of directors there is security (sayings 11:14, NKJV) tires = tires are full of air, which is a kind of holy spirit.Need for power of the Holy Spirit. Address = transmission direction change = reversal of the management, investment - restoration, restoration, followed in the wrong way, return to the neutral past

Auto = war (judge 4: 3, Joshua 17:16), Demonist attack (Revelation 9: 8-10), human force (2nd kings 19: 2224, Psalm 20: 7), God's army (2nd kings 6: 15: 15 - 17, psalm 68:17) Cabrio = a ministry that works under an open sky, the transparency fisherman




Balloon with hot air = a peaceful increase in spiritual jets = a quick service in a fast and mighty ship for life = Jesus, our mobile home Salvador = Ministry of Travel


73 Boot motor = a strong motorcycle of the ministry in quick movement = a ministry that is driven by spirit, prophetic service, individual service, independence, non -complex, a service with great maneuverability, an independent spiritual movement car = change or implementation of the race = aMinistry, which quickly moves, incorrectly depends on human efforts and duel, the team native (where there is more than a series) sailboat or hanging plan = a service that was fully fed by the salt extender of the Holy Spirit, a service,that the community brings the power of the gospel.See also Salt School Bus = a Ministry of Education, a Ministry of Children's Ministry of Sea or Mine: If the ship is in the ocean, the Ministry of Nations' peoples can mean (apocalypse: 17:15) helmet - leadership or helmet authority - StrongWinds are required to move a large sailboat, but the captain only uses a small motto to make it in any direction. Three languages are also small and yet

74 Shirk responsibility progress: Progress and progress (apostle history 27: 7, NIV) Skatoboard = a ministry with quick acceleration moments, followed by periods of delay in diseases = a ministry that is easy to use, a service from whichThe basis of the Word of God is constantly depriving, see the vehicle of the snow speed (illegal) = a service that moves before the Lord's U -Bahn period or broken ministries in the problem of the tractor = evangelization, intercession, spiritual tractor or load withdrawal or aFrachchiff = a ministry with which stocks and supplies such as the Ministry of Food were brought in subject = a church that is immersed in retail and ritual.6) Tane = a ministry that focuses on helping other ministries.


Vehicles in precarious situations that arise from the culractra = the problem they cause other people leave the ass. The violence that plans to fall into their own head (psalm 7:16, nlt), brokenEmotional collapse, fear of failure, failure due to spiritual negligence (1st kings 18:30) or the negligence of responsibilities such asB. responsibilities such as responsibilities financially, a problem caused by a failure, the collision = a confrontation between two or more churches or ministries or employees of the ministry, one of the division of the church, a personality confrontation that crashesProblems about us, fear or a spirit of fear (Romans 8:15), falling dead clashes of sin = lack of spiritual energy that uses in a life or service, physical exhaustion and /// or dirty emotional vehicle = sin, negligence,A pioneer or pioneer predecessor who went through "not stole" territory (boat) = moved without direction or purpose, lack of pspiritual or due to the lack of prayer or sin and disobedience, emotional exhaustion of tires or low. From the air =an individual or a church or a service that the presence, orientation and power of salvationIGEN spirit needs. Fuel = lack of prayer life, a church or a service that neglects the prayer and/or the word of God, a

76 Ministry, which is carried out in human exertion, does not overheat the strength and power of God = a person overwhelmed by anger, an excessively excited person runs on earth or bends (boat) = in the meat instead of the spirit of sinking instead of sinkingtoo moved.Sinking = see = see = see = see sinking or accelerated drown (illegally) = anticipate the plan of God by turning around or under control over a person outside the control or the situation or the situation of the rotation of the wheel (no movement in front)= Activity that occurs in the direction of life, disobedience (Deuteronomy 5: 32-33) and does not use productive.The care and distractions of the world, not in the will of God or in their stop, what fucks = an obstacle for the spiritual vision


The traffic signs the bridges of the bridges in front of the street = during their transition period, reduce the speed and be careful! They cannot progress the rhythm that is now taking place.The bridge is outside the bridge.It is not time to move for your new seasonal bay.For life is at the forefront (Jeremiah 6: 16) curve = prepare yourself to wait for the unexpected danger = a warning of a threatening situation dangerous, such as an enemy attack or a temptation to sin, or no outcome= The path in which it does not lead anywhere. = There are obstacles.Belo = a precarious situation that requires a lot

On your life trip.Jesus is her only option (Matthew 7:14 ends the anceiter or rude sidewalk = a warning that there are exams if wet = leaves, do not leave your life on God before you continue! (Psalm 27: 14), stopYou the sin!

79 pleasing path = the path in which it is located or follows is indirectly with possible unexpected twists.


Street and passage Alley = a secret attack (Psalm 56: 6, MSG), a dead end (proverbs 4: 10-12, msg), the life of evil are dark alleys (proverbs 13: 9, msg), a narrow transition pathhidden without avenue = a means to achieve a goal, such asOn new levels in her life, a service that brings internal healing, a service that corresponds to the body of Christ a bridge, a broken relationship that very difficult to restore and bring the past the RTE deviewer. = The way of theDirect life ignores evil; (proverbs 16:17, msg), ignoring the Word of God (2nd kings 1: 3-4, msg), neglecting a wise lawyer and making a decision that implies to neglect the responsibility of a person, a way prevents problems or attacks of the attack = a place of decision (Jeremia 6:16), I brought it to the intersection of the blessing and the curse today. That is what God, the teacher, says: They were more stubbornand volunteers of the nations that surround them, rejected my guide and ignored my instructions. They fell into the level of the gutter of the people around them. 5: 7, msg), sinful language or behavioral road = the way of the Heiliability that leads to God (Isaiah 35: 8-9), the path of reversal and cleaning, through which divine visits arrive (Isaiah 40: 3) Fast piste: a fast lifestyle constantly made, a quick speed of movement for

81 Promotion and progress, whether spiritual or natural way or away = the life courses of life we take (psalm 25: 4, nlt), Jesus as the only tight way that leads to the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 7:14, NIV, NIV,Johannes 14: 6, msg), the path of sin that leads to death (Jeremiah 25: 5, nlt, Matthew 7:13, NIV) tunnel = a transition from life, the man who the way, like being,People a great behavior orbstacle obstacle


Addresses Up = Sky; The thirst of God's government (Genesis 27:39), The Gorge of God (numbers 9:15, Psalm 8: 1), High Authority or ruler (numbers 16: 3, Esther 5:11), God's favor(5. Deuteronomy 10: 15), fame and honor (Deuteronomy 26:19, NIV), the size and superiority of the Lord (Psalm 95: 3, Psalm 113: 4), of the greatest importance (sayings 4:23, NIV), Great in state (Isaiah2: 2) back = the past (Genesis 19:26), memories (Philipper 3:13) behind = passed (Isaiah 57:17, NKJV), retreat (Psalm 40: 13-15), worseningdown below = natural eceroreína (5th Moses 4:39), death (Deuteronomy 32:22), hell (proverbs 15:24, KJV, Isaiah 14: 9), lower authority or classification, outrageous down = descent, from the LordWay, a case, a season of essays and difficulties, humility, adoration and honor (Nehemiah 8: 6, 2 Chronicle 20:18), sad or discouraged (Lukas 24:18, NIV), honor loss or prestige (work 14: 21, nlt) east = the Herrlithe Lord's ability (Hesekiel 43: 2), the Luz from God drills darkness, a beginning, the European nations of the world like India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Syria, Thailand, Korea, etc., see the wind away = in thedistant future (Hebrews 11: 13), separated from God (Psalm 10: 1) and emotionally emotionally emotionally add emotionally, but we are not looking for it, but it is far away (Isaiah 59: 11,NIV)

83 forward = prosperity (Genesis 26: 12-14) to go forward (Exodus 14: 14-16), for the present of God (numeri 12: 4-5), progress front = the future (Philipper 3:13),The gift = higher authority level (1 Samuel 18: 5, NIV), heaven as a home of God (2 Samuel 22:17, NIV), the place of adoration is the cult of the only true God (1 Samuel 9: 12-14)Or idolatry (1st kings 13:32), pride and haughtiness (Job 10:16), promotion, the love of God (Psalm 103: 11), Honor (Psalm 112: 9), like Himmel.sand.as your paths and my thoughts as your thoughts. (Isaiah 55: 9). Curthinessity = stupidity (preacher 10: 2), wealth and honor as fruit of wisdom (Proverbs 3:16), the Lord, who with the weakness of manWorking, the eternal condemnation of evil (Matthew 25:33) Bass = Whoever it is exalts yourself (with hay and empty pride) must be humiliated (Matthew 23:12, amplifier), those who are poor or without social statusare (Lukas 1:52, JJV), without authority, humility, gentleness (Matthew 11:29, KJV) = in the near future (Isaiah 56: 1), a close relationship, God approaches and he will approach you (Jakobus 4: 8, NKJV), In a moment of northern problems, close space of the throne of God (Isaiah 14:13, Hesekiel 1: 4, work 37:22), great judgment (Jeremiah 1: 14-16, Isaiah 41:25), see the right wind = wisdom (Ecclesiastes 10: 2)), Authority (Genesis 48: 180, 1. Kings 2:19) The power of God (Exodus 15: 6, Psalm 17: 7), Authority, Long Lifeas the fruit of wisdom (sayings 3: 16), the strength of man's skills, the eternal life of the righteous in Christ (Matthew 25:33)

84 South = freedom and restoration (Psalm 126: 4, AMP), rest and refreshment (Daniel 11:40), see wind-up = promotion (psalm 75: 5-7, JJV), to move in the direction of the Lord, bloom(2 Kings19): 30, KJV), Pride England, France, Ireland, Scotland etc. See the wind.


III. Symbols in connection with the climate of the atmosphere of nature = the spiritual kingdom, the spiritual climate of a certain place or a certain region, the emotional climate of an Avalanca location or regret! Sudden attack by the overwhelming enemy, a situation,in which someone is demand and pressure

is close to a (Isaiah 13: 6, which seems to be flooded by

Blizzard = a cold, difficult and overwhelming time in which the spiritual vision of someone impressively and brutal oppressors (Isaiah 25: 4, MSG) Cloud = white cloud -the presence of God (Exodus 13:21), Black Wolke, judgment Aexigrant,An obstacle to hearing the voice of God, the confusion of the confusion = hidden sin (Isaiah 29:15, NIV), lack of direction (Isaiah 50:10), the work of the enemy (Lukas 22:53), misery and depression (Psalm 107: 10), Death (Psalm 88: 11-12, NIV), Böses (Isaiah 5:20) Dew = The Word of God (5th Moses 32: 2), Unity between the people of God (Psalm 133: 3), Love and favor of God, when he descends and covers his people (Hosea 14: 4-6), something fresh and pure, human love, which oscillates and temporarily (hose 6: 4) The blessings of the Lord (5th Moses 33:13) dry) = God's judgment (Zacharias 14:17), a season of dry and difficult life (Psalm 32: 4), a season in which there is a lack of Gseems to give the unstate of God and his obvious presence

86 Earthquake = anger and judgment of God (Apocalypse 11:13, Nahum 1: 4-6), to give the power of the Lord to his people (Isaiah 29: 5-7, Acts 16: 25-26), revolt or solar eclipse of theRevolution = Eclipse = Hey oriented towards God's purposes, flood = sudden terror (work 27:20), Divine Court (work 20:28), a very difficult judgment (Psalm 69: 2), a great movement of God (Isaiah 59):19, 20), an abundance of wealth (Isaiah 66:12), Great Bast (1 Peter 4: 3, 4), a wealth of blessing (Malachi 3:10), a mighty and fast army (Daniel 11: 40), Sudden flood: a sudden movement of God or attack of the enemy's goal, the door of the sky, that when the Lord opens his blessing, he poured over his people (Malachi 3:10, NIV) Nebel = dark spiritual vision (1st Corinthians 13:12, MSG), Frost mental confusion = a cold relationship, a person with cold behavior, divine judgment (Psalm 78: 46-48, KJV), a cold and fragranceIonhaa (Genesis 31:40, KJV) = a hail -base movement disoriented and unclear hurricans = the judgment of God, great movement of the glide of the spirit = a simple and overwhelming beam that suddenly is the judgment of God (Lukas 10:18), whichPresent of God (2.Samuel 22:13), a movement suddenly God's voice (Psalm 29: 7) Blitz: a person who often seems to attract negative attention and emotion

87 of others, one person, a church or region, a movement of God or steam = man who contradicts divine love suddenly met, who is doubtful and temporary (Hosea 6: 4), the brevity of human life (Jakobus 4:14), The Lord completely eliminates our sin (Isaiah 44:22), something hidden or dark rain = buried from the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:17), The Word of God (Isaiah 55: 10, 11), The blessing of God (5.Deuteronomy 28): 12, Hesekiel 34:26), The message of the Lord (Deuteronomy 32: 2), Wise Council (Job 29:23), Divine judgment (Genesis 6: 12-14), Justice (Isaiah 45: 8), Visitation, Visitation divine (Hosea 6: 3, Psalm 72: 6), Great loving kindness of God (Matthew 5: 44-46), Spring Rain-Die Great Birth of the Time (HoseA 6: 3, Optel history 2:17), whichFavor of God (proverbs 16:15), RAID acid - false teachings, a false spiritual movement - Oris = promises of the federal government (Genesis 9:13),The brightness of God's glory (Hesekiel 1:28), Misericordia of God Neve = Palabra of God (Isaiah5: 9-11), purity (Psalm 51: 7), a reliable envoy (proverbs 25:13, NIV) SquallDisorder or attack or sudden and unexpected attack of the enemy of the storm = essays = essays = essays = essays = essays and difficulties, hostile attack, judgment of God (Jeremiah 23:19), "The oppressive acts of relentless people" (Isaiah 25:4, nlt) Sunshine = the present and favor of God (Psalm 84:11), The Light of God, Healing (Malachi 4: 2) Temperature = the measure of intellectual passion in an individual life or in a church (revelation 3:15-16), the measure of the emotional intensity of a person (i.e. ,,,,, moderate of heat or cold and removed)

88 Thunder = the voice of God (2 Samuel 22:14), spiritual war, court judgment (Exodus 9:23), a warning of an upcoming attack or judgment, the glory of God (Psalm 29: 2-4), Delouvor Sound (Apocalypse 19: 6), the Lord who fights our enemies in our name (1 Samuel 7:10), a call to prepare for the flood of divine visits = the course of the event in a life, region, church, etc.The hand has become the flood! The hand of God rises in victory! The hand of God has become a flood!"(Psalm 118: 16, msg), Tide-a Blow Point in the life of one, a high emotional flood, a large higher point in the life of the tornado = a mighty explosion of the glory of God (Hesekiel 1: 4-28),A powerful attack by the enemy (Job 1:19) or the judgment of God (Jeremiah 23:19), the terrible consequences of sin (Hosea 8: 7), A violent explosion of torrent emotion = overwhelming (proverbs 27: 4, nkjv), Anger and judgment of God (Isaiah 30: 32-33, NASB), an overwhelming tear flow (Jeremiah 9:17, the message Bible), a massive attack by the enemy (Psalm 124: 3-5, amp) tsunami or wave tide =An extremely difficult situation, a massive enemy attack, the divine volcano of the court = an irritated and volatile person, anger of God and jealousy (Deuteronomy 29): 20, msg), war (Hoséia 10: 14, msg), the power of God (Psalm 104: 32, msg) waves = relentless difficulties (Job 10:17, NIV), justice (Isaiah 48: 18), his, bene Unhelvado (Isaiah 57:20), Shepherds False (Jude1 (Jude1: 12-13), the one who doubts God (James1: 6), the glory of God, the turbulence of the nations (psalm 65: 7) wind = the saintSpirit (Acts 2: 1-4), the enemy's attack (Job 1: 18-19), an indescribable person (sayings 27:16), something that

89 It has no meaning (preacher 1:14), problems (Matthew 7:25), empty words (Jeremiah 5:13), southern refreshing wind, north wind: attempt and difficulties, gossip (saying 25:23), this - -This - - - destruction, judgment, (Hosea 13:15) The western rain wind that can speak of blessing or difficulties (Lukas 12:54), the mercy of the Lord (Exodus 10: 18-20)


Barrens or earth country geographic symbols = emptiness and furur (Deuteronomy 32:10) Strand = rest, relaxation, border or limitation (Job 38: 811), the place of the meat (sand) and the spirit (water) moor omeir or tremor= DESEP Deatper (Psalm 40: 2, NLT), an apparently desperate and desperate situation in which there seems to be no way out (3:55 hurt, amplifier), entanglement of the sin (Ephesian 2: 1-3, MSG) Brook= Provision of the Lord during a dirty station (1st kings 17: 1-5), a bubbling current - wisdom (proverbs 18: 4) cave or cave = a hiding place or place of refuge (Joshua 10:17), isolation, hiddenSin -channel or channel = good leadership is a water channel controlled by God; he directs it to what ends, choose, choose a hospital like a channel to get a job there, which serves as a transition to a meta -como hourTo reach season of life, loneliness (Jeremiah 51:43), a test location (5.Deuteronomy 8: 2), a quiet place of calm (Psalm 55: 6) Field = the Corinthian world 3: 9)






Forest = a dangerous situation (2 Samuel 18: 7-9), God's people gathered in the service

91 (1 Chronicles 16:33, Psalm 96:12), something huge (Santia 3: 5), a situation with many obstacles and restricted visions of my gold = something of great material value, such as a successful business (Psalm 119: 72, Msg), a plenty of resource, such as an encyclopedia as a gold mine, a source of great fame or hill -openness = a small obstacle or obstacle, justice (Psalm 72: 3), the Iceberg USA congress = an obstacle to important or more importantAn obstacle or an important obstacle or prejudice, an emotionally cold island of the person = someone who is socially isolated, a Christian who is separated from the body of Christ, a place of calm in the jungle = a dangerous situation, a pioneer of the pioneer of theMinistry or forerunner, lake of the Cthroat competition = the Holy Spirit, God of God (of course) = the Lord as our safety location of the flooding of the tribulation and the mountain of the enemy attack = HemHumpany or Humistacle (Mark 11: 23), a divine meeting (Exodus 19: 3, Lucas 9:28), The Reindios (Isaiah 56: 7), a prayer place (Lucas 6:12), makes it ideal (ideal (Isaiah 40: 4), Paz (Psalm 72: 3).) Bergpassage = The Lord appeals to the fact that people graze obstacles and obstacles or meadows = abundant provisions (Psalm 23:13), maximum retirement or high point = a high conquest limit, the highlights of life or service (Jeremiah 49:16, Nlt)

92 Plant = something that showed no signs of progress or increase during a group period = physical healing (John 5, John 9: 7), joy and refreshment (Psalm 114: 7-8) River = the movement and the operation of the Holy SpiritIn and through the people of God (John 7:38), justice (Amós 5:24), the kindness of God (Psalm 36: 8), Great Essays and Difficulties (Isaja 43: 2), Peace (Isaiah48: 18): 18), many tears (lawsuit 2:18), the vital service of the Holy Spirit, the sound of angel wings (Hesekiel 1: 23-25), the sound of the voice of the Lord (Hesekiel 43: 2)., The sound of heavenly worship (apocalypse 19: 6), the joy of the Lord Jordan River: speaks of the death of the meat (as symbolized by those among the waters of the Jordan river in baptism).Or meaty base for someone of someone (Matthew 7:26), the people in Israel (Romano 9:27), a variety of people who are too numerous to tell (1st kings 4:20) dune =The meat as a letter for the spirit (Galatians 5: 16-18), a sea of obstacles = the diversity of people in the nations (apocalypse 17:15), the people of the nations in a sensation (psalm 65: 7), whichKnowledge of the glory of the Lord of the Earth (Habakkuk 2: 14) Clean God (1 Corinthians 2: 9-11, NIV) Spring (of the water) = The soul of the satisfactory Holy Spirit and Life.(John 4:14), refreshing (Exodus 15:27), Love (1 Timothy 1: 5, verseTärker) A false or false prophet or false teacher (2 Pedro 2: 1 -17) A confusing spring obligation (proverbs 25:26) Wellspring -a source with an inexhaustible care, the heart as a fountain of due practice (proverbs 4:23,Niv), understanding and understanding and understanding and understanding of wisdom (proverbs 16:22, NKJV, sayings 18: 4, nkjv)

93 narrow = a very difficult and stressful situation (2 Corinthians 6: 4, AMP), Jesus as a tight passage that leads to eternal life (Matthew 7:14, AMP), a very restrictive environment and a limited flow = justice (SOS 5): 24), the presence of God (Psalm 42: 1), a constant tear flow (Psalm 119: 136), the restoration of the Lord (Psalm 126: 4), a swamp or swamp made of trend or swamp = an overwhelming situation, something worth, danger pio = a hiding place someone, a great decision in life (Joel 3:14), a humble person (Isaiah 40: 4) Wasteland = devastation (Deuteronomy 29:23), sterile (psalm 107: 34, nlt), Dark (Job 30: 3, NLT) Praise are cascade on my lips (Psalm 119: 171, MSG), The evil rage of the nations (Isaiah 17:12, MSG), The Hasty Sound by Angels Wings (Ezekiel 1:24, msg), the Santolava spirit refreshingly the people of water DCUENC a pelvis or a man who led the nation to the growing sin and a rebellion among boysPeople good = redemption (Isaiah 12: 3), the soul of the Holy Spirit, Life, The Life of Life gives creditors (John 4: 11, 12), a wealth of knowledge or information, the deep things of the mind


Alien External Space = a Christian (1. Peter 2:11), a stranger, someone who does not fit the astronaut = a Christian who is looking for new encounters with the Lord, a missionary, a pastor or leader of a pioneer church or an astronomical service= = A seer of the prophet, a visionary black hole = a problem that never seems to be solved, regardless of how much time and resources are thrown into it, an program or an initiative to waste money and time, death (death (Job 3: 3-4, msg), a very difficult situation, the flight of which does not give an obvious escape (Psalm 143: 3, MSG) Comet = judgment of heaven (revelation 8:10), the glory of God that exploits from his presence(2 Samuel 22: 13, msg) crater = a heart party, a vacuum in the starting platform of life by someone = means that after a waiting time a powerful service, a church or a service that is born with other churches or meteorites from ministries, masonTig is started = someone who strikes very quickly, the estie falls - a Christian who gets into sin, a prominent person who falls in love with the moon the light of this light that shines through darkness (Isaiah 9: 2) Mittelmond(((and star) - Symbolic orbit of the Muslim faith = a sphere of influence or authority

96 Planet = a Ministry of Pione, a journey of missions to a place where others did not venture in front of the rockets = a ministry that increases and rises very quickly and climbing in the spirit, an angel satellite = a small service or a low church the roofa great service or a church, a nation that dominates or incorrectly influenced by another nation, a solar explosion -Sykofant = star of the anger of God (Jesus (numeri 24:17), Satan (Isaiah 14:12), Engel(Angel (Jesus apocalypse 12: 4), The crowds of the Church and the nation of Israel (Genesis 22:17), Master of Justice and Advantage of Soul (Daniel 12: 3), born from new believers who live in holiness (Philipper2:15), a popular and prominent person, Morgenstern - Jesus (Revelation 22:16), Satan (Isaiah 14:12) Wanderer Star - A wrong Christian (Judas 1:13) Sun = Jesus (Psalm 84: 11, Apocalypse1: 16), those who love the Lord (judge 5:31), Justice (Psalm 37: 6), the Justo (Matthäus13: 43), a father (Genesis 37: 9, 10) m weight = a complete level of abandonment in the Holy Spirit, the freedom of positions and concerns that weigh


Flowers, plants and trees flowers = natural beauty, which disappears (John 3:31), the glory of the faded person (Isaiah 40: 5-7), (Isaiah 28: 1), the brevity of human life (Jakobus 1:10), A sign that a cold and sterile season is over and is a time of Frucy and renewal nearby (Solomon song 2:12), Bouquet of Romantic Love - Romanticism, For Marriage, Jesus (song by Salomon 1: 13, MSG, MSG, MSG, Solomon Song 1:14, nlt)), !!!!!!


Baby breathing = innocence Bitterroot = bitterness, lack of forgiveness (Hebrew 12:15), flower of the state of Montana Cherry Blossom = Washington DC Emblem, National Flower of Japan Cactus Blume = the Lord, drawing of beauty from a dry and difficult situation, Dearizona Flower StateDaisy = a feeling of being vitalized and renewed, somewhat fresh, innocence Edelweiss = resistance, strength (this flower grows in a very robust country) and remains in an enemy environment, the national flower of Austria and Switzerland that you forget me, pure .Christian in the eyes of Jesus (Lukas 12:27), The nation Israel (Hosea 14: 5: 5: 5), purity Lotus = triumph and endurance (although Olotuscrence en the mud that prevails and grows in a beautiful flower), National Flower India and Vietnam, Hinduism, Yoga

98 !!!!!!!!


Magnolia blossom = the flower of the state of Louisiana and Mississippi.Mandrake = love for God orange flowering selfishness = florida orchid state flower = mature, refinement, elegance, national flower of venezuela pansy = considerations or memory (it comes from the word root for thoughts)Love, to Christian (Solomon song 2: 1) Flower of the new state of York and the National Flower of the United States, yellow passion = friendship, Texas Bed des Rosen -emblem - sunflower of luxury and comfort = Jesus, pride, kansas state flower tulip =Dutch emblem violet = modesty, the flower of the state of Illinois, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Plants = those who absorb the Word of God (Deuteronomy 32: 2), the temporal nature of human life (Psalm 37: 2), young men (Psalm 144: 12) who quickly matures under the care of the Lord (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Aloe = bamboo hardening = resilience, bitter climbing of the Asian emblem: a memory, relationship or situation, the pleasant and painful aspects of Brus = God's judgment against evil (Isaiah 5: 6), has evil of the rebels (Ezekiel 2) (Ezekiel2): 6) Klee = Ireland emblem, superstition, luxury, used by San Patricio in Ireland to imagine the linen of trinity = human weakness and weakness (Matthew 12:20, JJV) grass = a variety of people who are tooare great to say, God, God, God and the perverse (work 8: 11-13), the mortality of




Human life (Isaiah 40: 6), The Blossom of God, Hemlock = judgment (hose 10: 4) or process (NIV), murder, hate, bitterness Hysop = cleaning and cleaning (Psalm 51: 7, Leviticus 14: 52) Ivy = without expanding yourself if it is not rooted and life, the upper class, the upper class, the mustard plant of university training = something very big, that of a very small beginning (Lucas 13:19), the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 13:31-32) MOSTAGE SEED - FE (Matthew 17:20) Ivy Gift = the risk of flirting with the sins prayer plant = prayer reed = something weak and non -resistant (2nd kings 18: 21), a fragile and vulnerable person (Isaiah 42: 3) Sea algae = tweed problems (Jonah 2: 5) Senna = Purga drops = the concerns and care of this world or the mistakes of wealth (Matthew 13: 22), a source of suffering and the source (2) (2) Corinthians 12: 7).) Venus Flytrap = the work of the Lord to teach the enemy, also weeds or TaraS = the consequences of laziness and negligence (proverbs 24: 30-32), wrong Christians (Matthew 13: 24-29) wheat = true Christians (Matthew 13): 24-30), the care of the Lord for the people, frequencyand prosperity (Joel 2:24), judgment and evidence (Lukas 22:31), patience (Jakobus 5: 7), Caja - useless or not extensive (essential 2 kings 19:26, MSG), The Mismers and Rebels (proverbs20:26, amp), wrong prophets (Jeremiah 23: 27-28), sin (Micah 4:13, MSG) Stoppen-the Wicked (Malachi 4: 1) something without eternal value (1.Corinther 3:12, JJV) See also grain under Essen and drink


Amenjo the bitter episodes of sin (proverbs 5: 4), the divine dish at the end of time against evil (apocalypse 8:10)

Trees = humans (Lukas 3: 8-9), the cross (Acts 5:30), the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 13: 31-33) person (Hesekiel 17:24), a guide (Daniel4: 22), small tree: A modest person (Hesekiel 17:24), a tree planted by water, a bright or female man of God (Psalm 1: 3), the tree that touches a life that is dedicated to things 11:28, msg),Even if a tenth, a rest, is generally penetrated and burned again, but leaves a lawyer like a terbarto or oak when he is cut, Israel's blunt will be a sacred seed."


Acacia or shit tree = The wood of this tree was used in the abbey huts to imagine the perfect life that Jesus led (Exodus 25:28) Mandelbaum = monitoring of God (Jeremiah 1: 11-12), age (preacher 12: 5) apple tree= Jesus our fiance (Solomon song 2: 3), the Lord wakes up the church through his love, which is in love with it, the dwarf of the intentions of God in the life of a cedar tree of life = powerful and powerful men (Zacharias 11:2), The prosperity of the righteous (Psalm 92: 12-13), beauty, some superior quality, those proud that are proud of who is (Isaiah 2: 12-14), a great and powerful earthly kingdom (Hesekiel 31: 3) cypress, fir, jaw or always green tree = durable or eternal, blessing and frequency in the middle of devastation (Isaiah 41: 18-20), God replaces a life full of curses and great difficulties with a life of plenty of abundance (Isaiah 55: 13), Grbelleza Walk (Isaiah 60:13), Frutfulfunsfound in the Lord (Hosea 14: 8, NIV)

101 !!!!!!!!!



Fig. Sycamore Tree = a sign that a renewal season is by hand (Solomon song 2: 12-13), a sign that Jesus return is located near the juniper or the tree of broom = misery and defeat (1st king19: 3. Through the people of the people of God, teachers and preachers who go on board: an emblem of the mulberry or the balm of Canada = sadness (the Hebrew word, the "scream") Myrtle Tree = a sign of favor and restoration ofGod (Isaiah 55: 13) Eichenbaum = those who are proud and arrogant (Isaiah 2: 12-14), human strength (Amós 2: 9), the splendor of God, which is through the just (Isaiah 61: 3), deathIt is shown (2 Samuel 18: 10, Genesis 35: 8) The Bilot of the National Bait of England: Speaks of small beginnings, the potente Having for great growth of the state of the olive tree The time of God (apocalypse 11: 3-5), theBranch from Olive and anointing, a sign of peace, Jews and Christians (Romans 11:17) Palm.de Reyes (Johannes 12:13), sauce = sadness, crying (crying (psalm 137: 1-2)


Precious metals and stones from brass, bronze or copper = judgment of God by his blessing of a nation because of the continuous evil (Levitic 26:19), slavery (Richter 16:21), war (2 Samuel 22:35 (brass,Judge 16:21), preserving bronze and copper are used in various translations of the Bible. Brass and bronze mainly consist of copper) 2 Samuel 21:16) to be persistent (Isaiah 48: 4), sin and corruption (Hesekiel22: 18) Gold = secular wealth (apostle history 3: 6), Holiness (Job 23:10), idolatry (Psalm 115: 4), license fees and authority (Daniel 2:38), The glory of God (Haggai 2: 8-9), the Lord, the Lord (Job 22: 24-26) the pure and holy nature of God, imodestia (apocalypse 18:16) iron = God keeps his blessing due to continuous injustice (Leviticus 26:19, 5. Moses 28:23), Bondage (5th Deuteronomy 28: 48), Kraft (Deuteronomy33: 25), Destruction of evil (Psalm 2: 9), stubbornness (JesaYes 48: 4) Hard and cruel people (Jeremiah 6:28, nlt), a strong earthly kingdom and dominant so Roman hyitarjeta (Daniel 2:40) lead = sin and corruption (Hesekiel 22:18), something that one personIn platinum = high rich class, silver duration = mouth wealth (genesis 13: 2), redemption (redemption (redemption numbers 3: 47-49, numbers 18:16), idolatry (5.Deuteronomy 7:25), the Lord as our precious treasure (Job 22: 24-26), God's promises (Psalm 12: 6), Divine Wisdom (Proverbs 2): 3 -5), The words of the pious (proverbs 10:20, nlt), perfect word of God (psalm 12: 6) steel = inflexible, strong and resistant, brave, trust and determination (2 chronicles 32: 8, message)

103 Zinn = sin, corruption and idolatry (Isaiah 1:25, KJV), something that appears authentic and real, but not (as you end up with great primal temperature = toxic, destructive

Gemstones*There are a lot of disagreements in the exact stones in the Bible. The diamonds, the rubies, the sapphires are not regarded as the same stones with which we link these names, which is why several translations of the Bible usually differIn what you call the specific stone. Example of what the NKJV identifies as a diamond, which the NIV means as emerald (Exodus 28:18).: 17-21).Each stone corresponded to the name of one of Jacob's children. The problem is that I discovered in my research that biblical scholars do not agree with which stone the stone corresponds to due to the difficulty in the specific identification of old stones.I can best attribute the precious stones listed below.

104 Diamond = the sin of a heart registered in a heart in a heart that is difficult in terms of God (Jeremiah 17: 1, KJV), something of great value, without failure, struggle or struggle - emerald naphthali = grace and eternal mercy (revelation(Revelation (revelation 4: 3), an emblem of Ireland, United or United, the priesthood - Levi Jacinth or Ligure = good luck in the Lord - Gad Jasper = purity, holiness, transparency, Jesus, the Church - Benjamin -Marmor = Kraft andResistance (Solomon song 5: 15) Onyx = something of great secular value (Job 28:16), increases the Lord - Joseph Pearl = what is holy and precious, wisdom, Jesus or Christian (Matthew 13: 45-46), somethingof great value, which through long suffering, unmodus (apocalypse 17: 4) rubin or sardius = the blood of Jesus, redemption, Jesus as a first -born son in the entire creation - Reuben (colosser 1:15) sapphire = the sky (exodus 24: 9-11), the throne of God (Hesekiel 1:26), elegance (lawsuit 4: 7 nlt) or oneconverted figure (amp), senhahora the claim of our life to assess - Dan Topaz = The name of the name comes from a Greek word that "addiction" means that God listens to our prayers - Simeón turquoise = Jesus; our right basis(Isaiah 54:11), Jesus as a healer or donor of life, praise - Juda


Other symbols of nature AR = Holy Spirit (John 20: 21-23, Jeremiah 23:24) Asche = great sadness (2 Samuel 13:19), something useless (work 13:12), penance (work 42: 6), A broken and sad life (proverbs 1:27, msg), grief (Jeremiah 6:26), Divine judgment about Maxis (Jeremiah 21:10) bark = the external personality, the public image of someone = the Lord as a basic company (Psalm 18: 1, msg) blossom = joy (psalm 65:12, nlt), justice (psalm 72: 7, msg), the temporal nature of life (psalm 103: 15, msg), Jesus (song by Solomon 1:14, niv), evil and pride (Hesekiel 7:10, nlt) Rama (s) = Jesus (Isaiah 11: 1, Jeremiah 23: 5), Christians (John 15: 5), revered Jesus as king in the group,People will take time (Isaiah 27: 6), justice and praise (Ichsaias 61:11, NIV) Ton = our fragile humanity (2 Corinthians 4: 7), something fragile and fragile (Daniel 2:42) coal = cleaningsin (Isaiah 6: 6), the wrath of Godn (Psalm 11: 6), The Brillion of the Present of God (Psalm 18: 11-13), the conviction that our enemies encounter when we bless them (Romans 12:20), witness to God's time (Zacharias 4: 11-13)

106 Cortex = a sign of God's love and mercy (apostle history 14:17, NVI), good works that occur from a divine life (Hebrew 6: 5-10) or sin and evil that is the product of an evil heart (proverbs21: 4, CEV, Hosea 10:13, NLT), People (Hosea 2:23, NLT, Johannes 4:37, CEV) Harvest failure - Signal of the judgment of God (2 Chronicles 7: 13, NLT), Sign Depression (proverbs20: 4) Decadence = the deteriorated effects of sin (Matthew 7:17, AMP), death (apostle history 13:34), Rotedias and moral corruption (2. Peter 1: 4) powder = the human body (human body (humanBody (Genesis 2: 7), humiliation (Psalm 72: 9), the weakness of human nature (Psalm 103: 13-15), too numerous to be counted (Genesis 13:16), God's judgment (5th Moses28:24), a spiritual state of drought, duel (1 Samuel 4: 11-13), total darkness (1 kings 16: 2), total degradation (2 kings 13: 7), repent (nehemiah 9: 1), death (death (PREDiger 3: 20)), a long time of inactivity, spiritual dream the discouragement (Isaiah 52: 2) Fire = Holy Spirit (Apocalypse 4: 5) The Word of God (Jeremiah 20: 9), destruction of evil (Matthew 13:42), The Present of God in the midst of darkness (darkness (darkness Exodus 13:21), the work of the Lord to clean his people (Malachi 3: 2), anger of God (Psalm89: 46), The glory of the Lord (Exodus 24:17), a large dish (Psalm 66:12), temptation and sin (proverbs 6: 2628), love passionately God (song by Salomon 8: 6), malignant or negative language, such as gossip or curses (Santia 3: 5-6), a devastating attack by the enemy (enemy (near 3:13), the flames of hell, where there is an eternal suffering for those who reject salvation in Christ: 4, msg), an emotional explosion, intensive controversyBoldness (Hesekiel 3: 9), an overwhelmed heart fossil = an old way to do something that no longer proDucking is an amseigua

107 fruit = see food and drink germ = sin and corruption (Hesekiel 24:11, MSG), a demonic spiritual gravity = an obstacle for the move to superior kingdoms in the Holy ice spirit = the Holy Spirit (ice is a form of water),A cold calculating person, someone who has no sympathy, a precarious infection of the situation = without (1 Timothy 6: 4, MSG, Deuteronomy 20: 8, MSG), a demonic strength also leaves of viruses = an attempt to try sin tooCover to themselves before God through dead works and religion (Genesis 3: 7), the bloom of the righteous (proverbs 11:28, nvi), a sign of life after devastation (Genesis 8:11), confessed Christians who have one, oneAppearance of the department, but in reality not naked fruits (Mark 11: 11-13, Matthew 3:10), the shadow of the sun; symbolize God's refuge in a difficult sludge situation = sin and evil (Isaiah 57:20, msg),Defamation or defamation (Hesekiel 39: 7, MSG, MAtthäus 12: 25-27), total defeat (Micah 7:10, NKJV) oil = Aunción (Exodus 29: 7), Gloria and Joy (Psalm 45: 7), an abundant river (Hesekiel 32:14), overcrowded blessing(Joel 2:24), Ministry of Healing (Mark 6:13), The Holy Spirit, Frucy, who comes from the parasite of the break = a person who exploits the generosity of others, sineronomy 32:10, msg)Demonic plague = severe divine dish (Exodus 32: 34-35), large Ethhorus disease (Psalm 38: 11, NKJV), a widespread evil in a region or nation such as abortion praw

108 Sand Moviça = a situation that worsens this inevitable (Psalm 69: 2, MSG), an enemy trap


Rock = the gentleman (2 Samuel 22: 2), God as our place of refuge (Psalm 31: 2), a very difficult situation, an obstacle that stumbles someone (Isaiah 8:14), discharge (Hesekiel 26: 13:13 -14), the crushing of the end of the conditions of the evil governments of the world for the kingdom of God (Daniel 2: 44-46), Jerusalem (Zacharias 12: 3), Jesus as our Federal Foundation (Matthew 7): 25), oneHard heart towards God (Lukas 8: 6), rock rocks- the gentleman our refuge and protective root = source or origin (1. Timothy 6:10), the place where a person was born and increased, the eternal Christ (Isaiah 11: 10, Apocalypse 5: 5), The external manifestation of the disease of the heart, the other concerns (Hebrew 12:15), and establishes itself in a new environment of the environment = an unrealized emotional wound seed = a message from theGospel or the message or message of the gospel or the message or message of the gospel or the ApalavrA God (Matthew 13: 18-20, Lukas 8:11), Faith (Matthäus17: 20), give the senioro (2.Corinthians 9:10), a descendant; whether spiritual or natural language (Galatians 3:29), sin or discord, a small beginning that has the potential to thrive in something great and powerful (Genesis 18: 4, nlt), the protection of the Lord over us (psalm 121: 5) Shadow = our days on earth are like a shadow that disappears, without traces (1 chronicles 29:15, NLT), death and darkness (Job 10: 2022),The tenants who are hidden in the dark for right -wing attacks (Psalm 11: 2), the doubt of the character or integrity of someone, the shadow of the Lord's wing, which from the Lord as our refuge and protection (psalm 17: 79) speaks, darkness (Isaiah (Isaiah (Isaiah (Isaiah Jean Isaiah 59: 9), Healing (Acts 5: 14-16), a weak picture

109 Presence of a future reality like Saturday, by predicting Jesus as our eternal calm (colosser 2:17), something that always changes and, in contrast to the holy character of God, changes (Santiafil 1:17), a friend or partner, who you are aware of Slate = a recording of the past performance of a person: I cleaned the list of all mistakes. Non -nothing left. Volta for me, come back. I saved you."(Isaiah 44:22, MSG) Rauch = the obvious presence of God (Exodus 19: 17-18) The devastation of the divine court of evil (Genesis 19: 27-28), The wrath of God (2 Samuel 22: 8-10), False religion (Isaiah 57:13, MSG), The Kurz of Human Life (James 4:14, AMP), something that hinders the ground of spiritual vision = the condition of the heart of man of man in man inRelation to God (Matthew 13: 1-23) Hard hardness of the heart to evangelize a difficult region, a difficult situation of the Ministry of the Solo-fruitful heart in relation to God, a fertile service or church, spider spiders -Web = an enemyFall due to sin (Isaiah 59: 5), the fragility of the life of evil (Job 27:18), the fragile nature of things in which God trust without God (job 8:14, NLT), negligence, variation of mentalConfusion = words or actions of the nuisance fog or steam sticks = humans (Zacharias3: 2), the drought that results from sin (coxontations 4: 8), a kind of intersection (2.Kings 6:57), discipline or fire abuse (flames) - as a Madman who throws fire or mortal arrows, is a man who is deceptive to his neighbors and says: "I only have bed!"(Sayings 26: 18-19, NIV), a cause of problems.

110 Stein = punishment for sin (Leviticus 20:27), idolatry (Leviticus 26: 1) and they shared the sea in front of them to cross the sea center in the dry earth; and their pursuers, which they thrown into the backgroundhave, as stone in the mighty waters (Nehemiah 9:11, NKJV), Kraft (Job 6:12), as a border (Job 24: 2), Jesus: So says the Lord, God here in Zion for a base, a stone, a proven stone, a precious cornerstone, a certain basis: whoever believes that it will not rush., a hardened heart (Hesekiel 11:19), something that blocks the flight of a bad situation (Daniel 6:17).Understand, except the one who receives it.(Apocalypse 2:17, amplifier) See also Stones Price Vine Vine: 5), a Son of God with fruit (Genesis 49:22), Israel (osea virus 10: 1) = a kind of demonic spirit as a virus requires aThe landlord thrives (Matthew 12: 43-45), a sin that is contagious as a virus, a corrupt influence such as fanaticism or water of the greed = the Word of God (Ephesians 5:26), the holy of the spirit (John 7:38),Cleaning of sin (Hebrew 10): 22), baptism of water that symbolizes the death of sinful nature and the new life in the spirit (Matthew 3:11), distress (Isaiah 30:20) Lukas - a committed Christian life (revelation3:1516), something, that is a boring and boiling inventor: an unstable or turbulent person (Genesis 49: 4, AMP), great envy, hatred and/or anger (apostle history 7: 9, amplifier), the anger D.and God (Jeremiah 44: 6, nlt) Business - uncoated emotions such as anger to calm down after an emotional explosion (cook) - not able toFear or shock, a prominent and homeentic person

111 Madeira = the cross of Jesus, human nature, an unfair person (2: 20-21), works dead (1 Corinther 3: 1013) Wood Dead Idolatry (Psalm 135: 17, Mensor), one person,This is superfluous to do its responsibilities or their work


4. Almond meals and drinks, judge 5:23), a stressful and unfortunate lifestyle (Rut 1:20), lack of forgiveness and hostility (2. Samuel 2:26), great suffering (2nd kings 14:26) sound tasting = oneMemory, a memory, a relationship or situation that has a pleasant and painful dump baspect = nonsense, a wrong statement (Job 15: 2, MSG)) Pan = Jesus (John 6:35), The Present of God (Exodus 25: 30), Tears (Psalm 80: 5), Lizza (proverbs 31:27), adversities (Isaiah 30:20), basic needs of life (Matthew 6:11), The Word of God (Lukas 4: 3-4) butter = non-Jewish wordsthat are not defined (Psalm 55: 21), Arosos (proverbs 30:33), in favor of the Lord (Job 29: 5) cake = a gift or offer to the Lord (Exodus 29: 23) or a false God (Jeremiah7: 18), one task is easy to do, a celebration or occasionally on cerceal = see 'Körner' under coffee = a call for waking up, dependency cookies= a person (an intelligent biscuit, a hard biscuit, a cunning biscuit etc.) Creme = better or better decisive defeat, the elite, the elite, the elite, the elite, the elite

113 ovo = potential of born new things, such as a ministry or a company, a new initial fruit = great increase (Genesis 28: 3), children (5th Moses 30: 9), justice that comes through a relationship with Jesus (Philipper 1: 11), The fruit of life in the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, kindness, loyalty, quality and self-control (Galatians 5: 22-23, NIV), the consequences of our actions, goodBad (Colosser 1:10, Ephesian 5:11), praise (Hebrew 13:15), temptation (Genesis 3: 1-6), wisdom (Genesis 3: 1-6), Eternal Life and Healing (Revelation 22: 1-2) Mature fruits that shortly before the divine punishment (Amós 8: 1-2, NLT), spiritual maturity (Lucas 8:14, AMP)!


Apple = God's people, the laws of God (proverbs 7: 2), speak "the right word at the right time" (proverbs 25:11, msg), passion (song by Salomon 2: 5), Big Apple - Emblem New Date of theCity of York = the good fruit of the fair (Solomon song 7: 7, nlt) Fig = healing (2 kings 20: 7), plenty of disposition (1 chronicle 12: 39-40), Israel (Jeremiah 24: 1- 23), Joy and beauty (Solomon song 4: 3)

Knoblauch = the joys of the world (numbers 11: 5)

114 grains (including rice, corn, barley, oatmeal etc.) = people (Genesis 37: 6-8), plenty of God (Genesis 27:28), an offer to the Lord (1st kings 8:64).Israel (Hosea 14: 7), the invisible work of the Lord to fulfill his purposes (Markus 4: 26-29), Time and Patience for Harvest (Santia 5: 7) Mel = The Word of God (Hesekiel 3: 3), The misleading and attractive words of an adult (proverbs 5: 3), pleasant words that promote and accumulate (proverbs 16:24), plenty of God (Jeremiah 32:22), a juice of the beloved man = vitality or strength (Strength (Jeremiah 32:22), a juice of the beloved person (vitality or strength in, evil entertainment, gossip (proverbs 18: 8, msg), pleasure lunch = dirty or profane (leviticus 10: 8-10), violence 20: 1-3), drunk and confusion (Isaiah 28: 7)), Espiritual Stupor (Isaiah 29: 9, AMP) Marshmallow = Useae Easy, a shy person Matzo (yeast without Jesus) = Life without sin Jesus (Matthew 26:26), Sincerity and Truth (1 Corinthians 5: 6-8 NIV) Meat = Völlerei (proverbs 23:20), secular enjoyment (Isaiah 22:13), Biblical Teaching, Dhe can only be understood by the mature believer (Hebrew 5:12) Milk = the basic teachings of the Christian faith (Hebrew 5: 12)), plenty of blessings of God (Joel 3: 18) Walnuss = a difficult problem, an excessive jealous or fanatic person, a stupid person, a stubborn person

115 Open a nut: solve a difficult problem, move from the "hard" person to an oil to corn = fast, quick, suddenly, suddenly pumpkin and spontaneous = witchcraft, hidden, harvest rice = a marriage, including grains of lazy food= false teaching, wrong teaching, order and rebel (2comications 13: 5: 5), The Church (Matthew 5:13), power cleaner of God (2nd kings 2:20, the amplifier) The devastation of the evil and rebels (Jeremiah 48: 9) Spices = spices = prayer (apocalypse 5: 8), Salbian agrio tasting = judgments, judgments and meetings that are written in the Word of God (Apocalypse 10: 9-10), the consequences of LIOB 20: 11-15, Jeremiah 31:29), Something unpleasant paral bread that is accidentally won is sweet for a man, but his mouth will be full of gravel (proverbs

116 20:17, NKJV), The sweet taste of the Word of God (Psalm 119: 103), good community (Psalm 55:14), the desire for the soul was fulfilled sweet (sayings 13:19, NIV).Wisdom (proverbs24: 14), sleep for tired (preacher 5:12), the sweetness of the presence of God (Solomos song 2: 3) Taffy = the man who extends to new levels on new levels vinegar, a grumpy person,A bitterness, a bad person, a lazy person (proverbs 10:26) Water = the Word of God (Ephesians 5:26), The Holy Spirit (John 7:38), cleaning of sin (Hebrew 10: 22), baptismof water that symbolizes the death of sinful nature and the new life in the spirit (Matthew 3:11), distress (Isaiah 30:20) drinking water - refreshing of the mind or word, good news of water cooling when you are thirsty (thirstProverbs 25:25, CEV) Wine = the blood of Jesus (1 Corinthians 10:16), errors (Genesis 9:21), the anger of God, which went into the judgment against the Uninterbrude.Maissity of the time of time wrong religious system (Apocalypse 17: 1-3), celebration (John 2: 1-11), new movement of the Holy GEISTES ((Mark 2:22)), the new covenant in Cristovinho Velho-Tradition, old religious forms, a past movement of the Holy Spirit (Lukas 5: 38-39), the old covenant, which on the law of yeast of the MosesOr yeast is based, and proud (proud 1 Corinther 5: 6), hypocrisy (Lukas 12: 1), sin and evil (1.Corinther 5: 8)


V. autumn times and seasons = = harvest time of a harvest (financial loss, etc.), the end of a refreshing summer season and the transition to a season of the judgment Dawn = justice (Psalm 37: 6), the path of uncompromising and fair (sayings 4: 18, amp), the light of God that flows through the church (Isaiah 58: 8), a large and mighty army (Joel 2: 2), the end of a dark station and the end of a dark station The process against the darkStation and difficulty, the beginning of something new, a sudden revelation, a fair ruler (2 Samuel 23: 3-4, nlt) Japan is known as La Tierra del Sol.See also the dawn of the sun or twilight = a sign that an experimental time and difficulty is tight, after the success of the success report = the lost one that enters the kingdom of God (Matthew 9: 35-38), the end of the world(Matthew 13: 38-40), The spill of the endof the anger of God over evil (Apocalypse 14: 15-20), the resurrection of the dead of all true believers in Jesus in Jesus in (1.Corinther 15:20), a time with great financially, the consequences of decomposition and death will harvest those who live to please the spirit Lord (Galatians 6: 9), justice and peace, which is the result of the discipline ofLord's Lobling (Hebrew 12: 10-12)

118 morning = a time of joy (Psalm 30: 5), an expectant prayer time (Psalm 5: 3, Psalm 88:13), a time of praise and worship (psalm 59:16), wait and wish the Lord (((((((((((((((((((() ((11) 11) psalm 88:13) night = a time of sadness and crying (psalm 30: 5), a desperate prayer time (psalm 77: 2), Salomon -Song 3: 8), drunkenness and a spiritual dream state (1st Thessalonicher 5: 7), see also the midday of darkness = justice (proverbs 16:15, Psalm 37: 6), which highlighted the most in someone's life, clear directionand revelation, a season with intermediate points = a period of time during the time during the time during God treated with a person, a church or a service in a certain way.and run through the test season (Santia 1: 3, NKJV), for everything that is a season for all destinations under heaven (preacher 3): 1-8,KJV), God has set times to deal with a region, a nation or even the world.The Born-Obtbert experience, the end of a judgment season 2: 11, 12), a time of time for the war (2.Samuel 11: 1) Summer = rest, refreshing time, a favor of god, a power loss (Psalm 32: 4), a time for collecting and business (Psalm32: 4, proverbs 10: 5), The moment of return to Jesus (Lukas21:30) Winter = a season of the court and the tribulation, lack of fruit, a cold state on the Christian walk, sterility


It is clear to me that the celebrations of some of these holidays have pagan roots, but I am closer to this in the category of imaginary creatures or beings.(Romans 5:11), the future judgment (Revelation 20: 11-12), Pentecost of the reverse, repentance, repentance, party design or Shavuot = unloading of the Holy Spirit (Apostle history 2), the beginning of the harvest time (Exodus 34: 21-22) Easter = power of the resurrection of God, a new beginning in the Lordfest of the Tabernacles o Success = Success = God The ninth lives through his people (Leviticus 23: 39-43), thanks God for his abundant blessings, celebration of the fienization of the trumpet orRosh Hashaná = The Return of Jesus for his church (1 Thessalonicher 4: 16), a call to call to freezing free season = a favor and refreshing time on July 4th = freedom and freedom (Galatians 5: 1, NKJV) Halloween= Witchcraft, HeidaniSMUS, Satanian adoration of Hanukka = the redemption of a life to the Lord to the Lord (John 10: 22) The miraculous disposition of the Lord, the Herrtoder they distribute our enemies Menora - Jesus as the light of the world for his people

120 anniversary = debt and captivity (Leviticus 25), redemption, New Year the Jesus Cruz on the American Rett over the entire earth of the enemy (Esther 9:24) Saturday = Jesus as our eternal calm of dead works (Hebrew 4: 6-11), a rest period on Valentine's Day = love, Thanksgiving romance = thanks to God for his care and his care and his commission and blessings (1 chronicle 16: 8)


(Video) 30 SUPER COMMON phrasal verbs | You can use them every day!

VI.CORES and Numbers *Note: None of the colors listed below refers to the skin color as an indication of a certain breed. All people in the eyes of God are equally precious).Proverbs (proverbs 7: 9), grief (Jeremiah 4: 27-29) The Ocult (Black Magic), Blue Financial Alucral = Apocalypse (2 Corinthians 12: 1) Sadness (Die Blues), Heavenly Authority or Hesekiel (Hesekiel 23:6).-13) Esmeralda = see Gemtons Gold = see gray metals = engagement, gray hair = prosperity (proverbs 11:28), life (work 39: 8), 'forward' (with green = please (genesis 37: 3, kjv)Orange = danger, warning, fire of God, passion

122 Lila = Jesus as king and ruler (apocalypse 1: 5), royal bids (judge 8:26), prosperity (sayings 31:22) red = the blood of Jesus: forgiveness, freedom, victims (Ephesians 2:13), Guerae,Guerae blood pollution (apocalypse 6: 4), passion, anger, stop! (Red light), financial loss, scarlet color of republicans, crimson = sin (Isaiah 1:18) Silver = see metal turquoise = see white gemons = purity andInnocence of justice, angel (Acts 1:10)


3: 4),

Yellow = fame, fear, hope, reduction in speed and are careful (as if a traffic light is yellow).

Numbers *using the principles of biblical numerology, it is possible to attribute a symbolic meaning to many more figures that I have listed here. However, I don't feel enough with this process to use it. I prefer the meaningsto maintain that can be recognized in writings or everyday life.

123 Four = the earth; for example, there are four winds, four stations, four corners of the earth (revelation 7: 1), all over the world, five = grace and strength of God (Leviticus 26: 8), the five -time service (Ephesian 4: 10-12) Six = six = the number of people (created on the sixth day) seven = integrity or perfection (Genesis 2: 2) eight = new beginning (1. Peter 3:20) nine = the Holy Spirit: NineFruit of the mind (ghost 5: 22.23), nine charismatic spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12: 4-11). Daniel 1: 12-15, Genesis 31: 7), Law and Divine Order of God (Exodus 34: 28) Once = incomplete, under God's perfect plan (Lukas 24: 9, 1 Chronicles 11: 1) twelve = government and leadership (numbers 17: 2, apostle history 6: 2), Israel (1st kings 18:31)= Rebellion (Genesis 14: 4, Israel also rebelled 13 times in the desert), superstition, number of colonies original American fourth death Jesus, our redeeming EMA Cruz; The lamb of God (sacks (Exodus 12: 1-6, Numeri 29: 12-14) sixteen = love (there are 16 love features in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8) Eighteen = suffering and slavery (judge 10: 8, Lucas 13:11, Jeremiah 52: 27, 29, judge 3:14)

124 Twenty = a big attempt that comes to an end from the Lord's hand (Genesis 31:38, Richter 4: 1-3, 1 Samuel 7: 1-3) twenty-four = perfection in the government (apocalypse 4: 40: 40) and six = number of nations that are members of NATO thirty = process for the ministry (Numeri 4:47, 2 Samuel 5: 4, Lucas 3:23) forty = experiment (Genesis 7: 4, Numbers 14: 34,Judge 13: 1), Test (Deuteronomy 8: 2, Matthew 4: 1-2) fifty-five = number of nations that have a mainly Muslim population a hundred = complete reward of the Lord (Mark10: 30, Genesis, Genesis 26:12)- dois = number of member states in the ninety -independent nations in the world




Six hundred sixty -six = Antichrist (apocalypse 13:18) of one thousand = warrior in battle (1 Samuel 29: 2, Joshua 23:10, numbers 31: 5)


Meanings of the name *often understand more frequent meanings

The name of a person is important in a dream.

Aaron = sublime, light light Abraham = father of an abigail amount or gail = my father was happy to us.Amy = Amado Angel or Angela or Angelina = an angel or envoy Anthony = Ariel of the value of God = Leon God, which is used as a name for Jerusalem (Isaiah 29: 1)

126 AV = like a barbara bird = Beatriz Beatrice = Voyager Belinda = beautiful snake Bernice = one brings the strength Brian or Bridget = Brittany Brittany strength = from England Buffy = God's promise Caleb = brave or brave Cassandra = Sourization to Mann Charleuu Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlene, Carlae ,, Carlene or Karl = Stark Catalina, Katrina or Kayla or Karen = pure Christians or Christine or Kirsten =anhalt or Christopher Christopher = Christ Claudia or Claudia = Likusrichter David = well loved

127 Dora = Edward or Eduardo gift = blessed guard Edwin = blessing or rica elizabeth o ° fruit = star ethan = festival or festival Eva, Evelyn, Evit = Leben Felix or Felicia = Glück Gabriel or Gabrielle = god champion gloria glory = heroHero Hero hero.Hanna or Anna = favor or grace henryta or enrique = dacasa hilda ruler = wife = warrior hillary = happy

128 Inez = pure Irene or Irena = paz iris = arciris isaiah = redemption of Jehovah isabella = god jeremy or jeremiah = from god jacob or jaceline or jacqueline or jackie jackie = Godline = Godline = Godline = Godline.Jocelyn = Happy Juan or Juan or Juana or Jane or Giovanni or Joanna or Ann = the Lord is elegant Jonathan = Don of God Jordan = the descendant or offspring Jose or Joseph = God increases Joshua = Lord is Juda Salvation.

129 Kelly = Warrior Kenneth = appeared from Fire Lakeisha = favorite -latia = Laura;Margarita or Margot or Peggy = Pearl Mark or Martina = Maria or Mariaou Marian = Bitterer Matthew = Green God Megan = Great Michael or Michelle or Michelle or Michelle Michelle or Mitchell = who is like you? Monica = consultant

130 Nancy = full of free naomi = beautiful or my joy Natalie or Natasha = the birthday of Mr. Nathaniel = God Nil = Nicholas Champion or Nicole = People of People Noah = Comfort or Rest = Assistant by Patricia or Patricia = Edler Paulus, Pablo or Paula = small raphael = God healed Raymond = consultant, protector Rebecca or Becky = fascinating, an arch by Richard or Ricardo = dominant ruler Robert or Robert = Royalty Samuel or Samantha = Savior of the ear

131 Sarah or Sally = Princess Saul = application of Sean or Shawn or Shauna = God is elegant = calm or calm Seth = Shaquille = beautiful sofia = stacie wisdom = resurrection or steven fruits or stephen or stephanie = crown susan or suzanne = = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Lilly tammy orTamara = Palm Tree Theodore or Dorothy = God's gift Theresa, tracy or teri = to harvest or harvest, tiffany = appearance of God Timothy = Ehre God all = fox veronica = true picture Victory or Victory William or Guillermo = certain Sugardian Zachary= She remembers


VIII.MENSCHEN *Of course, each of the people listed below can be literally brought into a dream. For example, if you dream of your mother, the dream can literally speak of her mother. A terrorist could mean a real terrorist attack if I write this dictionaryto show only symbolic meanings .. from our brothers is overthrown, who accused them of God all day and the night.changes quickly via a question to adapt to the circumstances, adapt to the actors = a hypocrite or authorized (Lukas 6:42, AMP), a lawyer from the drama ministry = who judges and punishes theThe perpetrator. Is my right, Jesus Christ, the righteous: (1. John 2: 1, KJV) Air traffic control = ambassador of the Holy Spirit = a Christian as VeRTRETER Christi on earth (2.Corinthians 5: 19-21) ancestor = a curse or a family blessing (Exodus 20: 5-6), generation sin standards (2 chronicles 30: 7), spiritual heir and inheritance (psalm 45: 16-17)

134 Archer (bow and arrow) = the devil or a demon that starts an attack (Ephesian 6:16), the Lord who pours the judgment on the evil (2 Samuel 22: 14-16), the Lord fights inName of his people (2 Samuel 22: 7-16), victory and liberation (2nd kings 13: 16-17), the evil that attacks the just (psalm 11: 1-3), the reference of the Lord (psalm38: 1-2, msg), gossip and defamation (Psalm 64: 2-4, proverbs 25:18, NLT), The hidden architect (as an astrological sign) = God as designer and creator (Hebrew 11: 9-10,Niv), wisdom (proverbs 8: 29-31, nlt) athlet = competition, a rejected Christian, sinful pleasure to live his god completely, gives fate (1 Corinther 9: 24-26) athletes in a sportsman sport, oneFamily work, a family, a family work, family work, family work, a family job.Iligen (sanctified) who were in front of us and twisted from the sky (Hebrew 12: 1), a community that experiences adoration or other service as an action instead of entering themselves, a sign that a preacher is a sign of this, teacher, Provider leader, etc., is more with the pleasant man than with the pleasant god (Galatian 1:10) aunt = a church or a different service than the dream or the topic of sleep a member of a positive church has been wrong and concerned positively positive negativeProperties of the author of the aunt of a person = Jesus as: the author of life (apostle history 3:15, NIV), the author of eternal salvation (apostle history 16: 1, amp), author and author and peace conveyor (2.Corinther 13:11, AMP), the author and the perfect faith (Hebrew 12: 2, NIV) and the author of God's creation (Apocalypse 3:14, AMP) Automobile mechanics = someone who is used to help 'Repair orservice

135 Baby = a new ministry that was born (or will be), which is still in the early stages, a new creditor (1 Peter 2: 2), an immature creditor (1 Corinthians 3: 1-3, Hebrews5: 12 - 14), smithy dependence = the work of the enemy in the creation of weapons that are used against the people of God (Isaiah 54: 16-17) Bodiista = The Lord (Psalm 34:20, Mensor), an angel(Psalm 91:11) Friend = something that occupies the place in Jesus in the life of a person, positive or negative real properties of the friend of a male Christian (Philemon 1:16), real or negative qualities of someone's brother or sister = a falschristiano,A Christian legalist, a Christ who belongs to another church or denomination, positive or negative real properties of the brother or wedge building = God (Hebrew 3: 3-4), an apostle (1 Corinther 3: 9-11), oneChrist (1 Corinthians 3: 13, nlt) Carpenter = Jesus (Mark 6: 3), a kingdom builder; either the famousit God or man = someone who acts briefly or to maintain the praise and attention of man (Matthew 6: 1618, MSG), a sign that there will be the opportunity to serve the people of influence,A signal that the Ministry of Subjunic Sleep becomes according to La Vanguardia, Idolatry Champion = O Lord, who is the winner (Genesis 49:24, MSG), an angel (Job 33:23, MSG, Daniel 12: 1, MSG), a victorious son of God

136 child = immature in thoughts, language and actions (1 Corinthians 13:11), a Christian (Galatians 4: 7), a non-Christian (1 John 3: 9-11), Jesus (Apocalypse 12: 5), one, a Christ with simple trust in childhood (Matthew 18: 3, Matthew 11:25), innocence, the dreamer as a child, the inner child of the dreamer, an adopted child (Romans 8: 14-16), a ministry,The Dreamer or the theme of the dreamer were not born, but took the front of the coach = the Holy Spirit, a shepherd, a church leader, a ministerial leader, a commander of the main discipline = Jesus as the lord of the hosts (Armegelgel) (1 Samuel 15:2) Driver (musical) = the Holy Spirit, an worship leader, pastor or leading consultant = the Holy Spirit (John 14:26), laws and principles of God (Psalm 119: 23-20) Cook = a pastor or teacher works in thePreparation of lessons, sermons, written works that break the Holy Writings so that people are verdatedAuen can (see meat) cowboy = an unclear person, the unacceptable risks, an independent S, an adventurer, an emblem of the positive or negative qualities of the US companies, Jesus as our co-laboratory-distant (2.Corinthians 6: 1) Artisan =, the sky is the glory of God. Heaven shows its business (Psalm 19: 1, nlt)

137 deep mar dive = a Christian who is looking for God's deep things (1 Corinthians 2: 9-11, NVI), who in mines to people who go through great difficulties, Dispatcher = God; while sending angels in the task(Psalm 78: 49, NLT, Matthew 24: 30-31, MSG), God; while he sent his people to the task (Exodus 4: 19-21) District Prosecutor = Satan; The public prosecutor of the brothers (Zecarias 3: 1-3), a legalistic Christian (Galatians 3: 1-3) Doctor = Jesus as a healer (Lukas 5: 30-32), a Christian with a healing of drug dealers = Satan as Satan Tentador (1thesalons 3: 4-5), oneSinner (Ephesians 2: 3), witchcraft, show drugs (illegal)

Enemy = Satan and his demons (1 Petrus 5: 8), death (1 Corinthians 15:26), their adulterers, do not know that friendship with the world is hatred for God?to be friends of the world? Will an enemy be god. In sin or discoverer of the earlier dependency = I dedicate the attempt to understand and explore everything that is done under heaven. New kingdoms of the Holy Spirit, while he discovers and destroys the hidden work of the enemy, and right away

138 Family = the Church as the trade fair of faith (Galatians 6: 9-10) Bauer = see Aposition and Harvester Father = God the Father, a true spiritual mentor (1 Corinthians 4:15), the devil bad (Johannes 8:44)), real positive or negative properties of the father of the father of the father -i = guide = guide the fire of the Holy Spirit, propro -drobrobative prophetic expressions (1st Thessalonicher 5: 1), Christians whose belief in the middle of the struggleSchild appears to the passionate arrows of the enemy (Ephesian 6:16) born = born = born = born = born = born = born = born the passionate arrows of the enemy (Epheser 6:16) born = born = bornborn = born = = special blessing from the father (genesis 27: 4, amp), inheritance of the double share (Deuteronomy 21:17), birthright (Genesis 25: 31-33) Jesús: He is the invisible god, the firstborn overThe entire creation. (Colosser 1:15, NIV)Fischer = evangelist, winner of the soul, extension worker (Matthew 4: 18-19) You made men and fish in the sea as sailor creatures that have no ruler.In his drag network. He is happy and happy and is happy (Habakkuk 1: 14-16, NIV) of fraud or fraud or fraud, medium, mentally, medical or spiritual = a false prophet (Isaiah 44:25,Amplifier), witchcraft and hidden (Deuteronomy 18: 9 - 11) Freund = an obedient Christian as a friend of Jesus (John 15: 14-15), a fleshy person as a friend of the world (James

139 4: 4), Jesus, positive or negative real properties of the specific friend = God the Father (John 15: 1), a service that helps people to grow in the giant Mr. = a great intimidating obstacle (numbers 13: 33, Amp), conclusion = the one that was tested by the Lord and found faithful a new level of spiritual maturity (1 Corinther 2: 6, AMP) Grandfather = generation blessing (psalm 112: 1-2), generation, positive or realProperties of the grandfather of the leader = of the Holy Spirit (John 16: 12-14), Jesus (Matthew 4:19, AMP), The Word of God (Psalm 119: 98, NLT), The Light Everidad of the Lord (Psalm 43: 3, nlt), a psalm leader (Psalm 78:72), the wise teachings of a father (proverbs 6: 2022), wisdom (preacher 7:23, NLT), Galater 5:18, AMP), a shepherd (Tito2: 1-3, msg), a teacher, a blind guide advisor, a leader or leader who has no spiritual vision (Matthew 15: 12-14) or collector = angel (Matthew 13: 38-40, niv), evangelists and those who reach the lost (Matthew reach 9: 35-38): “Those who only live to satisfy their own sinful wishes will harvest the consequences of decomposition and death, but those whoLife to please the spirit 8: 16-18), Israel (Acts 3:25) husband = Jesus as our heavenly friend (John 3:29), something that is metaphorically the dreamer

140 "married", as a job or as a hobby, positive or negative real properties of the impressive husband = a false Christian (2 Timothy 3: 12-13), the devil, who was disguised as Ángel de la Luz (2 Corinthians 11: 14) Intruder = someone who interferes and mingles in the life of other intruders and is something intrusive like someone who interrupts private times with them, a sinful or tempting illness, sinful thoughts about the driver or horse who rides someone =someone = someone who is, is based on human and divine strength, see judge of horses = God the Father (John 8:50), a person of the court (Romans 2: 1), a mediator (1 Corinthians 6:1-4) King) = Jesus (Apocalypse 19:16), Antichrist or Satan (Apocalypse 17: 10-12), which he loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood and to his god and father kings andPriest made (Apocalypse 1: 5 - 6) Knight = the Lord who his people rettet (2.Samuel 22: 2, msg), Angel- (Lukas 2:13, AMP) Cabar Balero or Demonic owner = God the Father (Matthew 21: 33-42) lawyer = Jesus, our lawyer (1 John 2: 1-2), a legalistic Christian (Acts 21: 19-21), The Life of a Lawyer = Lawyer = the Lord, an angel (Psalm 91: 10-12) Magic = a magician or charming), the anti-Christian spirit)

141 (2nd Thessalonich 2: 8-10), a fraudster who delivers illusions (Isaiah 30: 9-11, AMP), see Magic Master = Money (Matthew 6:24), Jesus (Matthew 9: 10-12 KJV), Sne add (1 Corinthians 6:12), Satan to those who do not serve the Lord (Colosser 1:13) Matchmaker = The Holy Spirit in his role, to bring people to Jesus, the heavenly friend, a merchantThe winner of the soul = Jesus: Once again the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant who is looking for thin pearls. As he found a great value, he went and sold everything he had and bought (Matthew 13: 45-48, Niv) Messenger = Anngel (Daniel 4: 13), a prophet (Haggai 1:13, 2 Chronicles36: 16), a priest (Malachi 2: 7), Jesus (Malachi 3: 1), a demon concerned from Satan (2 Corinthians 12: 7) Measured gospel (Romans 11:31, AMP) measured = a person who puts the Lord into the life of a dreamer or a dream to get the service or a different purpose of lifeErn, a projected service to help people in the birth of God of God in the life of God in the life of his people milk = someone who teaches or transforms new disciples in Christ (Hebrew 5:13) Mother = the Church in which an oo dreamerOr the subject of sleep or by the Lord, Origin Ororige, a spiritual mother (about the Lord, Tito 2: 3-5), positive or negative real characteristics of the mother of the mother = a renegade church, one legista, anotherChurch to which they go, positive or negative real characteristics of a person's father

142 Berge = a proud person (2nd kings 19:23, nvi), who can climb the mountain of the Lord? Who can stay in his holy place? Only those whose hands and heart are pure, the idols do not love and never loveLies count. They will receive the blessing of the Lord and have a correct relationship with God with their savior. This person can search for and worship in their presence, oh god von Jacob. (Psalm 24: 3-5, nlt), a person,who tries to overcome an obstacle killer.- Pray the only true God (1 chronic 15: 27) or false gods or secular idols like me, sinful pleasure, money, etc. (Exodus 32:18), joy (1 Samuel 18: 6), the joy ofLord and the love for his people (Zephanies 3:17), celebration (1st kings 1: 40-42) criminal (1 Samuel 16: 23), prophecy (2nd kings 3: 14-16), Pleasure World (Amós6: 4-6).The dreamer, positive or negative real properties of niece or partner of nephew = that steals his father or mother and says: "It is not bad": He is a partner for whom he destroys (proverbs 28:24, NIV), God will do that. Because he is faithful to do what he says and invited him to connect with his son Jesus Christ, our Lord. (1 Corinther 1: 9, nlt)

143 photographer = see photography pioneer = a missionary of a group of untried people (Romans 15: 17-21, MSG), a precursor ministry, pioneer fathers and mothers of our Christian faith in front of us (Hebrews 12: 1-3, msg) pilot or captain = theLord, a shepherd, a church or leader of the Ministry of Pirate or loot = the devil or a demon (John 8:44), evil leader in the House of Lord (Hosea 6: 8-10, NIV), a predator (Isaiah 33:21) Plantator or SWer = an evangelist or a Christian who shares his faith (Matthew 13: 18-19), a cause of problems that "sow distrust and distrust in the minds of the people" ((actions (Acts 14: 2, Msg), someone who gives the financial work of the Lord (2 Corinther 9: 6), the enemy while he put false Christians in the church (Matthew 13: 38-40), someone who served the people of the peopleGod as a teacher (1 Corinthians 9:11), who performs good works in the Lord, the predecessors of peaceS (Santiaphil 3:18) plumber = the Holy Spirit, while the drains are detained, through which the repentance and cleanliness of the sin flow, see also water and police shower = authority, the Lord, protection, protection against the enemy, an angel,Transport instructions for life or political service Jeremiah 18: 1-10, Romans 9: 20-21)

144 pregnant woman (or in some dreams a man) = a sign that a service or the purposes of God are about to be born: "Whoever is pregnant, pregnant with evil and receive problems to give birth to disappointments"(Psalm 7: 14, NIV), “Lust is pregnant and has a baby: sin! Sin grows until adulthood and becomes a real murderer.“(James 1: 13-15), Israel (Apocalypse 12: 1-2), also see Prince of the Birth = Jesus as the prince of peace (Isaiah (Isaiah 9: 6).), Satan as Prince of this World (John 12: 30-32), a male Christian as the son of the princess of the king = a Christian as the son of the director of the king = the Lord, pastor or leader, director of a prisoner of the Ministry of Education = a relentless person (Matthew 18: 21-35),Someone who is connected by sin (Romans 7:23, NVI), a non -Christian (Galatian 3:22), a Christian as a servant of the will to Jesus Christ (2nd Timothy 1: 8), but explain the sacred writingsThat the world explains that it is a sinner, so that the promised that is delivered by the belief in Jesus Christ, which can give that can give those who give those who give those who give those who give themgive those who give those who give those who give those who give those who dthey give those who give those who give those who give those who give those who give those who give those who can give those who can give those who think that this belief came, we were legally arrested and blocked,Until the faith was revealed (Galatians 3: 22-23, NIV) prison attendants = Satan and their demons, the people in slavery, a legalistic leader or a falsification of the church (Galater2: 4), sin and dependency (Galatians 3: 22) Prostitute = idol (Exodus 34: 152, Chronicles 21:11), someone who is hidden or instead of God (Leviticus 20: 6), the student who controls with his wishes (Leviticus 20: 6)(Pay 15: 38-40) of his wishes, the wrong renegade church (apocalypse 17) Psychologist = the Lord who works in our hearts and thoughts in interior healing

145 Marionhist = Satan, while controlling the life of evil, a very controlling or manipulative person, a nation that a less powerful nation under their control (Isaiah 7: 4-6), Feldmarschall Reina's team leader = Israel (Lamentation 1: 1), the church as bride of Christ, the king (Psalm 45: 9) Queen of Heaven - idolism and paganism (Jeremiah 44:25) Rebell = the careless, rebellious and rebellious unbelievers that God's goals (Epheser 2: 2, amp)Registration or registration registration = an relentless person who maintains a recording of errors (1 Corinthians 13: 5), a person who has a diary of the prayer, dreams, certificates, etc.Zacharias 3: 1-3) Referee or referee = the Holy Spirit like the one who warns us (judge ourselves) when we break ores (we are disobedient), the holy of the spirit is the last authority, DHe Lord as the one who punishes the sophisticated sin of the metals while we clean and clean our lives of sin (Malachi 3: 2-4, 1 Peter 1: 7) Rescue = the Lord who saves us from our enemies (Lukas 1: 74, 2 Timotheus 4: 18), Jesus, our Alvador (Colosser 1:13), God who saves us from our problems (2.Timotheus 3: 10-11, 2. Peter 2: 9), a Christian who is connected with it, he is master to lose the losses into children

146 servo = Jesus (Matthew 12:18), a modest and obedient Christian (Matthew 20: 20-26), an angel (apocalypse 19: 9-10), someone who has financial debts (proverbs 22: 7) Pastor = Jesus(Jesus (Jesus () (Jesus (Jesus) (apocalypse 19: 9-10). John 10:11) A shepherd or superintendent of a church or a service (act -christin (1st Corinther 9: 5), wisdom (proverbs7: 4), Positive or negative real properties of the slave of the sister = a Christian who is obedient to God (Romans 6:22, Ephesians 6: 6), a sinner as a slave of Temer (Romans 8: 15-16)Sin and corruption (2. Pedro 2:19 nlt) or money (Matthew 6:24), a legalistic Christian (Galatians 2: 4) Soldier = an angel or an demon; depending on whether it is well or badChristian in the spiritual war (Ephesians 6: 10-18) involved, someone who suffers from suffering and difficulties for the Lord (2 Timothy 2: 3), son or daughter = a service he suffers, the T.Space or at birth, a son of God (Romans 8:21), positive or negative real characteristics of a son or daughter, a spiritual son or a spiritual daughter (1.Timothy 1: 2, 2 Timothy 1: 2, Tito 1: 4) Spy = a wrong Christian (Galatians 2: 4), who can attach the plans of the enemy (2nd kings 6: 8-12), the double assistant of the church, who lives in a compromise veter (Isaiah 17: 4, NLT), illness and war (Hesekiel 5:17, NLT), The Devil (1st Peter 5: 8), a student demon = a Christian (Matthew 10: 23-25), someone who goes through A, a season of the tests of the Lord (Jakobus 1: 2-4)

147 surgeon = the Holy Spirit during healing in our physical body or in our emotions, the work of the Holy Spirit to eliminate the sin of our life, the scalpel: The Word of God (Hebrew 4:12, MSG) table of operations -A spiritual position for submission to the work of the Lord, while he opens a harmful sin, false attitudes and emotional luggage swimmers Bär = childhood, liquid, someone who seems difficult, but very friendly, a bad situation that is very terrorist= Fear and fear will be (Job 15:24, NVI), a spirit of demonic fear (2 Timothy 1: 7).DOMEDORA (Deuteronomy 28:67), diseases and diseases (Deuteronomy 28:60, MSG), Angula and Angula (work 15:24), someone who speaks the "voice of the enemy" through a gossip or a defamation (psalmo55: 3- 4) The devil (Psalm 55: 3-4), a demon, the perverse and unfair (sayings 22: 8, nlt) thief = the enemy (John 10:10), an unexpected unexpected event and an event (1.Thessalonicher 5: 4), an activity that steals our time with the tutor of God = disciplinary in belief, so that the law was the law our tutor, who brought us to Christ so that we can be justified by faith (Galater 3:24, nkjv), a mentor in twins sins and rebellions = fruit, double salvation, tyrants or dictator of the anointing of the multiplication = a guide perverse or ruler (Isaiah 14: 5, amp), demonic powers (Kolossian 2:15, msg), a very controlling person who leads through intimidation and control

148 uncle = a mentor outside of his own church or his service, a god, false pastor or teacher, positive or negative real characteristics of an uncle of another uncle or unknown uncle = the Holy Spirit, an angel, Satan, a demon thatNew spirit in what the average believer is raised "without names" to run in supernatural and invisible or unknown women 7: 6-27), justice, the vagabundkirche = an irresponsible person without meaning for purpose or direction, a belly drilling of the church tap= A demonic spirit that speaks bad words, such as defamation or gossip through lazy people, submits to their control and the tongue is a flame of the fire. It is a whole world of evil that cancel its entire body.Charge because it is in flames for hell (Santia 3: 6, MSG), a liars that through the mouth of a wrong statement (2 chronicles 18: 21) Jungfrau = a new born by newly born Matthew 25: 1-13), Israel (Amós 5: 2, Jeremiah 31:21) VISIONAR = an anointing by Vidar (Deuteronomy 13: 1, msg)Kellner = a teacher (someone who serves 'spiritual food'), a servant (matt.23: 11) Watchman = someone who recognizes the enemy and warns the people of God (Hesekiel 33: 6), a prophet that God does thePeople warn of his sin to bring them to repentance (Hesekiel 33: 7-9), a pastor or leader who is responsible for seeing the people of God (Isaiah 56: 10-11, nlt)


Meteorological inks = a prophet that pffates God's times and stations of the essays and test buildings in our lives (James1: 3-4) and discovered and informed dishonesty and corruption within an organization, a prophetic security guard that sees and informs and informs, andHe sees and informs the danger (Hesekiel 33: 6) woman = the body of the church (revelations (revelations 19: 7), something that the dreamer has metaphorically seen as work or a real or negative hobby of the witch = woman =A rebel (1 Samuel 15: 23), a false prophet (Isaiah 44: 25, AMP, Jeremiah 14:14, AMP), a fake miracle worker that is carried out with satanic forces (2: Thessalonich 2: 8-10)"A seducer (proverbs 7:21), a legalist teacher who leads to the people of God a gospel of works, in a place Degracia (Galatians 3: 1-3), the contract technology of Ling and Rasipulators. 21, Psalm 139: 23-24)


Clown clown artist = a stupid person, someone who keeps his true hidden and cheerful conformal feelings = a misleading person who turns the juggler of the words = someone who has a very full schedule, a manipulative spear = a scarf from gossip orSlander. = Damador = Tamer = the Lord; This frustrates the intricate attack of the enemy (Daniel 6: 1-23) Strongman = the devil or a demonic force (Matthew 12: 2829) sword slower = a Christian who the word walker of Goddevour = someone in a very precarious situation


Biblical figures * In each character of the Bible, I will only list a few properties or functions for each individual, as described in the Holy Writings. This does not intend to give a complete image of a medium.His service before the people of Abraham = man of radical faith and obedience, who is ready to sacrifice everything for the Lord.Judge 2: 4), the judgments of the Lord (2 Samuel 24:15-17)., A heavenly worshiper of the highest God (Psalm 148: 2), wars against the dark power (Daniel 10: 12-13, NLT) Anna = Prophet, she waited patiently for many to be fulfilled and was rewarded by her loyaltyBalaam = Prophet, who lived in commitment and greed, Bernabas = encouraging, Papa Yespiritual, helped to throw other people into their calls despite their earlier mistakes (Acts 9: 26-28, Acts 15: 36-40).In his own conditions, which was unacceptable for the Lord, he murdered his brother in a jealous annoyance of David = passionate worshiper, who loved the Word of God and his presence, was the mercy of God despite his great sin, a man according to God himself (Acts 13:22)

152 Daniel = Homem of Prayer, received many heavenly visits, a large character prophet that has found victory in an impossible situation, was in the gap in prayer for the sins of his generation and past generations, interpreted Deborah = female leadership dreams of the peoplePeople from the demon = spiritual being of evil who serve the devil in his work to try to avoid the people of God in all aspects (Ephesians 6: 11-13), demons can be the body, the soul and the spirit of oneHave believers (Matthew 8: 28-29), demons can cause fear and illness (Matthew 17: 14-20, Lucas 13:11), demons are the source of witchcraft, happiness and other hidden practices (apostle history 16: 16-18) Elijah = Miraculous prophecy, a man with great faith Elisha = a prophet with a double part, received his anointing and layer after a season of the modest and faithful bondage to Elijah, maGreat miracles, but remained humble and compassionate enóc = with great great with God run and intimacy, eels = intervened with the king in the name of the people who are ready to face death in order to fulfill the task of the Lord.Name it means: Godvai is strengthened when he had visions of the glory of God and the flow of God, which has discovered corruption and idols behind the scene in the Holy Temple, were transported in the spirit of Gideon.Like no other) God than powerful

153 Goliath = an enemy who did not seem definable that the people caused by God was defeated by David, who was completely confident to destroy the Jewish people of Hamán = Victoria, and at the end of the Lord he answered his request,At his request, he devoted himself to his request that he devoted himself to his son at his request that he devoted himself to his son to his son to his son, to whom the service of Lord Hoseha = his spouse was great forgiveness andMercy as a picture of the great love and mercy of God in relation to his people showed Isaiah = a great view of the throne of the throne of the throne of the throne of the throne of God Jacob = with cunning and deceptive means with God for his blessing, Jeremiah = a prophet, broken by the people of God and cried with them, his prophetic service was practically rejected, sometimes he went through, sometimes he went through, sometimes he went through the dark emotionallyE ISEBEL = extremely controlling and seductive queen used intimidation and violence. Get what you want, bring witchcraft and idolatry into the work of the people of God = adoration God I visited the sky and received great revelations, the preacher John Mark =In a mission trip in which he had left his travel companion over him, miserable failed over him "take Mark and bring them because he is useful for me" (2.Timothy 4:11, NKJV)

154 John the Baptist = Ministry of Fear, preacher of the reversal Jonah = Rebell against the call of the Lord in his life, saw a nation transformed into his service, received a second chance after the failure that Joseph (OT) = great patience in suffering, Rejected: if he promised to commit costs, the dreams had great favor with his father and King Joshua = He brought people to the country of promising, he loved sitting in the presence of God, he asked God from God. People who change at a higher level of holiness and loyalty promised that God promises dead, the friend of Jesus Jesus = much lived and was very worried by the terrible ones while these bad people lived. He was a good man and day forDay he suffered for the bad things he saw and heard. Then the Lord saved him. (2nd Peter 2: 7-8, CEV) Martha = crew, servant, distraction of Maria (mother of Jesus) = an ordinary girl thatFrom God Maria (from Bethany) = worship and deep worship Michal (David's wife) = Burlada from Davicomo he was used and danced freely from the Lord, through which God cursed her with sterile murdechai = discovered the act of the enemy, the spiritual father and mentor

155 Moses = "If a prophet of the Lord is among you, I restart myself in visions; I speak in dreams with you. But that does not apply to my servant Moses; he is faithful in my whole house. Euphale face too face, of courseAnd not in mystery; sees the shape of the Lord. (Numbers 12: 6-8, NVI), leader with great humility, he was great hunger for the presence of God, he considered the misfortune for the Christ of the beard as a greater valueWhen the treasures from Egypt, because he looked at his reward, the judge = true apostolic father, who suffered a lot for Jesus, but never complained or handed over, moved missionaries, church planters, with great power and a miraculous authority, fought and exposed theLegalism Peter = winner of the enormous effective soul, apostle against Judeuters, radically transformed when they were the Holy Spirit Samson = and Hombre of great salvation, the service of which was overwhelmed by the fleshy and repentite wishesde and widespread by God at the end of his life was widespread in the middle of a corrupt religious and government system he predicted God's judgment against Eli's corrupt priesthood, and the child Samuel continued to grow in the stature and in favor of the Lord (1.Samuel 2:26, NIV) Sarah = How through a miracle he had a child when he had a good time with age

156 Satan or Teufel = proves the people of sin (Genesis 3: 1, amplifier), the spiritual opponent and the enemy of the people of God (Job 1:12, AMP, 1. Peter 5: 8), source of disease and suffering(Job 2: 7), the father of the lies (John 8:44) they lived both in sin and in the rest of the world and the devil, the commander of the powers in the invisible world, obeyed.who works in the heart of those who refuse to obey God. (Ephesians 2: 2, NLT), accuser and defamation of the people of God (apocalypse 12:10) Saul = a guide whose desire to be praised by man under himIf he found jealousy, envy and murderous hatred, was physically impressive, but it was not thrown into the fire, but Mr. Milaculus saved his life Solomon = great belly, despite his wisdom and jealousy, the Lord, he was greed and greeddominated and the commitment had a great wealth, which in the end in the light of eternity no sInn made, a picture of Jesus, our fiance in the song Solomos Stephen = Márty, brave and courageous president Thomas = said of Jesus that: doubts stops and have belief!"(Johannes 20:27, CEV)


Lord Diener * Many times in dreams, an outstanding minister of the gospel will appear as a sleeping character. As in most elements of the dreams, these phenomena are usually symbolic. Annoying elements of his ministries. They also contained websites for further research.Many other earlier giants of faith is Godsgenerals.com; it also contains videos of real miracles made by men of the curative missionary of the 1950s. Heidi and her husband Rolland saw enormous miracles and the mighty will of God in the field of mission,Everyone who was born from intimacy with Lord Irismin.org Todd Bentley = Todd Mena frescoes of anointing.

Great passion for the unconditional love of God for his people: Ihop.org Reinhard Bonnke = mainly served in Africa, he won millions of souls through evangelistic crusades (48 million from 1995 to 2005), many miracles in their meetings in their meetings in their meetingsIn their meetings in their meetings in their meetings, their meetings when they give the dead. This will be created: cfan.org William Branham = powerful leader of the Renaissance of the healing of the 1950 Bynum = apifetisa and the prophetic singer who call up the churchTo go an increasing level of holiness and purity: juanitabynum.com mahesh chavda = a pastor, who was a former Hindu, the glory of God in his meetings and enormous milacles is wonderfully married - Maleshhavda.He has a powerful healing gift, he was completely exhausted in his pastoral service before Rod radically affected Warney Howard -Brownne Glolawakening.com Kim Clement = Prophet to the nations, ministers through the mighty prophetic music: kimclement.com jack coe =Evangelist of the 1950s, who maintain the big crus of cure, often in their meeting or through his Ministry of Radio.

159 James Dobson = teacher, author and radio personality, who defends and promotes the Christian values in our nation and promotes families, victorious in Christus Foconthefamily.com Jonathan Edwards = management of the great awakening, which was a great rebirth in America colonial of America, led the 18th century, a moderate American American became a radical lifestyle of prayer, fasting, holiness and obedience, also the founder of the cause, which as: a fundamental movement of prayer and fasting to return to justiceand justice to contest in America .- Thecouseusa.Com Maria Woodworth-Eder = within the time later, after Maria Woodworth-Eder replied to God's reputation, "going through the streets and hedges and in lost conversation with signs and miracles.1885 Without a system of public speeches became more than more thanTwenty thousand pressed to listen to their minister, while hundreds fell to the ground under the power of God. Environmentally with manifestations that change the life of the power of God.In the 19th century, fought for social justice and preaching against slavery, brought more than 100,000 souls to the Lord, of which 85% never rerped (such as gospel truth .Net/Lawsonbio.htm, people sometimes fell under sin, themselves,When he spent her on the street - Charles -Finney.com

160 Billy Graham = an evangelist who brought many thousands of crusades of mass evangelization, television and radio to the kingdom - Billygraham.org Franklin Graham = Evangelist, who leads the Samaritan exchange, who is organizing an organization of Evangelistic help with an annual budget of 264 US -Dollar is millions of US dollars 264 million US great in van Nuys California and also the founder of King's College and Seminar, Dr.hayford, has written almost 50 books, many of which teach the life of a victorious and authorized spirit in life and also manyFear songs of worship.Ministry of television and radio usually serves as a bridge in the body of Christ and collects different cultural and different currents of Gro - jackhayford.com ruthward yeast lin = their rebirth meetings were often characterized by the appearance of gold dust and jewels, which meant that the glory of heaven thatWas buried on earth, had a powerful service in Israel - Calvarycampground.org/rheflin.htm steve hill = the Renaissance of the evangelist of Brownsville, who has been seeing tens of thousands of altars for 5 years, now serves as a pastor/evangelist to also souls as a pastor/Evangelist to see. Browne = brings the church through the holy laughter when the river of God is released through its service, it was a catalysis of many movements of God

161 worldwide, although it was criticized by the self -troke critic., is mobilized, the global strategic advocate -Gerais.org TD Jakes = Shepherds A multi -racial church of Multi -Raad 30,000 in Dallas, Texas, is also a successful productive entrepreneur and writer, Pastor Jakes has several glying films from God -Tdjakes produces .org Bill.johnson = Pastor -Team and publishes the body of Christ to convert in apocalypse and supernatural power as part of everyday life: ichethel.org Bob Jones = a prophet that receives clear visions of what on earthComes, many visits to angels: Bobjonesorg Rick Joyner = to Apostolic Leader Who Had A Great Hand in the launch of the Prophetic Movement in the United States, Wrote Extensively About his many visions and Divino Cons - Tomorrow Starminisries.org John Kilpatrick - Pastore the Renaissanceof Brownsville, which followed Two years and meaning of the intensive prayer, teaches about the power of the spoken blessing, often teaches about the blessing, a holy lifeto lead - resuscitation partner.organ patricia rei = trens believers to get into God's throneaoma, sets and mobilizes the prophetic evangelization teams in order to achieve the lost - extreme emice prophetic kathryn kuhlman = evangelistic meetings in which the power of God is a great and many miraculous priestsCurrent.kathrynkuhlman.com.com

162 John G. Lake = brought Africa as a missionary through signs and miracles to Africa.According to healing rooms, his ministry in Spokane, Washington Healingrooms.com Joel Osteen, goes through more than 100,000 priests since he was quadrupled in Houston, Texas, it was quadrupled in 1999.It can be seen widely on television that has a message of love and grace of gott-joeloteen.com calce pierce = reduced the Renaissance fountain by John G. Lake in Spokane Washington and restored the Ministry of Healing, which leads to hundreds of healingHis service to equip the average believer to heal the sick rooms. Cure.comchuck pierce = is known for his exact prophetic gifts that help to understand the nations, cities, churches and individuals, to understand the times and stations,The we live to supervise the fortune teams that are earthed in tasks by the books of ten Gloria.40 Books for credit, had an enormous anointing for liberation: Derekprince.org oral roberts = pioneer of the Ministry of Cure has through his television programs, more than 120 books and crosed world the Ori, the one of the best universities at the University of Party - Orm.cc John and Paula Sanford = ministamus the inner healing and inner freedom of sin and lack of forgiveness - elijahhouse.org

163 AIMEE SEMPLE MCPHERSON = innovated the use of the arts as a means of spreading the gospel for more than 70 years than one of the first female revivists who served in the power of the Holy Spirit, the congregation of the gospel of Foursquare - www.Foursquare .org William Seymour = The main leader of the Renaissance of the Azusa Street in early 1900, who started in Los Angeles and touched the world, asked the Lord of God's strength as opponents they had.“Author, through his television and radio ministries that the teachings of Dr.Ctoriosa: jasonupton.net/com rick warn = he wrote the book that is based on life that is best in the American history of the American history historyIn California, which are 22,000 participants for Sunday and 300 parishes on average, it is deeply involved in helping the poor, both at the local level, a world of the proposal from Vorlag.com John Wesley = sermon England of 18

164 He closed the door to his biblical message, Wesley and his followers were often persecuted and attacked by the masses.net Smith wiggelsworth = in the first half of the 20th century in a mighty and productive anointing in England were created.He was known as "the apostle of faith" godsgenerals.com, David Wilkerson = founder of teen challenge, the one who struggles with trucks and problems and is the founding umbrella of the Times Square Church in New York - Teechaleusa.comand davidwilkerson.org/ Adminis


Imaginary creatures or strange beings = see external space Boogeyman = Satan, who hides and is waiting in the dark and waiting for the innocent amor = human and not the divine kite of love = the devil (apocalypse 12: 7-9) Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde = the religious hypothehen, a double person (Jakobus 4: 8) Easter bunny = Heidhanism and idolism, the religious spirit, a fake energy rabbit = a person of great persistence and resistance Frankenstein Monster = the salaries of sin are death-Tod -death -Tod - - -the creator murdered by his creation (Romans 6:23), the dangers of scientists and doctors "interpret God" (genetic engineering, abortion, euthanasia, etc.) genius = a false picture of God toYou need to have to satisfy our demands gobin = a a a a a a a a a a a demon, who is evil by a person of grroml = a demonic root of a problem or a Grimero = the spirit of death (Jeremiah 9:21) Grinch = a bitter and malignant person Harry Po,The Harry Po edits = Witchcraft, Satan appears as a light of the light of light

166 Mermaid, Maritime Nymph or Siren = a seductive or seductive spirit that leads to the ruin of the Mickey -Mouse = somewhat trivial or unimportant company, an organization that maintains a pattern of monsters of low quality (Psalm 31:11, MSG, MSG, Ezequiel29: 2: 2 -4), a mighty enemy (Isaiah 27: 1), the kingdom of the anti-Christian (Daniel 7: 18-20, MSG), a demonic spirit, a big problem or proof of the mummy =A past and forgiven sin, but now it has become a temptation again and destructive Petruspan = ghost festival = ghost = an illusion or illusion that believes in a Pinocho lie = a liars = the religious spirit that exploits the people of Godto sleep the saint = Wandan = the miserable and unpleasant troll or troll Orient = a hidden attack by the enemy, bruxaraft, a difficult spiritual vampire = a demonic spirit of death (Jeremiah 9:21), a bad pErson who attracts and researches people

167 werewolf = the sinful nature that manifests itself over the spirit


IX. Biblical slogans, spices and perfumes *Sometimes a dream occurs in the place of an old city, a city or a country. He listed the meaning of the name for each of the locations listed below. All meanings of this section come from the dictionary from the dictionaryNames of the Bible of Hitchcock, the Standard International Biblical Encyclopedia or the Biblical Dictionary of the Smith, I also describe a biblical association for each other. The sanctuary of the Lord in Jerusalem.David has proposed: When they cross the crying valley, it becomes a placeRefreshing sources will bring it with a blessing. They will continue to strengthen themselves, and each of them will appear before God in Jerusalem. In the upper part, the upper part came into the sky; and the angels of God rose and rose in it! And here wasThe Lord by his side and said: I am the gentleman, the God of Abraham, his, his father [ancestor] and the God of Isaak; I will and their descendants thatGive land in which they lie. 17: 12, Matthew 2: 1) Betsaida = fishing house - the city in which Jesus was fed with a lot with five bread and two fish (Mark 6:32 - 41)

169 Golgatha or Golgota = place where Jesus was crucified (Lukas 23:33) Cane = Celuyos; property -The village, in which Jesus made his first miracle to transform water into the wine into a marriage celebration (John 2: 1-10) Canaan = trader; businessman; or who is humiliated and subject: God said to Abraham and said: “The whole country of Kanaan, where you are now an alien, I will give you an eternal possession for you and your descendants. And I will be God .. "(Genesis 17: 8, NIV) Kapernaum = the area of the reversal; City of Comfort: a city that saw so many miracles, and the people refused to use the Lord (Matthew 11: 23) Corinth = Although the church in Corinth, which were operated with spiritual gifts, its moral standards generally do not differ much from those of the world (1st Corinther 5) Damascus = a pocket full of blood on the way from Damascus that thatPaulus a divine encounter with Mr. HaTTE (Acts 9: 3: 3 -4) let Morro = nothing alive can exist in the dead, the minerals found in the Dead Sea have healing and therapeutic properties in Egypt = that they disturb or suppress themselves;The fear where man was affected by God by slavery and was affected was oppression (exodus 2:23).

170 With the Lord, Jesus said to them: “To your stupid people! They find it so difficult to believe in everything that the prophets in the sacred writings wrote. It was not clearly predicted that the Messiah would have to suffer all of these things,Before he entered his fame?"You, on the other hand: you have left your first love. And you do the things you do at the beginning. If I don't regret it, I will go for you and I will eliminate the location of the local lamp. I discovered that legalismAnd an advertising book had replaced an gospel of grace by faith (Galatians 3: 1-14). Aus language in the night before his death. With intensive painful prayer he proclaimed the father: Abba, father, all things are for ti;This Cup: However, it is not what I want, but what you have withered. (Mark 14: 36). Sign a contract Andles (Joshua 9) Gilgal = Circle or Roll - then, Mr. Leer said to Joshua:"Today I moved away from their censorship." Therefore, the place has been called Gilgal to this day. (Joshua 5: 9, Niv) Goshen = approach: When the Lord brought pests to punish Egypt, none of them fell on goshen, inthe region in Egypt, where the people of God lived (Exodus 8:22) Hebron =Friendship or Society - Oreegião, where Abraham found the Lord and the entertaining angel (Genesis 18)

171 Jericho = place of the fragrance: The walls of the city fell after the people marched, screamed and the trumpet sounded and raced the way to victory (Joshua 6) Jerusalem = vision of peace God tired in the temple of the Old Testament (psalm 26:8) Joppa = beauty - where Petrus Dorca de los Dead River Grover, who miraculously separated to allow the Israelites Land (Joshua 3: 15-17) Laodicea = judge of the people: The Church of this city was as warm(Revelation (Revelation (Revelation 3: 13-16) Monte Mariah = Berg found, in which the Holy Temple was (2nd Chronicle 3: 1), where Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son as the act of the Lord's Addentner (Genesis 22: 1-3) Mt.sinaí = Berg, where Moses received the revelation of the laws of God for a day with forty days of divine and angelic visits without honor. "He was unable to do any miracles there, except that he could do his hands on some sick peoplePeople put and she could heal. And he was impressedof the lack of faith (Mark 6: 4 -6, NIV) parchment = height;Height;- This city was so perverse that it was called "where Satan has his throne" (Revelation 2:13)

172 Philadelphia = brotherly love - "and for the angel of the church in Philadelphia writes: 'These things say who is sacred, who is true:" Who has the key to David who opens and nobody closes, ends and nobody opens "I "I" I "I" I "I" I "I" I "I" I open "I" I I I I "I" "I" know his work.Look, I put it in front of an open door and nobody can close it;Because you have a little strength, you kept my word and not contested my name. "(Revelation 3: 7: 7 -8, NIV) Philippi = born with the name Philip of Macedonia, the people of the Philips Church were very generousby the cause of the gospel (Philippians 4: 14-16) Filistics = deodorant's gift of the gospel -the Philister fought and bothered the people of God. Spirit (holy) and with the spirit (of the brain) contradicts the meat (humanNature zu God); because these are antagonistic (they remain continuously and in conflict with each other), so that they are not free, but are prevented what they want to do.Watchtower The people in Samaria practiced a religion that was a mixture between biblical faith and paganism (2nd kings 17: 25-29) Sardis = Prince of Joy- "and the angel of the church in Sardis writes:" These things have themSeven ghostsGod and the seven stars: “I know your works that you have a name that is alive, but it is dead 2 it is attentive and attentive and strengthens the things they are still ready because Ihave not done. Find their perfect works before God ”(Revelation 3: 1-2, NKJV) Smyrna = Miral (symbolic death)-the Christians of this city were defamed, persecuted and caught (revelation 2: 8-11)

173 Sodoma = Burning of a city destroyed by God because of its great sin (Genesis 19: 23-25) Thessalonic = Victoria in the Tessaly Apasa paste of great suffering and the persecution in this city that the church shone in the dark. How Paul wrote.In his letter: We constantly remember our God and the Father, created his work by faith, motivated his work by love and his resistance, which was inspired by the hope in our Lord Jesus Christ - work - in the words of JesusIn the church of this city: "However, I have it against you: tolerate this woman Jezebel, which is called a prophet. For her teaching, she is wrong for her teaching for sexual immoral and food from the sacrificed meal to the idols" (Revelation 2:20, NIV) ZiKlag = pressure measure: David's warehouse in ZiKlag was entered and the enemy took the possessions and families of David and his men.God and regained everything he was stolen from the enemy (1 Samuel 30: 3-6, NIV)

Spices and biblical perfumes aloe = healing gilead balsam = healing (jeremiah 8:22) calamus = sacrificial settlement (Isaiah 43:24) cassia = the word casia in Hebrew means "striped".

174 cinnamon = the seduction of the fragrance of the sin of the sweet smell before, which is consecrated for him, ingredient in the anointing of oil 30:23)

(Proverbs 7: 12-17), the Lord of God's Son, the cinnamon was a key in the temple (Exodus

Coriander = Sky Manna (Exodus 16:31, Numbers 11: 7) Franchination = prayer (Revelation 5: 8, Psalm 141: 2) Galbanum = victim (Galbanum smells cute when he burns) Mirrh = death (John 19: 38-40) Spikhard = precious and expensive (Mark 14: 3 Ampere), the spill of itself in adoration and dedication to Jesus (John 12: 3)


X. Different conditions of the court *remember again that I list symbolic meanings of these terms.Christians who speak badly (James 4:11, AMP) opponent = Satan as opponents of the just (Job 2: 2, AMP), the host and the angels as opponents of the Wicked (Numeri 22: 21-23, NKJV) =Freihol = to forgive someone who hurt them (Lucas 6:37, AMP) ... We are justified (acquitted, declared and a correct position with God) by faith (Romans 5: 1a) of the capital =The salaries of sin are condemned (Romans 6:23, KJV) = condemned to eternal hell, because savior (John 3:18), with overwhelming guilt, even if sin was awarded (Romans 8: 1) = thatWork of the Holy Spirit, for sin and incarerationto reveal in our lives (John 16: 7-9) Discharge = the Mannce handed over by the allegations, the Satan, against the children of God (Zecarias 3:15)

Evidence = the testimony of Jesus Christ (Apocalypse 1: 9, AMP), Milagros (John 14:11) owe = from the person who has all laws, except that one is guilty of a person who broke all laws of God. In good or bad. (2. Corinthians 5: 10, NIV), The final judgment of the great white throne of the dead at the end of the age (Apocalypse 20: 1114), the wrath of God buries the imitient tenant (2 Peter 2: 5), the discipline and punishment of his people with the aim of bringing restoration and repentance (1. Peter 4:17);Then we will not criticize, we will blame and judge, but we have decided and strive to never set an obstacle or an obstacle or an obstacle to obstacle or an obstacle on the way of a brother.of the Lord (Lukas 1: 6, reinforced Bible) lawyer





Murder = a heart full of anger, hatred or malice to another (Matthew 5:22, 1. John 3:15), who overwhelms the life of a (proverbs 18:21), crime = sin and disobedience to the Lord (Leviticus 5: 19) forgive = I write to you, small children, because their sins are given by names (forgiven by him

177 Name and to confess his name) (1. John 2:12, AMP) testimony = the truth of the Word of God (Isaiah 8:20), a miraculous work of healing or liberation as a testimony of love and mercy ((Matthew8: 3-5) And this good news from the kingdom (the gospel) is becoming a testimony of all nations all over the world (Matthew 24:14, amplifier), adoration of God: Because the testimony of Jesus is the spirit is the spirit of the prophecy. (Apocalypse 19:10, KJV), the testimony of someone who has experienced the power, love, the provision of God, etc.


Parts of the arms of the body or the stomach = human appetite for joy worlds (Philipper 3:19, Romans 16:18, NKJV), Lust of the meat (1 Corinthians 6:13), emotions, our most intimate spiritual being (Johannes 7:38, JJV) blood = blood = our natural and earthly life (1 Corinthians 15:50, MSG), justice and remuneration (2 Samuel 1:16), Angula (Lukas 22:44) Blood Jesus - cleaning of sin (1.John 1: 7)), The perpetrator from sin (Matthew 26: 28), the new covenant (Mark 14:24), the costs of the victim of Jesus (Acts 20:28), redemption and justification (Romans 5: 9), Culada (Isaiah 59): 3) body = the church - i.e. emceto that have many forms, one body, and each member belongs to everyone else.), Israel (Hesekiel 37:11), the essence of a person (Genesis 2:23) brain = the spirit of the breast = the church is careful with spiritual milk with the new believer, idolatry as spiritual proStitution (Hesekiel 23:17), Love and Nutrition of a woman (proverbs 5: 18-20), sexual temptation (proverbs 5:20), overcrowded frequency (Isaiah 66 66): 10-11, NIV), motherhood, in theBeating breast - remorse for sin (Lucas 18:13) or great sadness (Nahum 2: 7)

179 Wangen = test and persecution (work 16:10, Isaiah 50: 6), love and patience (Matthew 5: 38-40), Sow (song by Salomon 5:13), expression of emotions and carefully listen (i.e.(Proverbs 2: 2, Isaiah 48: 8), listening and obeying of God's voice (Apocalypse 2: 7), a consultant, the numbness of the Prophecy Foundation to listen to the voice of God (Psalm 106: 25),To hear about the calls of the needy (Isaiah 47:15, NLT) who do not want to hear the truth does not want to hear ministers as humans; any other person who tries to encoding their way samuel 18: 9), eye lust (Matthew 5:29, Numbers 15:39), favor (Genesis 30:27), a prophetic seer (numbers 24: 4), mentalivist or form of a foot), i.e.

180 Great sadness (2 Samuel 19: 4) Facedown = humility, awe and honor Bordo God.(Joshua 5:14) Face treatment given to the secular sinful joys (Job 15:27, amplifier), the pride that are rich according to the standards of the world, but are missing in the eyes of God (Psalm 119: 69-71,Nkjv), glutty (proverbs 23: 19-20), a low self-image, financial waste = evangelization (Isaiah 52: 6-8), which a territory of evil as an inheritance for the pious (Joshua 14: 9), The Wander withThe Lord (Lord (Psalm 17: 5), the ability to stay in the highest kingdoms of the mind (2 Samuel 22:34), Victoria (2 Samuel 22:40, Romans 16:20) Feeding and Lamening (2Samuel 15:30, Micah 1: 8), in the presence of the Lord (Exodus 3: 5), poverty, humiliation (2 chronicles 28:15) Foot trust in a non -registered person in times of the problemHow to walk in the thigh. Love yourself dirty gods to whom her father had served. (2nd kings 21:21, msg), behaved well in the eyes of God and stepped into the footstapen his father Amaziah.(2.Kings 9:30), the great love and care of the Lord for his people (Lukas 12: 7), a reporting (1 Corinther 11: 15) Bart - dignity, maturity and masculinity (Deuteronomy 8:17),

181 War (Job 15:25), The Hand of God: The Creative Power of God (Isaiah 48:13), The Power of God to surrender to his people (Exodus 32:11), points out miracles and miracles (Deuteronomy 7:19), from God, God, power (5th Moses 3:24), Divine Court (1 Samuel 5:11) Hands extended or increased - prayer (1st kings 8:22), worship (Nehemiah 8: 6), Grace, grace and gracia and the love of the Lord to call the people to virel (proverbs 1: 23-25): 15) Palante - self -righteousness (Isaiah 59: 3), finger of God = the Holy Spirit or the manifestation of the power of God(Lukas 11:20), right hand - human force on the left of God's power of God, perfect in our hands - without and bad (Psalm 26: 10, NLT), hard work (Nehemias 3: 5, msg), put my hands- Order 34: 9), prayer of healing (Matthew 8: 3) hed = Jesus as the head of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:15), Authority (1 Corinther 11: 3), The Greek word to the head, the Kephale is (honorThe honor (1.Samuel 9:22), The Spirit (thoughts, reason, intellect, etc.), someone who is blessed with authority, finance and social position (Deuteronomy 28: 12-14) pride of the head (job 20: 6), Headvergonha,Sadness or sadness (work 10:15, Psalm 35:14), High Dadinegität (Psalm 3: 3) Esperanza, Agitation of the Head of Pride: contempt or ridicule (Psalm 64: 8), inevitability of the heart = the inner man (Ephesians3:16, NKJ), feelings and emotions (Genesis 6: 6, Genesis 34: 3), The Life of a (Genesis 6: 5, preacher 3:17), Courage (Deuteronomy 1: 28, Joshua 5: 1), deep wishes (2.Samuel 3:21, Job 19:27), his affection and dedication (2 Samuel 15:61, kings 11: 2), the moral character of someone (1 kings 9: 4), the core of moisture, the reasons forsomeone (sayings 12:20)

182 Jaw = a dangerous and stressful situation (Job 36:16), the best inability of the evil to escape the process (Isaiah 30:28) Knie = prayer and supply (1st kings 8:54), honor and awe (1Kings 1: 31, Esther 3: 2), worship (Psalm 95: 6), submission (Psalm 22: 28-30) Legs = human strength (Psalm 147: 10, Daniel 5: 6), Grace in Moving (Solomon Song7: 1) lips = the words we talk when it is good (Exodus 13: 9, work 33: 3) or evil (Exodus 23:13, Psalm 12: 3), calls of joy (work 8:21), Seductive words (proverbs5: 3) -Lo also see the liver of the mouth or the kidney = the power of cleaning the Holy Spirit (1st John 1: 9), the blood of Jesus (Hebrew 9: 13-14) Lenden =Power and strength and resistance (1 kings 18: 46, nkjv), justice (NKJV), a clear and sober spirit (1. Peter 1:13), the potential of the new birth (nkjv) mouth = words we speak,Inimity with Jesus (song by Solomon 1: 2) A curse spoke about oneLies (work 31:30, Psalm 59:12), a spoken blessing (proverbs 11:11) laughs (work 8:21), incentive (Job 16: 5), mock and jeeping (work 16:10), the sweetnessThe taste of the evil for the evil (Job 20: 12)), Sabia statement (Job 22:22), sing to the Lord (Psalm 40: 3), prayer (psalm 54: 2), voices that with the Lord (psalm66:14) were spoken: 7), the confession that Jesus is the Lord (Roman 10: 9) The mouth of the promises of Lord God (2.Chronicle 6:15), God's determination of our needs such as food and water (Nehemiah 9: 20), The Word of God (Job 23:12), Neck = human will, authority (Daniel 5:16), Kraft (song by Salomon 4: 4), Elegance or spit (song by Salomon 7: 4) rigid lummy or pride (Psalm 73: 6), a rebellation towards God (Deuteronomy 31:27)

183 Curvo Ass - Service and Drembbra (Psalm 105: 18, Jeremiah 27:11), prayer nose = spiritual distinction (1 Corinthians 12:10), defeat and rule (2 chronicles 33:11) see grant and fragrance palm = strength = strength= Strength = strength = strength = strength = strength of God and strength (1 chronicle 29:12, msg), the great love and care that Jesus has demonstrated by his death on the cross (Isaiah 49: 15-16), abuse(Matthew 26:67) Scar = an emotional wound or a dream: 17, amp), Hombro = Carga de Carga o Portar una carga pesada (Génesis 49:15, Isaías 9: 4), descanso y Seguridad a hijos deDios (Deuteronomio 33:12), Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad, Authoridad,Authoridade del Gobierno (Isaías (Isaiah 9: 6, Isaiah 22: 21-23) Skeleton = ukulism, rebellion, death, a secret that from ungLück or scandal would be discovered (Job 10: 5-7, MSG, Daniel 6: 4, MSG), a structure of the Bá-Seulesica or spine of the arms for the arms through the poor poor people (proverbs 30: 13-14),Violent attacks against the people of God (Psalm 124: 6), a personal relationship (unique song 4: 2), the ability to think about a topic, suffer children who suffer from the sins of generations (Jeremiah 31:29), a violent attack by the enemy (Joel 1: 6), only remuneration (Exodus 21:24, Leviticus 24:20), Postizos -teeth - Mundana wisdom or philosophy, a personal relationship, a wrong understanding of a situation of the scope

184 or grinding teeth: great sadness of not saved, the last situation of which is the outer darkness (Matthew 13:42), which has shown the contempt that evil teeth (psalm 35:16, NIV).Or wisdom or reasonable understanding, the accusation, a reflection of shame and inner rejection, reflects a problem or fear that is insufficient due to the external appearance of lazy teeth: the negligence of the Word of God, the negligence of a relationship that brokeis and familiar with an unpaid person in problems, so they chew with a broken tooth (proverbs 25:19, nlt) thigh = strength and strength (revelation 19:16, psalm 45: 3) Language = eloquence or slowness of discourse (Exodus4:10), defamation and false accusations (employment. 22: 15) praise the Lord; o o sung (Psalm 35:28, Psalm 51:14), harmful and misleading 73: 8-10), Lügner (Lügn (Lügnhe (psalm 78:36), wisdom words that bring healing (proverbs 12:18), curse and blessing, death or life transfers (proverbs 18:21), false flattering (proverbs 28:23), false prophets (Jeremia 23: 31), who speak of unknown languages as part of a prayer language or as a corporate expression that is required (1.Corinthians 14: 2, 1 Corinthians 14:27) Cordon umbilical cord = co-peak anreasot


Morally the places of aquarium = a church (fish in this case, which symbolizes Christians) bank = the right promises of God, money as idol (hob 31:24, msg), the need to save secular wealth instead of true wealth (wealthProverbs3: 13, msg), greed, our heavenly rewards (Matthew 6: 19-21) Granero = Reich God (Lukas 3:17), The Great Disposition of the Lord (Psalm 144: 13, NIV), accumulation and greed (Luke12: 15-12) .12), the heavenly farm (Daniel 7: 9-10), condemns sin for the Holy Spirit (John 16: 8), the conviction and accusation of the people of God for the enemy (Apocalypse 12: 10) of the doctor's office = a Ministry of Physical Healing, Jesus as a healer, they contact Dr.Factory = a church or a service with a lack of creativity, diversity or spontaneity, a church or a productive service

186 Farm = a church or a ministry (1 Corinthians 3: 9), give and receive (2 Corinthians 9: 6) Ministry of Open (Matthew 13: 3-9), see farmer, harvest time and plant strength = Mr. as a protectorand defender (Psalm 18: 1-3), the Lord as our Redeemer (Psalm 28: 8, NIV), the Lord as our refuge in times of problems (psalm 59:16, NIV) Service Station = Ainiga or Ministry, theAn atmosphere for the people of God offers to receive the service of the Lord, the Andachtakademie of the Life of an individual = competition, pride, training for spiritual maturation (1st Timothy 4: 8, 1st Corinther 9: 25-7) Hangar= an Esperanza of Temodo something to "lift" like a ministry or a business hospital = a church (healing location) or a hotel of the Ministry of Healing is a symbol for the dreamer of Dreameru, the life of the subject of the Sueño (Matthew 7:25.) has severalRooms and places of the house symbolize different aspects of his exiStenz.Ruinen - Damaged House of Spiritual, Physical or Emotional Negligence - The need for internal healing and restoration, illness, a broken home!

Attic = memories of the last terrace = past cellar = suppressed emotions or under the surface, hidden sin, hidden agenda, hidden reasons bath = reversal, release and cleanliness of the space of sin = intimacy with Jesus, meditation and reflection on the Lord, rest,Quiet, calm, sexual problems or intimacy of marriage







DACH = spiritual reporting, an obstacle in the life of someone who has a strong when it was the past, questions from the childhood of the dreamer who does not solve, KJV wishes), a Christian who is not open, openTo be his faith (apostle history 19: 8, msg), stored earlier memories, a hidden sin corridor (NLT) = a passage from one phase or season to another, transition corridor = Jesus: So the Lord says, here, here, here, here, I lie in Zion for a foundation, a proven stone, a precious cornerstone, a safe basis: Whoever believes that it will not rush. (Isaiah 28:16, KJV) door = Jesus as only butter windowSome of the abuse and outrage (proverbs 29:21, MSG), Open Doors opportunity for the Ministry (Colosser 4: 3, 1 Corinthians 16: 9, NLT), an open entrance, an desirable situation, as an opportunity for employment,an open portal in which the FEIand has closed a closed closed door - hidden sin (Job 31:33, MSG, Psalm 58: 1, MSG), enemy secret plans (Isaiah 8: 12, NLT), attack protection enemy (Nehemiah 6: 9-10, NIV), secretPrayer (Matthew 6: 6), the eternal condemnation of evil (Lukas 13: 24-25) narrow door = Jesus as the entrance to the kingdom of heaven (Lukas 13: 23-2 25) Graca = the beginning or end of a trip

188 !!

Facade = a basis of the illusory or misleading appearance = whatever the topic of dreams that has built up their life when God, money, power, career, etc. is the only fixed basis to build a life (Lukas 6: 47-49, nlt, nlt), The truth of God (2. Timothy 2:19, NLT), Faith (Hebrew 11: 1, Mensor), a victorious Christian and exaggerated (Revelation 3:12)! Hof or frontal balcony = present or future, Diffusion and evangelization! Furno = judgment in God's flames against evil, which leads to total destruction (Malachi 4: 1, Niv, Genesis 19: 27-29), an extremely painful and suppressive situation (Deuteronomy 4: 19-21), Suffer and suffer in our lives that the gentleman tries to refine us (Isaiah 48: 9-11), the eternal fire of hell (Matthew 13: 41-42)! Kitchen = Christian service (Lukas 10: 38-40, msg) come (meditating and studying the Bible) and drinking (reception of the service of the Holy Spirit), also food, food and drink! DEr Social part of a person's life, family life, the Christian community! New house = a new lifetime of life, the life of a person since they were born again. Pilar = Jesus as our strength and support (Solomon song 5: 1), The Church (1.Timothy 3:15), Fuertes Church Leaders (Galatians 2: 9)! DACH = Spirit, Reporting and Protection of God's! Wall = emotional limits, limits of sin, social limits, lack of transparency, protection (1 Samuel 25:16, NLT), an obstacle or obstacle (2 Samuel 22:30, nlt) on the wall, an open path for the enemy (Hesekiel 13: 4-6), intercession and spiritual war = Hesekiel 22:29-30, someone with weak socialand/or emotional limits, progress in a difficult situation


Window = prophetic apocalypse (Matthew 6:22), exhaust gas shape (1 Samuel 19:112) enemy blocked window protection (Jeremiah 9:21), open window sky of the sky (Jeremiah 47: 1-4), escape path (1 Samuel 19: 11-12), opened a portal to the enemy, the rear window, the front window, the present or the future

Lavandromat = the work of the Lord to remove our sins and clothing with the lawyer of the lawyer (Zecarias 3: 2-4, MSG).From lawyers = biblical studies, maintenance of a newspaper, author or letter, divine revelation, sky, where books are maintained, such as the book of life (apocalypse 3: 5) and books that maintain a report on the life of every person (apocalypse 20: 12, Daniel7: 10) Lighthouse = Jesus as the light of the world (Isaiah 42: 5, msg, John 8:12), the church that reflects the light of Jesus (Matthew 5:14), the villa = God, the houseof the father in heaven (Juan14: 1-3, KJV), the wealth of evil (Amós 5:11, NIV, Muse 3: 1415, NLT) Museum = a church, service or denomination that shows their past victories while theyare of little interest in what God would do with them to do the office today = a job, financial provision, a'büro 'of the ministry, as a shepherd, teacher, professional etc. (Epheser 4:11)

190 Palace = the Lord's throne room in heaven (Psalm 18: 6, MSG, Amós 9: 6, NIV), a ruler or authority (John 18:28), the wealth of evil (Amós 3: 14-15, NLT)Pharmacy = physical healing, addiction, dependence of man and not on the power plant of God = the realm of heaven as the source of divine power or the realm of hell as a source of the arrest of the demonic force = slavery of sin (Romans 7: 23, niv),Lasters, the unscathed ones who do not prove freedom in Christ (Galatians 3:22), the slavery of the lack of forgiveness (Matthew 18: 21-35) Psychologist of the Psychologist = a service of internal healing, such as bad food (Matthew 25: 34-36), bless his enemy (Romans 12:20) living room = a place of sin (Psalm 1: 1, MSG), Borrachera, addiction, secular joy, advice and overcoming the school = a phase of testing the Lord,of a Ministry of Ministry, the study of the Word of God, a time of preparation, a church, aSituation or a problem in the present that resembles a circumstance during the dreamer The time or the topic of sleep was at school university: a high degree of tests, consultation, the kingdom of man (Hesekiel 31: 3, msg), a big one,diverse ministry, ministry in a big city

(Video) Walkthrough: Tarot of Forbidden Dreams *EXPLICIT*

191 Slaughterhouse = anger of God was in the judgment on evil (Isaiah 34: 5-7, MSG), great evil and violence, arayo de ira = rest, refreshment, sports stadium or vanidad stadium = competition, teamwork, teamwork, consulted the supermarketsAthletes = a church that offers a large number of services that offer the food of the food of Christ in connection with prayer and veneration of 24 hours/ 7 days a week in connection with the food, as defined by King David (apostle history 15:16, 1 Chronicle 9: 32-34), a place where God (Exodus 33: 7), The Heaven (Psalm 104: 2), the human body as a temple of the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 5: 1) Theater= Hypocrisy emotional drama, a service of the drama, see, Tiror of the actor = the Lord as our refuge and strength (psalm 61: 3), rebellion against God (Genesis 11: 3-5), God, our Redeemer (2 Samuel 22: 51, JJV), the place of the guard that recognizes the enemy otrack and warns people (2nd KÖNIGE 9: 16-17, KJV), the Lord is more strong that our inimigel (Psalm 144: 2), the name of the Lord (proverbs 18:10), the arrogant and proud (Isaiah 2: 14-15, nlt) -Watchman warting sales, parking, airport terminal, train station track, bus terminal = waiting or transition period, the trip is in the shop, see transport or warehouse storage modes = accumulation of greed and wealth (Lucas 12: 17-19, amplifier), The Heart(Lucas 6:45, AMP, Matthew 12:35 ampere), a signal to save resources (Genesis 41:35), the church (Malachi 3:10), memories of the past


Military terms that are missing without a license or a deserter, = a recoil Christian who is no longer in the community (Daniel 11:35, AMP), a Christian who refers to the service that God has called him, a father that ofHis children take attack air siren = the prophetic surveillance storm, which an attack by the enemy is nearby (Hesekiel 33: 1-4) ambush = the words of the evil are like a murderous ambush, but live the words of divine rescue (sayings 12:6), an unexpected and sudden surprise attack by the enemy (Hosea 6: 9), the sin and temptation that is hidden in the darkness of the arrest of those who do not keep their heart in the Lord (sayings 7:12, amplifier)) =I prefer to die rather than give the discussion or prevent my reasons (1 Corinthians 9:15, MSG) anti -aavion -Arlerie = prayer armor of the spiritual war of the enemy in bad weather. After the battle, they will still be firm.Hold you put on the belt of the truth and armor of the body of God's justice. Set peace for shoes that come from the good news so that you are fully prepared.To stop the fiery arrows of the devil. Set the redemption as your helmet and take: 25, NIV), spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly empire (Ephesians 6:12, NIV)

Murder = an attempt to destroy the reputation of a person by defamation or the battle of the gossip = a confrontation between the meat of someone who and the spirit (Jakobus 4: 1), a confrontation between the kingdom of heaven and the demonic forces (revelation 16: 14), a struggle between angel and demonic (Daniel 10:13) Campaign fatigue = the one who was exhausted and tired of the fighting of the life of the life of battlefield., which will explode, an idea that cannot bomb the enemy's relentless attack, a strategy of the continuing prayer of the spiritual war against strengths or the trap or the country mines of Satan = the hidden falling or enemy: they arrested my way; I thought I was dead and ready. They pitch a shopkeeper to catch me (Psalm 57: 6, msg) oral = but if we belong to the day, let uto be controlled itself, let us believe and love as breast rights (1.Thessalonicher 5: 8a, Niv), justice, justice (Ephesians 6:14, NKJV) camouflage = For these men they are wrong apostles, misleading workers who are disguised as an apostle of Christ (2 Corinthians 11:13, NVI),The devil that disguises the angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14)

194 counterattack = loose again in the enemy through prayer, spread, etc. After the enemy received a demonic attack, he attacked the church after a time of victory or the great defense, the soul won = ... because God is mine, mineDefense, my strength and high tower (Salm59: 17, amplifier), wisdom (preacher 7:12, amp), belief, Ephesians 6:16), the truth and loyalty of God, (psalm 91: 4, amp) share and conquerWork to bring the separation between God between God forms the unit (1 Corinthians 11: 17-18) Invasion = the enemy, the gradual ideas in the heart or spirit, gradually moves sin forward and gradually moves the soil in lifeSicks (Solomon song 2: 15) enemy = Satan and his demons (1 Peter 5: 8), death (1 Corinthians 15:26), her adult peoples, you don't know that friendship with him is the world,The I hate for God? Anyone who chooses a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God (Santia 4: 4), a sinE? Nature as an enemy of the mind (Galatians 5: 16-18), Front anthrit of sin = a frontal attack by the enemy weapon = the power of God, Comosassine anger, demonic attack, defamation words, do not do your mouththe thinking (preacher 5: 2, msg) capacity and integrity (1.Corinther 7:24, MSG), Pride (Romans 2: 1, MSG), a safety location in the Lord (Romans 2: 1, MSG)

195 Infiltration = what has happened is that some people have infiltrated our areas (our holy writings warned us that this would happen), which is misleading under her pious skin.Never, death remembered life."(Job 3:26, MSG), the penetration of diseases or illnesses, an attack of sin or evil in a community, in a city, in the nation, etc. (Psalm 55: 10, NLT), the church penetrates inThe realm of darkness through prayer, evangelization, etc., military strategy = conspiracy and planning of the enemy against the people of God (Isaiah 8:10, MSG), The strategy of the strategy of God for his children in prayer, in worship, in the Evangelization, etc.. Stormed the strengths of the devil and go to the sky kingdom of Lord's work to discover and destroy the hidden traps of the hostile people, which as a result of sin (Lukas 7: 50b, AMP), freedom, fear of passions and moral conflicts (1 Peter 5: 14) are experienced and destroyed.5: 23-25, CEV), Harmony between brothers and sisters in CHRistus (Mark 9:49), a church that has no disturbance and confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33) Radar = spiritual distinction, prophetic revelation of an attack that is enemy

196 RAID = a sudden surprise attack by the enemy (Job 1:15, NLT), an intensive campaign to spread the forces and events in the spiritual area in places and circumstances in the material world."4:13, msg) When I pray, Mr. God, my enemies retire because I know with certainty that they are with me (Psalm 56: 9, CEV), has retired (Hosea11: 7, amplifier). Shrink by shame or fear (Hebrews 10: 38-39, amp) Musschel = a stunned person and emotionally broken by a constant flood of traumatic situations. Flames of evil 6:16, JJV), theLord as our protector (Psalm 3: 3), the favor of the Lord (Psalm 5:12) Siege = an attack by the enemy with the intention of cutting victims of others, including the Lord, a relentless enemy attack), hypocrisy (Matthew 5: 33-34, MSG), insincera flatter (1 Thessalonicher 2: 5, msg), The glory of God's block or see the vision of the enemy soldier = humans

197 sword = the Word of God (Hebrew 4:12, Ephesians 6:17), Division (Matthew 10:34), Violence (Matthew 26:52), Divine Act (Job 19:29), Quiet Word (Psalm 55 55)55 55 55 55:21), an adult (Psalm 55:21), lies or false testimony give alive and active.of the heart.No war as people as humans as humans. We use God's powerful weapons, not secular weapons, to overthrow the strengths of human thinking and to destroy false arguments.This prevents people from knowing God. We capture their rebel thoughts and teach them to obey Christ. (2nd Corinthians 10: 3-5, NLT), a pioneer church that the door to the progress of the kingdom in the handover of a regionOpens to result in sin and control the lives of a person (Romans 6:16, amplifier), give a person's lives (Romans 6:16, amplifier).us the Lord, who submits to us to his will and not his (Romans 6:16, amplifier), a Christian who waives the struggle of faith and will serve the enemy = a Christian as the goal of persecution (Hebrew 10: 32- 33, msg), a Christian goal of the enemy attack (Ephesian 6:16), an indication of a nearby enemy attack, the evil as the goal of the judgment of God (Jeremiah 44:27, MSG), someone cheesfrafra abuse, abuse,Abuse, abuse, abuse, abuse, someone who abuse, someone Cheesfrafra, the kingdom of the devil as the goal of the holy eye war, a very precise prophetic word (Markus 7: 6, msg), a direct blow to the enemy, my question: How are the God-Divoradors?

198 Answer: Arrows for the goal of God. (Psalm 25:12, MSG) War = the spiritual struggle between the kingdom of God and the realm of darkness (Ephesians 6: 11-13), the struggle between spirit and nature or sinful meat (Galatian 5: 16-17) Weapons = prayer, The Word of God (Ephesians 6:17), love and kindness: If your enemy hunger feeds, you feed it when you are thirsty. (Romans 12: 19-21, KJV), Praise and worship (2 chronicles 20: 20-22) Medo weapons (Romans 8: 15), bitterness (Hebrew 12:15), temptation (Matthew 6:13, NIV), lies (Johannes 8:44)


Sports concepts in the bat = fulfillment of the responsibility of someone (the court climbing) fired Shloquouud (basketball) or blocked the attempt or extinguishing (football) = the enemy that hindered the efforts of the people of God, the people of God disabled the work of workFrom the work of the enemy through prayer prayer, obedience, unity, distinction, etc., bears the ball (football) - the enemy takes over a ball of responsibility to avoid the people of God to go forward (1 Samuel 13: 6, NVI),A great pressure that the people of God exerts through the prayer to avoid the work of the enemy, an extremely stressful situation and training (1 Samuel 14): 24, NLT, 2 Corinther 4: 8) Fumble or error: oneUnemployed or responsibility (free setting of the ball) = task of control over another person who is more likely to progress, hardball = a very difficult and difficult challenge, the kingdom of the Kingdom of the DUnkeleness instead of the church (2.Thessalonich 2: 3-5)

200 Home Run = a great performance (basketball) = a performance that can easily achieve by opponents = those who reject the gospel that opposes the work of the Lord by persecution (Tito 2: 8, Matthew 10:17, AMP), The rebels (numbers 16: 3, niv), Oh Lord, reject those who resist me.Jeremiah 12: 5), someone Christian Way, but I don't look at my life for myself if I can end the breed and do the task that the Lord Jesus Jesus is dealing with the task of experiencing the gospel of God's grace (apostle history20:24, nvi) and tries to win God's favor through human exertion (Romans 9: 16, AMP), a long -term commitment that requires great effort and sprint of resistance: a short -term commitment, there are many newborn activities for a short time= a new oneBelievers, someone who has no experience in the ministry or in a certain job (football) = temporarily overthrown from the enemy or a difficult sacrificial victim the judgment (baseball) = a call to give the poor and needy (apostle history 10: 4, amplifier), Dear friends, God is good, so I ask you to offer your body as an important, pure and pleasant victim.A challenge that can be easily answered

201 Raub (basketball) = make sure that your treasure in the sky is sure where thieves cannot steal him. Attempted from some time limit = the need to pull away and take the direction of the Lord, a touchdown of the rest of speed =Achieve a big victorious who is victorious ((who conquers) the world, but who believes that Jesus is the Son of God (1 John 5: 5, amplifier), those who live a life of obedience and not through sin andTemplation to be exceeded (Apocalypse 2: 25)


Terms of bait fishing = distribution and evangelization that aim to bring the souls into the kingdom of God (Matthew 4: 17-19), fishing rod = areas and evangelization (Matthew 4: 17-19), calm and relaxation.as in a hook) the beautiful life (a man). (Proverbs 6:26, amplifier), sin, addiction, someone who is caught in irregularities and responsibly, a soul that gives Christ.Fear that the snake Eva has seduced with its soft pattern, attracts the simple purity of her love for Christ. In a trap defined by the enemy (Psalm 10: 8-10), the Halaza, his neighbor extends a network on his feet. (Proverbs 29: 5, niv), bad times or sudden tragedies (preacher 9:12), expansion and evangelization (Matthew 4: 1719) Schnabel = the entanglement of sin (Hebrew 12: 1), an obstacle


Mathematical terms added = souls that are saved and added to the church (apostle history 2:41), because through me by me their days will be many and they will add years.Brothers to be on the hat, that those who create Dissede and difficulties and cause departments were taught in contrast to doctrine (teaching).There are clicks (departments and political groups); and I think partly (1 Corinthians 11:18, AMP) Multiplication = but I will make pharaoh of stubborn heart to multiply my miraculous signs and miracles in the country in Egypt. (Exodus 7: 3, Nlt) Before I could breathe, my misery would be more.Amp) and (God), the seedn For the sowing and food of bread delivers, your (sowing resources) will also provide and multiply and the fruits of your justice (2.Corinther 9:10, AMP) Restriction = Increase loss


Acts, activities and conditions of adultery = idolatry (Jeremiah 3: 8), a lascivious heart (Matthew 5:28) who loves things of this world more than the Lord (Santia 4: 8, amp), also see a baby of theSexual activity = public recognition near the call of the dreamer or the dreams of the ministry by other people, a sign that a new beginning before its purpose (church, ministry, business, etc.) by the life of the dreamer or theThe topic backward dreamers = to be undone to try to obtain approval or attract attention, a complete reversal of the opinion or attitude of someone it takes, take a bath or reversal, cleaning of sinThe Holy Spirit (1. John 1: 9) or washing with water through the word (Ephesians 5:26, NVI) Wash the hands of the hands to the hands for innocence (Matthew 27: 23-24, Deuteronomy 21: 6-7) that completely a relationship (Zacharias 11: 6, msg), the religious ritual and the traditions of men (Matthew 15: 1-3, Mark 7: 4), the regrets of men (Matthew 15: 1-3, evil actions (Jakobus 4: 8) feetWashing (John 13: 12-17) Washing the moisture of the face (Matthew 6: 16-18), understanding of emotions (Genesis 43: 30-31) Flexion = in intensive prayer (1.Kings 18:42, niv) I pray because I know that it will answer, oh god. Hund and listen to while I pray. (Psalm 17: 6, nlt), pain and duel (psalm 38: 6-7, Amp), submission and awe (Isaiah 60:14), illness (Lukas 13:11), submission to the will of the Lord or to open the man who folded = tried to see someone who was born again by the Holy Spirit (John 3: 5-7), born a service or purpose of God that was born in a life or a group.

205 Christ develops completely in our life (Galatians 4: 1820, NLT), the law that gives slavery light to light (Jakobus 1: 14-16, NIV), which with God: They present problems and bring evilto the world; his fraudsters. Pain (pain pain)-despering direction and intercession in front of the Lord (Isaiah 26:17), fear and terror (Jeremiah 48:41, NLT), the moaning of all creation for Jesus to restore to restoreand break the curse land to Adam and Eva Sinn (Romans 8: 21-22, nlt), the sudden and inevitable destruction of late age (1st Thessalonicher 5: 1-3, NLT), hunger, earthquake, war and othersDisastrophes as a sign of the return of Jesus (Matthew 24: 1-8), a sign that the birth of God in life, service, church, etc. is hand in hand.1st Corinthians 15:52, CEV), surprise or sudden shock. -import = import of the Holy spiritS (John 20: 21-23), the Lord who slightly rejects the enemy (Psalm 68: 1-3). Execution or persecution = God's people by pressing the enemy (Joshua 10:19), the enemy is actively after thePeople of God (Matthew 23:34, NLT), the persecution of life is good or bad (including: money, fame, fashion, holiness, wisdom, etc.), are looking for a difficult problem that seems to be a certain pawn of defeat,One person who is used by another person and is selfish or manipulated, a nation manipulated by the most powerful national chess council: the life of a person, the world, the world

206 Masteration = think of a topic through the Bible or meditation in the Word of God (Psalm 1: 2, MSG) Circus = an organization that is hectic, disorganized and disorganized, and we should not change our Emum circus religion as it did: "The first people celebrated, then they played a dance."The enemy (Hesekiel 21: 13-15), joy (Psalm 98: 7-8), the outrage of the Lord about evil (Hesekiel 22:13, NLT) increases = entry to the presence of the Lord (Exodus 24: 15-17, msg, psalm 24: 2-4), self-shipping (psalm 37: 7, msg), rebellion against God (Isaiah 14:14, nlt), tries to overcome an obstacle or obstacle, a thief that is trying toTo creep or symbolically false Christian who tries to sneak into a church (John 10: 1), quickly to pack, and the Lord (Jeremiah 50:13, NLT, Joshua 23: 8, nlt), firmly in lies andDeception (Jeremiah 8: 5, 5, NIV), a relationship in which a person insufficiently depends on the other track.Approximately slow, a new Christian who is trained in the basic concepts of faith (learning the grid of them can run) dance = celebration among the people of God, because the lost children, the children return to the father (Lukas 15:25), Praise God in Jaleo: a simple performance or a slight victory

207 Death and Day of = eternal discussion and separation of God to those who reject Christ; also referred to as "second death" (Apocalypse 20: `11-15), the spirit controlled by sinful nature (Romans 8: 6), a sinfulNature succumbs to the spirit, so that life of Jesus looks in us (Romans 8: 12-14, 2 Corinthians 4: 9-11 nlt), an end to the attitudes, habits, trucks, etc., The death of Jesus in the cross, so that we can have eternal life (1 Thessalonher 5: 911), the demonic spirit of death (Jeremiah 9:21), the end of something, a warning that will die if you do not participate, a time or onePlace of great spiritual darkness (Matthew 4:16, MSG) Dowing = meditation and considering the Word of God for absorbing, thinking and assimating new information by excavating = someone who creates a trap (psalm 7:15), the pastviewed (Deuteronomy 32: 7, msg), a godless man digs evil and is on his LIppen as a burning fire of God, covered by the enemy (Genesis 26: 17-19), bury our gifts and resources instead of using them to cultivate the kingdom d. and God (Matthew 25:17) Cavando information toTo discover the earth that is to be used as gossip (work 10: 6, msg), during the mind, not happy to fly on the surface, immerse yourself in the deep of God and bring the tone, Godhas constantly planned .. case of the Lord (Jeremiah 3: 8), a warning of the problems with marriage should be addressed, the fear of losing a spouse, the drinks = food and drink

208 drive = movement transport






Eating = studying and meditating community with a bag with a bag with a bag with a bag with a bag with the bag with a community (Isaiah 22: 12-13, MSG), community with community with a Belyers bag (1.Corinther 11: 33-34) or non-belief control (Lukas 15: 2), the spiritual food from the Lord (John 6:27) escapes = Avoid the flames of hell, are bound (Corinther 3: 10-15), fleesBefore temptation sin (2: Peter 2: 18, NIV), who runs on the arms of the Lord to take refuge (Psalm 31:20, MSG) to get away from the falling of the enemy (Psalm 124: 6-8)Exercise = placement in action The elements the elements basics our Christian path, such as belief, self-control, patience, etc. (2nd Peter 1: 4-6, AMP), religious rituals or traditions (religious exercises).Weak = longing for the desire for the presence of God (Psalm 84: 1-2), which is overloaded by worrying circumstances (Psalm 61) (Psalm 61): 2, amp) to get tired and to lose the heart (Hebrews12: 3, NIV), lack of acceptance or misfortune and shame (Jeremiah 20:11), drunkenness (Jeremiah 48:26, MSG), Divine Court (Lucas 10:18), Adoration (1 Corinthians 14:25), movedFrom the Lord Weg (2 (2 Thessalonich 2: 3), an emotional collapse, loss of authority or position, total loss (Jeremiah 46:12), bring a prominent fall against the fight against darkness = anger, hostility or greed (Santia4: 1-2), Division (Division (Genesis 13: 8, 1 Corinthians 1: 10-12), The Lord, the Lord

209 Defense of their people (Exodus 14:25, NLT), resistant to God (Acts 5: 38-40), Spiritual War (Ephesians 6:12), The struggle between meat and spirit (Ephesians 6:12) Fishing = infiltration andFlyer and fish fish fly = escape (psalm 55: 5-7), climbing over our country care and temptations (Isaiah 40:31), trapped in the third sky (2 Corinthians 12: 1-3).Welfare and distractions of the worldberry = a station great duel and sadness (Amós 8:10, NLT) also see death and death of death = hope that quickly disappears (Job 11: 20, NIV), a desperate cry of help (help (Jeremiah 4:31, NIV), Amaze: 78), the Lord eliminates his favor (Deuteronomy 31:17), the enemy who prepares for a surprise attack (judge 16: 1) shrank with fear (1 Samuel 14).: 11), Secret sin (Job 31: 33), Diherr as our l l l l l l l lm.ugar derfugen and security (psalm 32: 6-7), keep the secrets and cover the truth = the back thatThe wish has to return to the father's house, my soul longs for, yes, yes, yes, even pine and is healthy for the dishes of the Lord (Psalm 84: 2, amplifier) PS.Msg), the expression "one last agitation" means a full house that receives all historical and religious waste, so that the inevitable essential articles are clear and organized.(Hebrews 12: 25-27, MSG)

210 Hypnotization = a person who uses manipulation and/or demonic influence to control another person and manipulate an opposite person through the hypnotistic magic (fire) (2 kings 23:26, msg), baptized us with a Holy Spirit andFire (fire (fire Matthew 3:11, MSG) and the tongue is a flame of fire. It is a whole world of evil that cancel its entire body. They can charge their whole life because they are on fire for hell itself.In separate from them. (Proverbs 23:23, CEV), be generous: Invest in charity.), Sin and idols who lead to bankruptcy (Isaiah (Isaiah 42), (Isaiah 42): 17, msg) itching = a restless desire or ears with itching, for the moment when men do not with a solid teachingmove.Adjusting the wishes, you will collect a large number of teachers to say what your ears you have recorded (2.Timotheus 4: 2-4, NVI), a deep desire to hear gossip (sayings 17: 4, msg) Travel = Your life is a journey that you have to travel with a deep consciousness of God (1. Peter 1:18,Msg) jump or salto = joy of the Lord (psalm 28: 6, msg), praise and Thanksgiving (apostle history 3: 8), read for conclusions (1 Samuel 1: 12-14, MSG, 2 kings 13:21, msg), Panic (1 kings

211 1:49), Resurrection of the dead (2nd kings 13:21), Libertad (Malachi 4: 2) kiss = adoration of Jesus (Lukas 7:38), an honest answer (proverbs 24:26, NIV), intimacy comjesus(Solomon song 1: 2), wrong compliments (proverbs 27: 6), sign of affection (Genesis 31:55), transmission of anointing (1 Samuel 10: 1), adoration of false gods (1st kings 19:18, job31:27), seduction and tentation (proverbs 7: 10-14), betrayal of a friend (Matthew 26: 47-49), The Merciful Love of Father (Lukas 15:20), fraternal love between Christians (Romans (Römer (Romans) (Romans (Romans) Romans 16: 16) knees = prayer (1st kings 8:54), awe and honor (1st kings 1:31), adoration (2nd chronicle 29:29) knit = so thatAll men of Israel gather against the city, that of the city, the fabrics such a man. (Judge 20:11, KJV), Jonathan's soul dared to dare to soul, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. (1 Samuel 18: 1b, Kjv), the love, the love that combines the bodyRistus (Colosser 2: 2), strikes (at the door) = In prayer, it continues to use the Lord (Matthew 7: 7-8) Jesus touches the heart of his people to invite them to an intimate community 17), mocked andMocked (2.Kings 19:21) to reject the apparent trivial catastrophe because God is with you (Job 5:22), the joy of the Lord (Job 8:21, Philipper 4: 4), the Lord mocks the evil nations of the earththat challenges them (Psalm 2: 1-4), a happy expression of praise to the Lord (Psalm 100: 1-3, MSG) border = a person without strength or stability in his Christian way

212 lost (the way of a) = recook (Lukas 15:32), separated from God because he did not receive the free gift of the Lord of Redemption in Jesus Christ (Lukas 13: 3, amplifier), lies = immersion in the presence ofLord (1 Samuel 3: 3-4), the enemies of the Lord, who in front of him (1 Samuel 3:34, NLT), in peace and security (Zephanies 3:13, NLT), sexual sin (Genesis 19:33, nlt), the surprise attack of an enemy (Numeri 35:20, NKJV), intimacy (Solomon song 1: 1, nlt), humility, prayer and worship (Nehemiah 8: 6), see also drarging and retiting naked =Poverty (Job 24: 7), shame (Isaiah 47: 3, Micah 1:11), humiliation (lawsuit 1: 8, NLT), defeat (Amós 2:16, NIV), crying and duel (Micah 1: 8), Niv), exposed annce (revelation 16:15, nvi) idolatry, (Hesekiel 23:29), a naked man comes from his mother's uterus and when he comes, he does not take anything from his work that he incan wear the hand (preacher 5:15, niv), sexual sin, trunkeName (Genesis 9: 20-23), no Justy from the presence of God (Psalm 42:12), failure in force (Psalm 38:10, NKJV) Parade = in Messiah, in Christ God brings us in an eternal parade of VictoriaFrom one place to another. (2.Corinther 2:14, MSG), which shows publicly good works, the compliments of people (Lucas 20:46, NLT, Isaiah 58: 5, MSG), viewed his witnesses against them; they paradise their sin like a sodon; they hidenot (Isaiah 3: 9, NVI), worship that appears elaborate and extravagant, but with a wrong heart, a big celebration, an opportunity to honor someone who plants or sow = Evangelization (Matthew 13: 18-19), try "distrust and suspicion in the minds of the people" (Acts 14: 2, MSG), financial donation to the work of the Lord (2 Corinthians 9: 6), the enemy who is wrong

213 Christians in the church (Matthew 13: 38-40), Ministry for Beliefs as Teaching (1 Corinthians 9:11), good works in the Lord (Galatians 6: 7-9), works of evil and corruption (Galater 6:7-9), Schnuller, the seeds of peace extend the contramia (Jeremiah 26: 17-18) on time = soul without the collection of the Lord (1 Samuel 1: 14-16, NIV), buried the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 32: 15), idolatry (Jeremiah 32:29), the Lord, the blessing about his people (Jeremiah 33: 9, msg), the wrath of God poured (Hesekiel 9: 6-8, NIV), drunk (Habakuk 2: 15), healing (Lukas 10:34), the children of God who spill the love for the other (Ephesians 4: 1-3, MSG), the oil of joy over the people of God (Hebrew 1: 9, nlt),The people of God, the praise (Hebrew 13): 13, msg), a life of the victim's course in the service of the Lord to death (2nd Timothy 4: 6), the end of the time of the anger of God about the evil 14: 19-20, msg) poverty = the poor in the spirit (the humble, the klaSsified) To yours is the realm of heaven! (Matthew 5: 3, amplifier), the condition of the warm Christian in the sight of God (Revelation 3: 16-18) Prosperity = ... Play and satisfaction of life for the favor andRedemption of God (Matthew 5: 3, amplifier), great success of the success = the work of God, the Father through whom he takes away the life of his people, everything that prevents them from living and getting rid of fruits in their lives and get rid of sin andunproductive behavior = rape (Jeremiah 13:22), abuse

214 Arrival or collect = see Cheasm and Reniject of the Hour Hour God and that there is no way to win your love (Hebrews 4: 8-11), and give Jesus their heavy trust in him (Matthew 11: 28-29) Resurrection = the revival (John 5:24, John 11:25), a lost soul that has returned and recommended the Lord (Lukas 15:24), the Jewish people, finds Jesus his Messiah (Roman 11: 7-15), things in something in someone as life in prayer, passion or dreams that "died", but which were restored in the execution = risk of escape or risk of escape (Genesis 31:20), sinful madness (Exodus 32:25), persecution(Persecution (persecution (persecution) (persecution (persecution present the Lord (Isaiah 55: 5, NLT), flees from God God's propypately and address (Jonah 1: 3), lives in obedience to the Lord (Galatians 5: 7), The search for a divine life (1 timothyy 6: 11, nlt), sexual activity of the FreihEit = adultery or fornication (Leviticus 18: 1921). -demonic pleasure spirit (be) shaken = shaken by suffering and problems (1

Thessalons 3: 3, NKJV), caused by anxious or anxious (Isaiah 32:10, amplifier), see also enormous or trembling agitation = the Lord, the great excitement takes the earth to church

215 To bring remorse and restoration (Hebrews 12: 25-27, MSG), press your hands = agreement, friendship, alliance change (car) = an abrupt change in the strategy, attitude or behavior in the team that things on one levelFunctioning of consistently soft at high speed, a high level of activity, activities in a very efficient way that prepare to move with a lower intensity rate to shake = fear (work 4:15, NLT), admired by GodShot = free power of God, hate, spiritual war (Ephesian 6:12), gossip, calm or curse other, speak truth (direct shooter), screaming or screaming = happy for the Lord (psalm 47: 1- 3), panic(Richter 7:21), Victoria (Richter 15:14, NLT), until War (1 Samuel 17:20, NIV), The Enemy's Disk (1 Samuel 17:23), Celebration (1 Kings1: 40-42, nlt), Drawavio of the wrong gods (1st kings 18:26), for help (psalm 88:13), a warningHung (Jeremiah 20: 7-10), Terror (Jeremiah 47): 1-4) unable to call help, an obstacle to the life of the prayer of someone who shrinks = with fear (work 6:21, msg), humiliating or from Lord (2.Kings 22:19, psalm 110 ", humiliating or humiliating: 1, nlt), lives with shame and conviction (1. John 2: 28, nlt) vocals = adoration of God joy (Genesis 31:27), an expression, in peaceto be (Isaiah 14: 7), the joy and love of the Lord for his people (Zephanies 3:17), thanks to the Lord (Psalm 28: 6, grateful. MSG) War (2 chronicles 20: 20-22), seeMusician

216 shipwrack or drown = suppressed with sadness and sadness (Job 5: 8-11, MSG), great financial loss (Deuteronomy 28:43, NIV, Hesekiel 27:27, NIV), big problem (Psalm 69:14) End ofFrom one and unreserved and evil nation (Jeremiah 51:64, Amós 8: 8, NVI), honor loss or prestige (Job 14:21, NLT), who shrinks (work 23:13, msg), death) (death)) (Death) (Psalm 30: 9), despair (Psalm 142: 3, MSG), a great enemy attack (Hesekiel 26:19, NLT), a ministry in the session = authority or government (1st kings 1:46), Inactivity or compliance in: 10-11, MSG, Mark 13:36), Indimestation of the prayer (Jonah 1: 4-6, Matthew 26: 40-41), death of a Christian who will one day rose (Matthew7:52), insufficiency, insufficiency and worship in the night (preacher 5: 2, msg), wakelule passion for Jesus (song by Solomon3: 1), grief (psalm 102: 7, amplifier), lack of trust in the Lord sleep orGive up(Galater6: 9), a fear that someone has wasted their time or season that speaks = lips, mouth and tongue = ridicule and contempt (Isaiah 50: 6), physical healing (Mark 7: 33, brand 8: 23)Stab = reveal enemy of the spirit that is the Word of God (Ephesian 6:17)

217 position = negative for the commitment, correct relationship with God (psalm 24: 5, nlt), refuses to arise (psalm 88: 13-14, msg) Robe = see thieves of the thief = the scale of evil through theSpiritual darkness (through the spiritual darkness (through the spiritual darkness (1samuel. 2: 9, msg), one who struggles with problems (work 12: 5, msg), suffers shame (psalm 69: 6, msg) falls inThe sin (Santiago 2:10, NIV), to tear out exhaustion (exhaustion Salmal107: 5, MSG), the ability to articulate the thoughts of a person (Santia 3: 2, NLT) that the world andThe pleasure and joy, require the glamor and the mistakes of wealth and require the word and suffocate no fruits (Matthew 13:22, amplifier), the lack of a dedicated life 7: 8, msg), a bitter pill for swallowing (Rut 1:13, msg), an attack by CoFehr nsumidor (2 Samuel 17: 16, KJV), the anger of the Lord that evil (psalm 21: 9) veand the pride of a (proverbs 6: 3, nlt) swallowed, the Lord swallows death in victory (Jesajaah 25: 7-9, KJV), the evil that swallows by his own wine (Isaiah 28: 7, nkjv)If the spirit becomes sacred (Hesekiel 47: 3-5), enjoys God, the kick

218 tasting = spiritual distinction (Job 34: 2-4, NIV), to experience the bitterness of the soul (Job 27: 2 NIV) to experience prosperity (Job 21:25, NLT) to experience happiness (Job21: 25, msg), venture into an experience with God to see that it is really good and friendly (Psalm 34: 9), experience the sweetness of the Word of God (Psalm 119: 103, Hebrew 6:5) to experience the Ministry of the Holy Spirit (Hebrew 6: 4), bad taste: the feeling that something is wrong in one person or situation, also discover bitter taste, acidic taste and sweet taste = and the king of Assyria discoveredA Porosha conspiracy; they sent messeners to the King of Egypt (2nd kings 17: 4, NKJV), will punish his injustice, oh daughter of Edom; they will discover their sins. All is discovered (Hebrew 4:13,Niv) download = The father eliminates the false Christians of the church (Matthew 15:13) and moves the house toto vomit elsewhere = cleaning, rejection, excess pleasure (Proverbs 25: 16), ridicule (Jeremiah 48:26), these things say amen, the loyalty and true testimony, the beginning of the creation of God: “I know your works that I know thatYou are neither cold nor hot. I want you to be cold or hot, so because you are warm and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit from my mouth. (Apocalypse 3:16), waking up = resurrection (2.Kings 4: 31-35, NIV), The emotion of love (Solomon song 2: 7), the Lord who moves in action to defend his people (Psalm 35:23), tremors of the period and apathy (Proverbs (proverbs 6: 9, nlt), the Lord who opens our ears to listen to his voice (Isaiah 50: 4-5, MSG), to give a warning (Jeremiah 46: 14, msg), warning message fromActors about the consequences of the sin of a person (Joel 1: 4-6) awakening reality (Amós 6: 1) to recognize how much is missing in his spiritual state (Römer 13:11)

219 Behavior to the light of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6: 5-6, MSG), penance and obey!), follow the path of those who were previously; be good (2nd chronicle 11:17) or evil (1st kings 15:33) unable to walk, the fear of impotence, paralyzed by fear, an obstacle to the advance, also see the feet and shoes = absence of purpose or purpose or lack of intention, a man who leaves the path of understanding remains in the community of ghosts (the dead). (Proverbs 21:16, amp) wingking =... signal your mistake with a eylash, a foot ash or fingertips (proverbs 6:13, nlt), flirting or seduction (Isaiah 3:16, CEV), Ignore approval of irregularities -(Leviticus 20: 4, AMP) Hexerei =Rebellion (1 Samuel 15:23), a false prophet (Isaiah 44:25, AMP, Jeremiah 14: 14, AMP), falsified miracles that they perform with satanic performancete (2.Thessalonich 2: 8-10), a seduction (proverbs 7:21), legalistic training that leads to this manipulation = have the feelings of a person, the negative internal effect of an attack by the enemy, such as the loss of faith, depression orA garage of sales of broken heart = free old man so that God can transmit the new, a sign that a life season comes to an end


US state applications.*Sometimes a dream location can be a state with which the dreamer has no association or connection. I add a list of US states.Uu.This could offer an indication of the symbolic importance of the state in a dream. Including several state slogans and / or nicknames that can be relevant.Beyond their dreams, in their fingertips - last border arizona = God enriched Arkansas = people rule California = eureka (what did "I have found it").Colorado = nothing without provision or nothing without the deity in a superior state of Connecticut = the transplanted handle (it is assumed that this motto from Psalm 80: 9-10 is eliminated our shadow covered the mountains; our branches covered the mighty cedar.Florid

221 Illinois = state sovereignty, Indian National Union = the intersection of America - restart your iowa engines.how she. various maine = "directed" (symbolizes the state that leads humans) Maryland = manis did women's words massachusetts = through the sword that we are looking for peace, but only peace under the freedom of michigan = I will defend myself if they defend myselffor a search for pleasant peninsula. The people will be the highest law in which rivers deal with Montana = gold and silverbrask

222 New Jersey = freedom and prosperity - see them in New Mexico = grow like New York = always on! Instructible (from its large seal), soil force (from the coat of arms) Ohio = with God to the dreamer of Pennsylvania = freedom of virtue andIndependence - condition of independence Rhode Island = hope South Carolina = while I breathe, I hope, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, in the soul and smiling facesDakota do sul flags = low God, people rule tennessee = agriculture and texas = friendship

223 Virginia = therefore always for the tyrants (which means the total defeat of the tyranny) Washington = bye and bye (which means in the future or "I will see them in the future") Western Virginia = climbers are always free: open to Wisconsin Business =Progress - stay a little longer Wyoming = same rights - as nowhere on earth


Everything else, including the alarm of the wash basin = cries to God to protect the enemy (Numeri 10: 9-10), I also sent prophets to warn him of danger, but when they sounded the alarm, he did not pay attention.In Wakecaminha to sleep spiritual sleep, an initial altar = victim (genesis 8:20), worship (Genesis 13: 4) Anker = hope in Christ (Hebrew 6:19), Jesus as our source of reaction to stability = for electronicsSecretary = the late or other antibiotics of the lavy = the Holy Spirit, which exposes and destroys the hidden work of the enemy, also the medical appetite = sinful and lascivious wishes (sayings 13: 2, nlt, Romans 8: 8, msg), Godvon hunger (Matthew 5: 6, msg) apron = servant (Lukas 17: 8, nlt), a call to teach the word of God, physical healing and liberation (apostle history 19: 1112) arrow or darts (5.Deuteronomy 32:23), Warning (1 Samuel 20: 20-22), liberation and Victoria about the fined (2.Kings 13:17), words (psalm 64: 3), NAC childrenidos of a young man are like arrows in the hands of a warrior (Psalm 127: 4, NLT), a prophet (Isaiah 49: 2) is (proverbs 25:18), hunger and great hunger (Hesekiel 5: 16), attack demonic (Ephesians 6:16), spiritual war

225 ax = Even now the ax of the judgment of God is ready and ready to cut the roots of the trees., are inhabited with the Holy Spirit what they increase, a quick increase (balloon at a quick pace), freedom, a person who is pride with a bankruptcy of swollen = the unsuccessful results of the corruption of sin (psalm 119: 11,Msg) Due to a lack of moral belt = the righteousness of Christ (Isaiah 11: 5), authority (Isaiah 22:21, NKJV), the Lord to his people with him as a belt around his place (Jeremiah 13: 11, NIV)Truth of God (Ephesians 6:14, NIV) The belt - the need or the desire to budget and/or less money = Victoria in the Lord (Psalm 20: 5), Omor intimimes has that Jesus P Hatara: dieChurch (Solomon song 2: 4), Jesus as: a bannerRedemption for everyone. (Isaiah 11: 10b, nlt), a call to the war (Jeremiah 51:27) Bankeeta = intimate and happy community with the Lord (Solomon -Song 2: 4), future (Lamb -he singer (singer (Velation (Revelation 19: 9), a great time to eat the Word of God and the drink of the mind (Matthew 23: 4, MSG), to celebrate the world (1.Samuel 25: 35-37), an opportunity to honor a person or group of people (people Esther1: 3)

226 Barrel = a large amount of something (Psalm 102: 9, MSG), ruthless (forward) Beacon = a warning signal, a Christian as a light in the dark (Philipper 2:15, amplifier), lighting from the Bible Queá to a bedthe dark world = intimacy with Jesus, our fiance (Solomon song 61:16), illness (Psalm 41: 3, NIV), laziness (proverbs 6: 6-11, msg), sexual tension), sexually tension and sin (Proverbs7: 11-18, msg), intimacy of marriage (Hebrew 13: 4) Billboard = a message of the Lord-Fernglas The Whitish = Cleaning and Spiritual penance (malachi3: 1- 1- 3, nlt) Blueprint = unveiled design of God,Strategy or action plan (1 chronicle 28:12, MSG, Isaiah 14:24, MSG) Boomerang = What a person a person bad plans against the good boomeranges; the plotter gets it at the end.They follow all of my worries. They have collected my entire delay in their bottle. They each recorded in their book. (Psalm56: 8, nlt), a harmful suppression of emotions and feelings of the bowl = The judgment of the end of God about evil (apocalypse), prayers of El Santos (apocalypse 5: 8) brick = work (Exodus 1: 12-15,Niv) or bondage (nkjv), human wall and non-divin and apparently real estate (Isaiah 1: 5, msg)

227 border = someone identity brome comfortably if there is no real challenge, something in life that takes a moment and then an explosion bubble it doesn't seem to escape (Job: 1 -3, msg) candle = the light of the darkness of theBohrers God (Psalm 18:28, KJV), a fragile or vulnerable person (Matthew 12: 19-21, NLT), ritual and religious tradition, tradition, tradition, tradition, ritual and religious tradition, a hidden canteen = the provision of theLord during a dry season of the desire to life, a call to drink the water of the mind continuously, although it is dry and tired of the heart = ... a good force of Jesus. Central foot of everything we believe (Hebrew 3: 1, msg), which is of fundamental importance for the vidade, is a good or bad chain = prison (Hesekiel 7: 22-24, amplifier), slavery for sin or addiction, defeat (defeat (local 3:10, amplifier), Unit (believers asone) President = authority center (1 Samuel 1: 9) Peremous Chair, Age, motherhood = spirit of death (Jeremiah 9:21), addiction

Circle = symbol of eternity, the sphere of influence, an endless activity or an endless conversation (circulating in circles), a group of people who are closer to an authority figure (inner circle) or a spiritual layer of authority and anointing (2) kings(2nd kings 2:14, niv), shame and misfortune (Psalm 109: 28-30, NIV), which are covered with secret (sayings 21:14, niv), the zeal of the Lord (Isaiah 59: 16-18), The reporting of the Lord (Hesekiel 16: 8), Divine Healing (Matthew 9:21, NIV), a cover for evil layers (1 Peter 2:16, NKJV) that are scattered on the street - Adoration of Jesus asKing (Matthew 21): 8, NIV) o'clock = time of God, things that train perfectly or people who work together with great precision (as watch): Note the time of the clock and check the section of the numbers.Verse of the font or a calendar date.Roups or clothes = cover, clothing shows a dirty state clothing - shame and desgracia (psalm 109: 29, msg), sin (zecarias 3: 3) Anger clothes: regrence and/or grief (2 samuel 13:31) clean clothing (Zacharias 3: 4-5) See also colors, because the color of the color of clothing is usually important to understand the symbolic meaning, make mistakes = less important things that fill the time of a person distracts the spirit, on the LordOr to concentrate other really important cork confectionery = self -control or intersection = The victim of death of Jesus gives us forgiveness of sin and God of reconciliation coma (Ephesians 1: 7 -10, MSG, Colosser 1: 19-21), those who Christbelong to the passions and wishes of their sinful nature to their nature

229 Cross them and crossed them there. (Galatians 5:24, nlt) The power released by the death of Jesus to break the curses of our lives (Galatians 3:13), persecution (Galatians 6:12), humility and obedience (Philipper 2: 8-9), Jesús Victoria Total over the enemy (Colosser 2:15) Krone = authority (Esther 6: 8), fame and honor (Psalm 8: 5), saved me from death and crowned me with loveand mercy (Psalm 103: 4, 4) 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, NLT) because the Lord delighted with his people; he crowned the modest salvation.Will give a beauty crown for ashes (Isaiah 61: 3, nlt), and now the price awaits me: the crown of justice that the Lord, judge Justo, will be the day of his return. And the price is not just for me,But for everyone who awaits their appearance. (2 Timothy 4: 8, nlt) cup = part or lot in life or life of life (Psalm 16: 5, NVI) if the abundant blessing (Psalm 23: 5) or bitterness and sadness (Lording 3: 15), nlt), Heil (Psalm 116: 12 -14), The wrath of God (Isaiah 51:17), Ruina and Deolation, NLT), a person (Matthew 23:26), The glass of the community that is the blood of Jesus (Matthew 26:27) Curtain = the sky (Psalm 104: 2), secret sin, a secret person who pulls the closed curtains: the end of something (Matthew 13: 49, msg), secret basin = joy to hold back in IT The floods of the floods of the enemy, the work of the enemy, around the flow of the blessingTo avoid God for his people, the oppression of a person's emotions

230 waste = residual damage to a bad situation, such as injured feelings or action of broken relationships or titles = Now faith is the guarantee (confirmation, writing of the title) of things (we hope to be evidence of things (no). See andThe conviction of his reality (FAITH recognizes as a real fact of what is not revealed to the senses) (Hebrew 11: 1, amplifier), a sign of future property of property, at home, car, etc., a memory of Kenós, the people of God,We belong to him (John 8:47), owned by the state of Israel of the Jewish people (Hesekiel 45: 5-7) desk = biblical studies, academic, drainage letter = terror sudden and dego (Leviticus 26:16, NIV),Courage that flows out of fear (Joshua 5: 1, MSG), misery, the force (Psalm 31:10, NLT), the drainage of shame (Isaiah 37: 27, NVI), drainage, flows out of sin outside of sin(illegal) = spirit of death (Jeremiah 9:21), addiction,Hexerei: Pharmakia, that is the word Greek Ra in Revelation 9:21 is the word of the drug root: Drugs (potions) have long been used in witchcase = blame a wise man in an auditory ear (proverbs 25:12, niv)Glasses = glasses = an increase in hunger from a prophetic perspective = see the days come, I say, I say when I send hunger for earth, not for a hunger for food or thirst for water, but a hunger to go to thatTo hear the words of the Lord. (Amos 8:11, NKJV) FECE = a barrier or obstacle to continue (Job 19: 8, NKJV), a border, a feeling of being surrounded in the fence of the wire wire of the enemy barrel, onePerson who does not do this.'' '

231 Allow others to sit next to sitting on the wall. Elijah challenged the people: "How long will you sit on the wall?!"Ministry that does not go anywhere, a fire extinguisher of the strategy without success = In addition to all of this, it takes the shield of faith with the belief with which they can extinguish all fluorists of evil, a sin that fires the fire of God = self -promotion, a demonstration of great anger, spectacular activity with a low substance (a person who had lost the way) = soul lost to a lost soul, which is due to the belief in Jesus Christ (Lukas 15:4-7) was brought to the kingdom of God (sweet smell) = the scent of the sweet smell of Jesus (song descomon 1: 3), the sweet fragrance that the fragrance writes the church of the Lord (song from Salomon 4:10), worship (John 12: 3), thank God, who is always a triumph in Christ TriUmphraged, and by us distinguishes the scent of his knowledge everywhere. Corinthians 2:14, NKJV), the victim of Jesus (Ephesians 5: 2, amplifier), victims and offerings to the Lord (numbers 28:27) Freedom or Freedom = butJesus told the woman, his Salvocê belief; Go (between) (in peace (in the freedom of all fear of sin) (Lucas 7:50, amplifier), who lives under the new covenant of grace, not under the old pactthat is based on the maintenance of the law (Römer 6:14, NLT), freedom of eternal death for the believer (1.Corinther 15: 53, amp), the qualifying grace that the Lord gives his people so that he is not connected by sin and dependencies (2 Corinthians 3: 17, amplifier), tribe on someone

232 Christian Walk (Philipper 1:14, amplifier), freedom for the believer, to be brave in the presence of God (Hebrew 10:19, AMP) Müll = gossip (sayings 18: 8, NIV), sin (Isaiah 1:25, Msg), idole (Isaiah 30:22, msg), things that have secular value but have no eternal value (Philipper 3: 8, NLT), useless or useless, see also junk food garden = the fertile hearta Cristiano in which the joy (Solomon song 5: 1), the Jewish people in the sight of God (Isaiah 5: 7), the provision of the Lord (Hesekiel 34:29, MSG) A closed garden: The place in the heart of oneChristian is solely with God (Solomon song 4:12, NIV) Gate = you can only enter the kingdom of God through the narrow door. The way to hell is wide and your door is for many who choose (Matthew 7: 13, nlt), Jesus as the only way to access the realm of heaven (John 10: 7), ruler about a city or a city or ruler or region (Genesis 23:18,Deuteronomy 21:19) nte = an offer (Genesis 4: 3-4, NLT, numbers 7: 3, NVI), The birth of a child as a gift of God (Genesis 30: 20)), The blessing of the Lord (Jakobus 1:17, John 1:16), since each of them received a gift (a specific spiritual talent, an elegant divine donation), with each other as good curators (appropriate) the grace of many pages of God is used (1.Peter 4: 10, amp), Peter replied: “Each of them must regret their sins and fall back on God and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of his sins.38) because the content of sin is death, but the present that is free of God is eternal life by Christ Jesus, our Lord. (Römer 6:23, NLT) Glass = transparency, colored with religious ritual and men(Mark 7: 8), see also window

233 Hammer = those who belong to Christ, Jesus preached the passions and wishes of their sinful nature into their cross and crucified them there.Moses did not obey. He took it and preached them on the cross. (Colosser 2:14, CEV) The Word of God (Jeremiah 23:29), a large and very powerful nation in the war (Jeremiah 51:20, msg), a call, to build the kingdom of God in the earth Menchy = physical = physicocura and liberation (apostle history 19: 11-12), crying harp = worship (psalm 43: 4), joy and celebration (Genesis 31:27), liberation (1 samuel16: 23), proposal (2 Kings 3: 15-16) Hut = fame and beauty (Exodus 28:40, NKJV), an office, an office or a position (the type of hat can be more clarified like a helmetOr give a fireman) hunger = God - God - are you God! I will never get you tired of you! I worked so hungry and dirsten for God, reiSte by dry and tired deserts (psalm 63: 1, msg), a gracamine towards the Word of God (Psalm 119: 20, msg), the fools are hungry for nonsense.Inner hunger of something else in life and are successful according to justice as hungry: because they are filled (Matthew 5: 6, KJV), a desire for prosperity and relevant possessions (2 Timothy 3: 2, msg) incense = prayer (Revelation 8: 4), the sincere lawyer of a friend is as cute as perfume and incense (reverbs27: 9, nlt) heir = for what God has chosen for this, what our legacy is not? Is it not?The misfortune for bad and accidents for those who do evil?

234 (Job 31: 2-3, nlt) The king proclaims the Lord's decree: "The Lord told me:" You are my son. I have become your father.: 7-8, nlt), Lord, only you are my heir, my glass of blessing.has chosen his heir., Amplifier), the wise will inherit the glory (all honor and good) (sayings 3:35, amplifier), those who love me will inherit wealth. (Proverbs 8:21, amp), wisdom (preacher 7:11), Eternal life as the legacy of God in Christ (Matthew 19:29), the passage gave spiritual, layers, so they called etc.The Word of God that they in our lives FOld sin remedied (1 timothy 4: 2, niv) jar = the disposition of the Lord (Jeremiah 13:12, NLT, 2 kings 4: 5-7, niv, ruth 2: 9, niv), jewel = gold existsAnd rubies in frequency but the lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel. (Proverbs 20:15, NIV), great beauty (Hesekiel 16: 7), The eclipse of the glory of God (Apocalypse 21:11), a sonGod's (Malachi 3:17, JJV), a very special person, wealth, see also Gem-Mailing = thoughts that distract you during the key during prayer time = wisdom as the key to life (proverbs 4: 8-14,Nlt), the authority of the kingdom (Isaiah 22:22), the fear of the Lord as a key to a rich business of redemption, wisdom and knowledge (Isaiah 33: 6, NIV), I am the living; I was dead and

235 See, I live forever forever! And I keep the keys of death and Hades. (Apocalypse 1:18) Messer = victim to the Lord (Genesis 22: 9-12), betrayal (psalm 144: 11, msg), The Word of God (Ephesians 6:17), Circumcision that is a guy from the Lord with the sin of our heart (Exodus 4:25) See also the stabbed knot = a complicated problem (Daniel 5:16, amplifier),A marriage, a very tight relationship manager = Jesus as a bridge between heaven and earth (Genesis 28): 11-13), a vehicle for transportation and prosperity, such as:Man [the human personality factor that comes immediately from God] is the lamp of the Lord and is looking for all his most intimate parts.Your eye is good, the whole body is full of light (Matthew 6: 22T), a Christian who appeals to God's light of his life (Mark 4:21), the church (Apocalypse 1:20).Between the law and the wrong (Hosea 5:10, amplifier), an important event in the life of a person, organization, a region, a nation, etc.Wealth (Lukas 16: 19, Revelation 18:16), hay and are happy and give you honor! Clean, they gave her to use it."(Fine line -6, msg), a bad situation in which someone feels stuck (regret

236 3: 7-9, msg), the secrets of the Lord (Daniel 12: 4, MSG), but the Holy Writings explain that the whole world is a prisoner of sin so that what was promised by faith was promisedIn Jesus Concristo, they can give those who believed that this belief came, we were legally arrested, blocked until faith was revealed, a closed door that speaks of a desired opportunity or a desired result that is unreachable or appears)Life of sin and rebellion (Genesis 6:12, AMP, Lukas 13: 3, amplifier), a person who is or separated from God (Matthew 18:11) Magic = fake Mecilleros -through satanic powers realized (2.Thessalonich 2: 8 -10), a false prophet (Genesis 41: 23-25, Jeremiah 14:14, AMP), lies and illusions (Isaiah 30: 9-11, AMP), see also Magicomapa = address or strategy of the Lord, a sign, a sign, a sign, a sign, a sign of someone without RI will give them a long life, and if they stay in the course, the map of life and the signs of God as their father David, so when their servants clad him as a servant of the judiciary (2.Corinther 11: 14-15, NIV) Mat = illness (Mark 6:55, Acts 5: 14-16) Poor a person who is often misused (sayings 29:21, MSG) Labyrinth = a difficult situation with many turns (Psalm 88: 8-9, msg), the evil that flows from the way, as it is somewhere, wanders in a deviation labyrinth and a dead end. (Proverbs 2: 14-15, msg)

237 Measurement Cup = growing sin (Genesis 15:16, NVI, Matthew 23:32), the judgment God use what you use, it will be measured for you. (Matthew 7: 2, NIV), "will be preserved. It makes you complete - pressed, excited to leave space for more, run and spill in your lap. The amount determines the amount he receives ”(Lukas 6:38, NLT)For the divine spiritual properties in the life of one, such asB. kindness and love (2. Peter 1: 6-8) beyond the great deposit of frequency (Genesis 41: 49), Glory of God (2 Corinthians 4:17), the grace of God is brutalized -a taste of his own medicine! (Hosea 5:11, MSG), correction or complaint of a pious person (Psalm 141: 5, NLT), prayer of healing (Jakobus 5:15), The Word of the Happy God -Go -Round = endless activity with little variety, religiousTradition and ritual microphone = public awareness in the ministry, companies or other companies, a proud wish to be in microwave focus (James 1: 22-24), Jesus as a reflection of the father (Hebrew 1: 3, msg), vanity (1. Timotheus 2: 8-10, MSG), The Church, which after the glory of the Lord (2 Corinthians 3: 17-18) Music = adoration of the Lord (Richter 5: 3), celebration (Lukas 15:25), Adoration for false gods (Daniel 3: 4-6), Harmony of World Teaching (truth 133: 1, NLT), one with the Lord (Psalm 7: 9, amp) Symphony - Wüste and desert

238 will sing happily, the Badlands will celebrate and thrive, such as saffron in spring, exploited in flowers, a symphony of music and color. Ranity of Lebanian mountain, an incredible gift.Isaiah 3: 17-18) Journal some = prevention of a future event, an expression of fear that a terrible event will be celebrated, an internal desire for fame, his wonderful actions are the headlines;Could write a book full of details of its size (Psalm 145: 6, MSG), a desire for fame, a prophetic word or word of knowledge in the title of the smell itself (smell of the lady) or feather = evil and sin (proverbs 10:7, 7, 7, msg, Jew 1:22, msg), a Christian like the smell of death, that

239 Pen = the Spirit of God, who leads the words of a true adoration of Jesus (Psalm 45: 1-3), written or daily (Jeremiah 36:18, msg) Parfüm = sexual temptation (sayings 7: 16-18), oo derSincere advice from a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense (proverbs 27: 9, nlt), the scent of the sweet smell of Jesus (Solomon song 1: 3), the scent of the sweet smell of the church in front of the Lord (Solomon4 song: 10), a heart that was cast into the worship (Matthew 26: 6), the knowledge of Christ (2 Corinthians 2:14, nlt) see biblical spices and perfumes Telephone = communication with the Lord or pillow different = rest, dark spiritualphotography =Memories = memories = or pictures of the previous photo album = order previous memories to bring them into a sufficient personality, a harmful approach on the plate or the last plate = a person: The exterior of the shell speaks of external appearance and from the outside andAppearance and call as a reputation as a reputationEnd ainside The P representative interior ersona (Lukas 11: 38-40), the programming of a person (full plate = complete programming), teaching or studying of the Bible or the vehicle through which the word of God for bag or wallet is presented = identity, identity, Identity, personal finances (proverbs 7: 20, msg) veneno = fake idolatry or religion (Deuteronomy 29:18, NIV), malignant words such as gossip or defamation (Santia 3: 8, Psalm 140: 9, msg), wine (Deuteronomy 32: 32-34), trust of a fool ((proverbs 26: 6, nlt), divine dish (Jeremiah 8:14, NLT), false teaching or teaching, the spirit of death (Jeremiah 9:21)

240 power power = a very stressful and demanding situation (Psalm 32: 4, MSG) Price = the eternal reward of the Christian (1 Corinthians 9:25) The Church in the eyes of Jesus (Hebrew 12: 2, AMP), Jesus),Jesus), in the eyes of his people, doll = a wrong prophet (1st kings 22:23, msg), a person who is checked and/or manipulated by another break. The heart is irrevocably dark and misleading, a breakthat nobody can imagine (Jeremiah 17: 9, msg), a situation or confirmation that the spirit cannot understand 4:11, NIV), errors (sayings 23: 19, NIV), we are all infected and unclean withThe sin. If we show our fair actions, they are nothing more than dirty rags: I found the recipe to be happy, either full or hungry, full hands or empty.Can spend everything I am, which I am (Philipper 4: 12-13, MSG) that will lead to an undesirable end, e.g.B. drugs and smoking as income for the ring of the ring ring of the catastrophe = prosperity (Jakobus 2: 2, NIV), authority (Esther 8: 8), eternity, marriage, obligation to validity, alliance, alliance (KJV) orrich ornaments (niv) - favor (Genesis37: 2-4), purple robe - royalty (Daniel 5: 7), white rats - resources (Isaiah 61:10, Revelation 6:11), Bollad Blue - priestly intercession and worship (Exodus 39:22)

241 Bar = punishment and discipline (2 Samuel 7: 13-15), correction or complaint (proverbs 29:15), government (Isaiah 14: 5, NIV) Rollercoaster = an unpredictable life season with many turns and twists and turns and upsEdowns and ups Edowns and ups sudden changes lazy = without and corruption (2 kings 21: 2, msg), death and hell (Psalm 68: 5, MSG), envy and Celous (proverbs 14:30), Pride (Jeremiah 13:9, nlt), individual motifs (Galatians 4:17, MSG), The Moral Decapsus of Society (2 Petrus 1: 4, AMP) Sackcloth = grief (Genesis 37:34), Pussescala (Joel 1:13) = Justice(Job (job 31: 6, nlt), honesty (proverbs 11: 1b), dishonesty (proverbs 11: 1a), the measure of God's character of a person (Daniel 5:27), hunger (apocalypse 6: 5-6)Seal = authority (Esther 8: 8) and received the sign of circumcision, a seal of faith (Roman 4:11, KJV), the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13), property, a Christian like a seal in the heart of the heart of the heartHeart dojesUS or conversely according to a person from a person from solo (solomem 8: 6), the divine judgment of the time that has passed on earth.Damage, but only the people who did not have the seal of God on his forehead.6:11, MSG) Regal = a time of inactivity (Psalm 71: 9),

242 Something important that ignored a person, such as prayer or ministry (apocalypse 22: 6, msg header) shoes = and started his feet to prepare (to face the enemy with stability, preparation and preparation of company -owned feetGood news was produced) of the peace goods.God, see also his feet in the shovel = see excavation shower bathtub = reversal and cleanliness, inner healing Hoz = divine dish about the evil buried at the end of time (Joel 3: 12-14), won the evangelization of the soul (Markus 4:26-29) Silk or velvet = luxury (Isaiah 3: 18, msg), softness or softness = reversal and cleaning of sin = fall in sin (Ephesians 5: 3, msg), but there were also mental prophets.Inclination on the slope disorder (2: Peter 2: 1, 3,Msg) If this revelations gave me a thorn (an opportunity) in the meat, a envoy from Satan, to mention, and I bothered and harassed me to prevent them from being increased (2.Corinthians 12: 7, amp), annoyance (numbers 33:55, nlt)

243 sponge = someone who maintains a lot of knowledge, a Christian who absorbs the glory and presence of God, a person who uses the generosity of another spoon or fork.Teacher or Ministry of Education of the Ramp Light = a proud person who likes to attract attention (proverbs 25: 6, MSG, Matthew 23: 4-6), self-promotion (Philipper 1:15, MSG), the man who supports A, a person o Ministry in El Vanguard (Johannes 8:54, MSG), someone who likes to show his successes to impress other employees or Can = governance and authority (Genesis 49:10, NIV), signs and miracles (Exodus4: 17), NIV), Age (Zacharias 8: 4, NKJV), favor (Zekys 11:10, NIV), Brotherhood (Zacharias 11:14, NIV), leadership, support for support for Fleck = sin (Judas 1: 23, Jeremiah 2: 22), blood coloring - blood protection (Isaiah 59: 3 NVI, 1 kings 2: 5), Lord's clothing that was colored with the blood of the in the end of the time (Isaiah 63: 3)Statue = idolatry (judge 17: 3-4, msg), earthly kingdoms (Daniel 2: 34-35), the man who loves instead of God (instead of God (Daniel 2: 34-35), der instead of God ((Daniel) (Daniel 2: 34-35), who loves instead of God ((Daniel 3: 5), Manavagem, severe charges that are carried around the table = the blessing and the provision of the Lord(Psalm 23: 5), Community with the Lord (Psalm 22:26, MSG), Community with believers (believers (Markus 16:14, NKJV), sitting and sharing the gospel with non -belief reasons (Lukas 5:29), secular frequency and luxury (psalm 69:22, amp), family life (psalm 128: 3), authority (Luke 22: 27), I say many of this

244 and West and false religions (1 Corinthians 10:20), lamb -he -e -e -evening (apocalypse 19: 9) under the table: a bribe (proverbs 17:23, MSG), a deceptive plan, drunk table -honor,Authority, pressing of the pride (proud (proud Lukas 20:46, NLT) has depressed the tables - Divine Anger about corruption in the church (John 2:15), the Holy Israel, says: “Only for her, I will be in BabylonMark.babylon. In a moment to scream, you will regret it. (Isaiah 43: 14-15, MSG), Revenge, justice tapestry = the beauty of the body of Christ, that in its diversity: tabilized in a wall car2: 2, msg) Ballette, improvement, horoscope etc. = the hidden (Leviticus 19:26), witchcraft, a wrong prophet phone = prayer, communication, whether spiritual or natural telescope = the future (apocalypse 4: 1) TV = the life of a person, proof of prophetic vision = a difficultSituation or judgment that the Lord allows in the life of a person to test and prove his belief, his love, his commitment, obedience, his motives, etc. (Genesis 22: 1-3, AMP, Exodus 16: 4, 1Peter 1: 7, amplifier), "... and will remain in prison so that your words can be proven if there is a truth" (Genesis 42:16, NKJV), and asks God to confirm your willIn a subject (judge 6: 3940), the process of recognizing whether a prophetic word is a true revelation of the Lord

245 (1st Thessalonicher 5: 20-22), the process in which the management of a church or a service determines whether a potential guide has the necessary character and maturity (1st Timotheus 3: 9-10), the distinction process,When a person is operated in the Holy Spirit or Demonic: "Dear friends, they do not believe in all spirit, but try to see the spirits whether they come from God because many false prophets have come into the world." (1. John 4: 1 -3), Examine, try to evaluate your own self to see whether you keep your faith and show the right fruits. Try to (not Christ) to demonstrate. Do not recognizeAnd do you know (thoroughly for a growing experience) that Jesus Christ is less in them than they are disapprovable and rejected? (2. Corinther 13: 5, amp) Thirst = what is the possibility? 16, cev), as a deer thirst for water, I'm very thirsty foryou, my God.(Psalm 42: 1, CEV) Throne = rule and authority (Lukas 22:30), the government of the Lord about the universe (about the universe (revelation 5:13), the kingdom of darkness (revelation 2:13) Dark situation(Psalm 78: 14), Redemption, which exudes, radiates torches that are the seven ghosts burned before the throne),A person, a person in the eyes of an intimate friend (1 Samuel 19: 1, MSG), the Lord in the eyes of his people (Job 22:25, NLT), The Word of God (Job 23: 12), wisdom (Proverbs 2: 3-5), knowledge (proverbs 10:14), secular wealth (proverbs 15: 15-16), a woman

246 (proverbs 18:22, nlt), the church in the eyes of Jesus (Solomon song 4: 9, nlt) will be the right basis for their time, a rich savings banks, a wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord isThe key to this treasure. (Isaiah 33: 6, NIV), children (Hesekiel 24:25, NLT), which a person sees as the most valuable things in life; whether earthly wealth or eternal blessing (Matthew 6: 19-21), A good man of the good darling of his heart brings good things, and a bad man of the treasure of evil brings bad things. (NKJV), eternal reward in heaven (Matthew 19:21), power and glory in God, which is in God's childrenLaid (2 Corinthians 4: 6-7 Trophy = competition, Victoria, conquest, successful or short trumpet = short = a call to the people of God to meet (Isaiah 27:13), the realization of the manifestation of thePresent and glory of God (Hebrews 12:19), Adoration (2 Samuel 6:15), The Battle Cry (2 ChroniclES13): 12: 12), warning message (Hesekiel 33: 3, Jeremiah 4: 5-6), one who was called to penance and fast (Joel 2:15), pride and hypocrisy (Joel 2:15), whichReturn of Jesus are his girlfriend (Matthew 24:31), the resurrection of the dead (1.Corinther 15:52), a call if you prepare for a heavenly encounter (Apocalypse 4: 1), the end of the spilled time of anger from God in the Wicked (Apocalypse 8: 6-10: 7) Smoking = a special oneApproach, luxury, responsibility, vacation = spiritual rest and time of spiritual calm and spiritual time and spiritual time video r.efrescante = memories or pictures of past wax = The enemy melts in the presence of the Lord (Psalm 68: 1-3), a person,which is easily manipulated

247 whip = bondage (exodus 5:14, nlt), the wrath of God (Isaiah 10: 25-26, nlt), the healing available to us due to the suffering of Jesus (Isaiah 53: 5, nlt), only persecution ofos (Jeremiah 20: 2, nlt, Matthew 10:17, NLT), punishment (1 Corinthians 4:21), someone who attacks angry wool (Isaiah 1:18), and asks God to overcome his own will (Judge 6: 36-38, niv) Fold = sin disagreement






X -rays = try me, oh gentleman and try my heart and my mind (psalm 26: 2, nvi)


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Folded belly under the belt

Bernice Beryl Bethany Bethel Belén Bethsaid

Wait for a bitter -sweet water hole (flower) Bittersweet Bittersweet Blackblade Blindness Guide Bittersweet Black -Blanque -Blanque -Blanque -Blanque

178 82 225 204 204 126 103 127 168 168 168 168 127 71 161 226 160 226 59 204 205 112 97 112 121 95 135 226 226 139 60, 179 205 85 199 178 21, 122, 178, 182, 182, 182, 182

243 63 97, 98, 105 205 21, 121 226 161 178, 191 135

Boomment -Dröhnung Bones Bones Bones Bonsai Treet Well Boogeyman Boomerang Schöne Bomado Una Video Good Mezador Bondo Burme BRABLE BRABLE BOD BUD BOD Buffy Builder

90, 209 65 193 193 178 100 193 165 226 71 226 64 226 32, 135, 137 178 71 71 99 101, 105 102 112, 238 178 193 126 126 226 226 78, 80, 160, 235 126 227 98 105 126 25 25 25 25 25 226 226, 80, 160, 235 126 227 98 105 126 25 25, 25,75 102 90 227 101 29, 135 135 121 227 227 105 61 126 135

(Video) Betcha By Golly Wow- Stylistics

Bulldog-Bus Buy Bus Bus Terminal Terminal Butterfly Butterfly Burma Rte C Cacofony Cacohone Cain Cain Cain Cain Cain Becerro de Ternero Calvario Camelo Camles Camles Camles Canaan Canteennaum Capatine Carla Carla Carla La Caña Cantreena Bola (Soccer) (Soccer) (Soccer) (Soccer)

Kaskade Cassandra Cassia Cat

47, 185 61 63 197 77 71, 73 36, 191 112 65 80

185 238 97 227 151 112 163 173 126 62 220 169 62 193 97 169 169 227 243 227 169 175 143 24, 35, 57, 71 74 126 126 157 135 199 93 126 173 26, 62

Caterpillar Catherine Cautela Cavene Fire Cedro Cereal Mueslischstück chain Charlot Chariot Charles Charles Stanley chases the companion of Christina Christine Christy

65 126 77 90 90 193 100 187 135 227 112 99 227 227 65 135 90 72 126 159 163 205 205 179 62 97 205 206 206 60 136 36, 187 66 20, 126 126 117 31, 126 103 163 227 161 174 228 150150150, 206 62 206

Claude 126 Claudia 126 Clay 105 Floft of Rock 108 Climbing 158 Arapando 206 Capa 224, 228 Closs 187 clothes 30-31, 228 Clover 98 Clown 150 Blot 228 Coach 65 Coffee 112 Colorado 25 Colodado 25Colorado 25 Colorado 25 Colorado Colors 20-21, 31, 33, 57, 121, 288 Comet 95 COMANDANTE in the chief 136 Conemide 175 Driver (Musical) 136 Concuit 90 Connecticut 220 Constance 150 Cabrio 175 COOKIE112 COQUICoqui Coqui Coqui Coqui Coqui.64 Coriard 174 Corinth 165 Cork 228 cornerstone 187 Corridor 187 Consultant 136 Palace of Justice 185

Vaca Cowboy Crater Crater Crater Creme Crocodile Cross Crossroad Corona Corona Cristal Ball Cup Cup (Frucht) David (Bibel) David (Name) David Wilkerson David Yonggi Cho Dawn Dawn

62 136 136 62 136 75 95 206 112 21, 122 59 77 106 228 77 80 60 229 224 229 165 229 77 199 224 100

97 63 229 169 206 77 152 31, 126 126 28, 38, 85 138, 196, 229 113 30, 146 151 126 164 158 117

Day of Pentecost Aid Day Day of Pateira de Pateira de springs by Dead Divorce Detodivide and Divorce winner

119 119.207 194, 203 207 77 63 137 185 62-63

Donkey 62 Door 77 Hood 236 Dora 127 Dorothy 131 Double agent 146 Two DOS sword of the DOS Finger 197, 60 Down 82 Dr.Jekyll and Sr.Hyde 165 Dragon 20, 165 DRAID 143, 230 During the message 5, 14, 43, 50 Setentent Dream 35- Draums 48 Draum 15, 74, 134-136, 141 Symbol of Dreams 17-, 48.53 Drifting (Drifting (Drifting Schiff) 75, 188, 207 Auto Input 187 Driving 25-26, 208 Dr.Edward Easter Pascua Eclipse Edlipse Edlipelwegito de ovo de ovo

60 230 179 27 82 119 165 208 86 97 127 127 127 113 169

Avoid the ex -boyfriend that exerts the scatter of the former Ezekiel Eyes

20, 123 123 179 63 23, 188 123 127 152 127 169 152 127 127 104, 121 127 127 127 127 127 127 169 194 137 165 71 75 152 127 170 127, 237 199 208 152 127 127 127 127 100 127 127 137 208 137 137 230179 179179152

Sticks baked naked route sing

188, 236 179 185 208 208 95 183 138 230 82 35, 186 30 180 19, 29, 138 138 120 119 119 59 80, 219, 242 127 127 127 230 231 90 124 101, 113 101 208 180 181 100 17, 106 23131111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111099138 106 231 138 69 138 72, 202 202 72 20, 123

Flix Flix Flix Flint Flint Florida Florida Blütenblüten Nebel forests

86 26, 75 98 65 65 106 86 86 220 97 209 86 180 180 90 97 243 77 186, 194, 197 138 124 83 199 231 188, 246 20, 123 123 119 64 115, 174, 231 165 174 160 65, 23111111111111111111111, 232 118 74 138, 151, 154 64 83, 188 188 194 86

Incienso Franklin Graham Freeedom Freeze Station Free Frosch Frosch Frosch Frosch Frosch Frosch

Funeral stove loose

199 209 188 g

Gabriel Galatia Gap Garage Garaga Garia Garia Agar Ganque Station Gaquella Gazella Segen Guelactional

Standards of the generational curses of generation sin

Genie Georgia Germa alemán Deutsch Pastor Gateon Gideon Gideon Galgal Giovanni Girafa Gnom Gnom Gnom Goblin GOBLIN GOLDMONEMEMENE

127 127 125 170 174 152, 188 219 232 232 139 114 228 186 71 209 232 64 215 32, 139, 187 32, 133, 139 32-33, 133 165 113, 163, 220 107 63 170 139 170 152 232 170 12812864232 127 65 166 41-42, 64 165 102 91

Goliath Goliath Postrado Postros Pass Grass Green Green Group Graw Grime Grime Grime Grime

153 170 139 114 32, 139 113 98 65 107 21.121 121 21, 121 165 63 165 165 64 86 139 131 133, 176 33, 194 80 35, 186

38, 86 180 77 127 119 153 233 88, 120, 124, 181

233 199 196, 215, 180-181

73 186 153 127 119 199 195, 237 233 165

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Harvest Harvest Harvest Herme Heiro Casco Casco Hemlock Henna Henry Hibiscus High Tera

139 214 37, 117.35, 186 72

Hotel 36, 186 house 36-37.41-47.186-189 HOSES DER PLOSSER 155, 244, 233 Hurricane 86 Husband 29, 139 Husky 65 Hypnotization 210 HysopInimulted in Tier der March (Car) Indian Inez Inez Invasta Invasta Irene Investment Irene Iris (Blume) Iris (Name) Iron Isaabella Isaiah (Bible) Isaiah (name) ISING Island earshing Osshera

107 91 220 210 98, 220 140 215 233 221 128 107 195 233 65-66 140 140 195 210 221 128 128 97 128 234 102 127 153 128 91 210 210 99

John (Bible) John (name) John and Carol Arnott John and Paula Sanford

John G. Lago John Kilpatrick John Mark John Paul Jackson John O Batista John Wesley Jonathan Jonathan Edwards

104 158 160 66 128 153 128 128 128 159 128 234 128 163 104.

Joppa 171 Jordan (Nome) 128 Jordan River 92, 171 Joseph 128 Joseph 128 Joseph (Nome) 128 Joseph (OT Bibali) 154 Josepha (Biba) 154 Joshua (Nome) 128 John Hagen Kim Kim Mim Clementen Kissten Kissten Kissten Kissten Kissten

66 98, 221 126 126 161 126 126 129 129 160 221 234 182 158 9, 21 140 126

Kitting kne de rodilla sesser lamin ritreknitterknitterknoten lago Laseisha lamb lämmer minens minens latiia latia lanzamiento lamination Leah Leech Leechy Play-up häger leah lemquier leah leech leech leech leech

211 36, 41-42, 188 211 182 235 150 140 211 211 235

235 91 129 19, 66, 225 180 235 193 140 235 86 171 129 211 95 189 129 147,176 30, 140 189 200 154 102 129 210 116 107 65 83 183 182 113 66 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129

Leopard Dique (Natural) Liberty Library Guard Boat Boat Lifticy Lightning Rord Ligure Lily

66 91 119, 231 231 140 72 189 38, 86 86 104 97 Limited eyesight 78 LIMID view 211 Linda 129 Lien 19, 20, 66, 150 Löwen Tamer 150 LYLE 182 Sales Hall 188 Call 66lock 235 Locusta 182 Loon60 Lost (One's Way) 212, 221, 236 LOUS 97 Lou Engle 159 Louisiana 221 Low 83 Louis 129 Köder 202 Magicário 212 Lynn 129 m Madinene Madinenmagy Magicy Magic.

129 129 236 140

Magnolia Blossom Magnolia Tree Mahesh Chavda Cago de Caob

Marian Mark Marshmallow Martha Martin Martina Mary (mother of Jesús)

Mary (Name) Mary (von Bethany) Maryland Massachusetts masted Matthew Matzw Matzo Meado

98 101 158 101 221 98 189 129 236 101 101 200 143 104 129 129 129 129 159 129 129 129 93 114 154 129 129 154 129 154 221 236 221 141 236 141 129 114 236 91 237 237 238, 144 129 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 14 14

Mercy 153, 176 Merry 166 Merry-Go-Round 237 Messenger 141, 242 Meteor 95 Michael 31, 129 Michal (Esposa de David) 154 Michelle 129 Michigan 221 Mickey Mouse 166 Micófono 237 MidwifeSestraetter Military 195 Milk 20, 114 Milkman 141 Mine Varrors 195, 171, 233 Moth 66 Madre 29,47-48,60,95,133,141,143 Sates-Lea

Berg 26, 91, 142, 171 mountain rescue 142 Berg 91 Maus 67, 166 27, 115, 148, 182.194 truck in the mouth 25.73 mt Mariah 172 Mt.Sinai 172 Mulberry Tree 10 Mulle 67 Multi-Cor 121.240 Several scenesSeveral scenes scenes Mulberry Tree 101 Multier 67 Multi-Cor 121.240 Several scenes with several scenes Mulberry Tree.50-51 Multiplication 20, 67, 147, 158, 203 Mummy 166 Murdens 39, 99, 151, 176, 192 Assassin 147, 151 Museum 189 Music 13, 15, 136, 237 Musician 99 Mustaza Seed 99Myrrh 174 MyrtleTree 101 N Nancy Nanny Naomi Narcissus Natalie Natasha Nathaniel Nazareth near the Nebraska necklace

212 130 142 130 98 130 130 130 172 83 221 182 238 130 142 138, 202 221 62, 221 98, 222 222

New Year's Eve 120 York 59, 98, 113, 222 Owner of Magazine 238 Nicholas 130 NICHE 142 Nightmare 12, 13, 51 Night Norte Norte Carolina 222 NASE 183 20.38,122-124 Numbers number 142 Nut 114 Okopus Oak Eich

One hundred six two

101 67 238 175, 176 35, 185, 189, 190, 233

166 222 101 17, 107, 170, 174, 213

61, 222 113 101 101 20.122 124 124 124 115 147 200 163

Oral oral or oponer operating table orange 21,31,41-33.121 orchids orchids orange blossom

98 95 98

Osprey Ostruz Water Ouija Board in front of the oven -Ofen fuel oven

61 61 244 76 238 76 61 67 62

P Pablo 130 Paige 130 Palacio 190 Palminina (hand) 183 Palmage 101 PANA 67 Pansy 98 happens 212 Schlaftungen 238 Parade 212 Parasites 107 Park 191 Partner 142 Roughs Path 77, 250 Patricia King 161 Patrick 130 Paul (Bible Figure) Paul (name) 130 PICO 130 Final Floor 78 farmers 205 PAZ 1943.11.144.

police officer

104 129 61 239 199 61 222 173-174, 233 172 155, 171 166 166 190 172 172 172 172 239 239 239 143 67 61 188 239 25, 143 100 91 166 143 143 63 107 107 98-100 143 212-213239 9210223, 213 113 143 239 239 99 143

Politics 143 Pomã 113 Pudel 63 Pool 36, 52, 92 Palomitas de Corm 115 Balcón 188 I published 67 Potter 143 Pourge Prize 240 Professor Profetical character 24-16 Prosperity prostitute 213 Psychic 67,Psychic 67, Psychic 67, Psychic 67, Psychic 67, Psychic 67, Psychic 67, Psychic 67, 138 Psychologist Psychologist 190 Pumpkin 115 Punt (Football) 1990 Puppet 240 Poppeteer 145 Purple 120, 122, 122, 122,122, 122, 12, 120, 120 pontim 120 pure.240 destination of dreams 11

90 61 145 145 145 108

Raftflöße Rai Rainbow Randy Clark Raphael Raven Raymond Chiefs Reed Reed Reed Reed Reed Reed Reed De Metal Recorderrhode Island Richard Rick Joyner Rick Warren Reed Reed Reed Reed

67 67 200 73 195 73 240 196 33, 37, 38, 49, 87, 89

87 67 158 213 130 20, 67 61 130 139 23, 35, 37, 214 26, 72 130 145 240 196 145 51-52 21, 122 99 145 145 158 12, 13, 32, 184, 214

73 145 190 214 112, 117, 119, 214, 218

196 98, 222 130 115 130 161 163

Derecha 83, 181 Mano Derecha 181 Ring 240 River 18,19,33,92,152,160,171,207 Riverbank 18, 92 Road 77-79, 80, 81, 169 Señales de Carretera 77-79 Robert 130 Robert 130 Roberto 130 130 ROCCO241 Rodney Howard-Browne 160 Rollercaaster 241 Techo 188 Rookie 200 Roose 61 Wurzel 108 Rose 98 Rotten 241 Rotten Rotten Loud214 Ruth 130 Ruth Ward-Heflin 160 Ryan 130 S Sabbat Sackloth Dacked (Fußball) Sacrificio Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailon Sailo SAILO SALSALSALSCHALTO SALZ SALZSALTO SAILA SAILA SALZSAUS

120 241 200 73 63 131 190 115 73

Salvador Samantha Samaria Samson Samuel (Biblia) Samuel (Nome) Sanddune Sandman Santa Sarah Sarah (biblical figure)

130 130 172 155 155 130 54, 90, 92 92 166 166 155 131 122

Sarah (name) Sardis Sataned 20,43,96,19,133,156,156 Satellite 96 Saul (biblical character) 156 Saul (name) 131 Salvador 145 shares motorcycle 145 Scorpion Bus 67 Ninfa del Mar 166 Seal 11, 241 SEAN 131 SEAN 244Service belt 72 Sewage water 99 Serena 131 Snake 20, 68 Services 30, 146, 157-164 Seth 131 SEVE 20, 123 Coastal Coasts 241 Costera 241 Sexual activity 214 Shadow 108 Shadach ... M., A. 156

Shaking 214 Hands Shaking 215 Shaquille 131 Hai 68 Shauna 131 Shawn 131 Ovelha 20, 68 Tas 73, 73 73-74 SHITAAH 100 trimming 215 shoes 192, 242 shoe 215 shoe show 242 shower 242 Bathroom 204204 204 204 shoe 204) Shipping 215 SERCE 196 SEDAL 242 SILVER 102 SONG 212 Sinking 216 Sirene 166 Sister 29, 146 Sister- 146 Sitten 216 SIX 20, 123 Sixthe and Sius 124 Skate 74 Skelett 183Skin color 31, 121 Skunk in Skunk 41-43, 68 skyscrapers 190

Slam Dunk Slate Slave Slave Slave Slid Smith Smith Smith Wiggelsworth Smoke Smyrna Snag Snail Snow Nieve Skia Sofía Solar solar soldadura solar solomon Solomon Sonolgo sabor agrio Sur South Sout Spin giro giro giro giro de especias Spider Spider Spiken Spiken Control Control Control Control Control Control Control

Splinter Sponk Sponge Spoon Spoon Sports Arena

200 109 191 146 74 242 68 164 109 196 172 202 68 53, 68 38, 87 242 173, 212 131 200 109 96 30, 146 156 30, 146 138 115 84, 89 222 222 23, 35, 203, 212-213

191 61 76 115, 168-174 66 27, 109 174 183 76 76 138 32 242 243 243 191

Spotlight 243 Spring (Water) 92-93, 168 Spring (season) 37, 87, 118.121 Sprint 200 Spy 146 Squaller 68 St. Día de San Valentín 120 Savorand 217 Stacie 191 Personal 243 Blood 243 Corder Glass 232232 staircase 188 outdated food 115 Passant 146 Stand 217 stars 95, 96 State 243 Robo (basketball) 201 steam 102 Stahl Ronda 72 Fergo 238 Stephanie 131 Stephen (Bible) 131 Steve Hill 160 Steven 131 Stevh 115 Sticks109Stech Ray 68 Stomat 65, 178 Stone 110 Store House 61 Stork 19, 20, 38, 78, 87 Stream 93 Stream 93, 245 Spelataut 201 stronghold Strongman 150 Stubble 99

Student subtraction subtraction subtraction solt sun sun sun sun -rassol surjano supermarket suzanne swall swall swall swepot swepot swimming swalwer sycamore symphony symphony symphony symphony symphony

146 217 203 74 217 243 37, 117, 118 28, 33, 96, 107 217 98 38, 87 191 147 8, 197, 206, 245 131 131 61 217 93 61 217 115 147 217 67 20, 192, 197, 197, 197, 197, 216, 216

150 101 238

T.d.jakes 161 Tabelle 243 Taffy 116 tail 41, 59, 68 contact concept 217 Tamara 131 Tapestria 244 TARES 99 TARGET 158, 196, 197 Tarot 246 Cards 218 Master 8,9.96.139-184 Telephone 244

Telescope 244 Television 13, 15, 160, 162, 244 Temperature 87 Dec 20, 123 Tennessee 60, 97, 222 TERI TERI 131 Terrorist 148,244 Witness 176, 177, 161, 161,161, 161, 161, 161, 161, 161, 161, 161, 161, 161, 161, 161, 161, 161, 161, 162, 222 Thanks 120 Theater 191 Theodore 131salonica 93 Thief 60, 67, 147, 206 thigh 184, 62, 116, 212, 230, 245 Trecends 123-124 Ostle 99, 212, 230, 230, 230, 230, 245 and 123 years and 124, 99, 99,212, 230, 230, 230, 245 135 and 123 years and 124,163 Language 73, 148, 163, 184

Topap 104 Torch 246 Tornado 38, 88 Torrent 88 TouchDown 201 Towery 74 Tower 191 Tractor 74 Tractor 9, 74 Travisto Cop 143 Zug 24-25, 35, 39, 74 Transmission Station 24-25, 33, 35,35, 39, 71-74 Sted Water 217 Treasury 102, 155, 201, 245, 246 Tree 27, 100-101, 169 TROLL 166 TROPHY 246 TSUNAMI 88 Tulpe 98 Turn 81 Truthahn 24661 76 Turquois104 Turtle 68 Tutor 148 Tuxedo 246 Twenty -Four 124 Twenty -SIX 124 Twilight 117 Twins 148 Two 20, 122 Tyrant

184 246 145

It cannot be able not to take his uncle and discover the unknown/invisible man

Distobid/U.Mulher Levanting Uran Utah

76 209 148 218 190 30, 148 148 84 218 103 222

V Holiday 246 Vacabond 148 Valley 93, 168 Vampire 166 Velvet 242 Ventriloquista 116 116 Violet 98 Viper 69 Virgine 148 Viringrirrriegrirriartialary 148 VOLTO 118 VURTURE 36, 191 Walk 118 Walk 112 WATTRE,Wetting bag 239, 188, 226 wallet 206 Cuelr

War 30,38,65,88,102,122,198 Warehouse 191 Warning 14, 21, 38, 43 Wash 204 Wash 204 Washington 162, 223 Wasteland 93 Watchdog 63 Water 14.17-20, 93, 129 Wasserscheide 93 Waves 88 Wachs 198 Weasel 69 Measurement Care 149 Weavy 99 Weighing 96 Weight Searches 149, 162, 207 Wellspring 92-93 Woolf 167 84, 87, 87, 20777, 92-933 Woolf167 84, 87, 87, 87, 207777, 40 Years, 167, 167, 87, 87, 87, 207 Wellspring 92-93 Woolf 167 84, 87, 87, 87, 2077777. Western Virginia 223 Whale 69 Sheat 20 20 20, 99 whip 247 whistle 149 white 21,27,38,85,110,122 Ms. 29, 41, 149, 154 Wild 90, 123, 237 William Branham Branham Seymour 163 Willow Tree 101 Wind 17, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20 73, 88, 89, 123 window 36, 187, 189 supporting parts 72, 76 foot in ale -eling 76 Wine 116, 169, 213, 217, 239 Wings 59, 92, 93, 108, 222 flashing 219 Winter 38, 60, 118Wisconsinin 223



Wolf Womb Lana de Madera Worm Wormwood wuchs Wyoming Wyoming

20, 70 184 47, 48, 111 247 69 100 148, 204 219 234, 247 223


149, 247 years

Yellow Yates Garagenverkauf

74 219 116 21, 42, 43, 98, 122

De Zachary Zebra Ziklag Zombies

131 69 173 167

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